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What is Matcha?

Matcha is derived from an ancient process of grinding the highest quality whole tea leaves into a fi ne powder. Matcha has been used for centuries by the Zen Buddhists to help keep them alert and focused during meditation. When you drink Cho-Yung’s exclusive Miracle Matcha you benefi t from ALL the health-giving properties of the polyphenol and catechin antioxidants. Put simply, Miracle Matcha is an antioxidant powerhouse!

What’s so special about Cho-Yung Miracle Matcha?

Cho-Yung’s exclusive Miracle Matcha is uniquely derived from a high altitude tea plantation in Kenya whose exceptional air quality and sunlight have created a “Miracle Matcha” made from white tea leaves, boosting antioxidant levels far above those found in green tea matcha. Rigorous testing at bio-labs in Canada, found that when compared to other foods, Miracle Matcha has polyphenol levels which are many times higher than the best scoring so-called Superfruits. In fact Miracle Matacha’s polyphenol levels are amongst the highest recorded and contain powerful disease fi ghting catechins. Green tea is already renowned for its catechins but Cho-Yung’s exclusive white tea matcha goes well beyond the norm. Compared to other green tea matchas from Asia, Cho-Yung Miracle Matcha can contain up to 3 times the level of polyphenols, gramme for gramme. Cho-Yung Miracle Matcha also scores very highly on protein (27%) and dietary fi bre (21%) whilst being very low in fat and sodium.

How is matcha produced?

The Cho-Yung Miracle Matcha journey begins high above the Kenyan Rift Valley (over 6000ft high), at an amazing white tea plantation with Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance accreditation. The youngest leaves and buds from the white tea plants are skilfully handpicked to ensure the highest grade matcha, no pesticides or herbicides are used to guarantee the purest leaves. The tea leaves are then naturally dried. Once dried, the leaves are ground to a fi ne powder using a stone-milling process to retain all of the antioxidant goodness.

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