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10 Good Reasons to buy a memory mattress


Perfect for everyone Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side, memory foam mattresses are perfect for you. Memory foam moulds, contours and cradles every part of your body allowing you to get into your most comfortable position naturally.

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Won’t disturb your partner If you get up at night your partners portion of the bed stays undisturbed.

Chiropractic support Memory foam supports every part of your body evenly and individually. This allows the spine to stay in a natural position and reduces pressure points on your spine

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Memory Foam Mattresses and Toppers from MEMORY-MATTRESS.CO.UK are just what you need!

Family Run Company, with next day free delivery. Our mattresses are the well known branded mattresses made in the heart of Derbyshire by Breasley, who have over 40 years experience with foam products.

All our mattresses have lumbar support and airflow channels, and come with two of the Latest Injection memory foam pillows!!

We are a family run company who deal only in Memory

Mattresses and Toppers, this specialisation and the fact that we do not have the overheads of High Street retail outlets enables us to pass considerable savings onto our customers.

Our mattresses use the highest quality "s" grade memory foam the best quality you can buy!!

Every mattress or topper order automatically comes with two free foam core orthopaedic support pillows, worth £50!!

We offer a personal, friendly and efficient service, FREE next working day delivery, a 5 year warranty along with a 14 day money back guarantee

14 Day Money Back Guarantee Next Day Delivery 5 Year Warranty Family Run

Latest Injection Memory Foam Pillow Offer Over 60% Cheaper Than The High Street.

For a good nights sleep, contact us today! MEMORY-MATTRESS.CO.UK

built for your dreams call 0800 612 9317 email

Memory Mattress Unit 18, Brian Clough Business Centre, 200-220 Cotton Lane, Derby 9 8

All our Memory Mattresses have a supporting high density reflex foam base for the memory foam, which is far superior than a sprung based memory mattress.

All our mattresses are constructed to a very high standard of quality using British vita foam, which conforms to BS7177 fire regulations. They have a washable zipped removable cover.

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Outstanding Warranty We give a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY on all mattresses.

Hypoallergenic Foam mattresses are great for allergy sufferers. Memory foam is hypoallergenic.

No Flip Styling Foam mattresses don’t sag like conventional mattresses. You will never need to flip or turn a memory foam mattress.

NASA developed Memory foam was developed by NASA to reduce G-Forces on astronauts during take off and are proven to be the best sleep systems modern technology can offer.

Comfort and luxury Memory foam mattresses create a sleeping experience where you are cradled in comfort and luxury, while providing you the best nights sleep. Just ask anyone who has one!

No more dust mites Memory foam is naturally resistant to dust mites and is naturally anti microbial.

10 Recommended by thousands

of health professionals Thousands of doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists recommend visco-elastic foam mattresses for their patients. Many patients report deeper sleep, less tossing and turning and diminished pain


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