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Public Use Recreation Facilities Recreation Facilities


l= Facilities Available u=Barrier-free Accessibility

39 24’21.89”N 88 46’18.69”W

39 24’20.33”N 88 46’57.04”W

39 24’57.85”N 88 47’3.93”W

39 26’52.79”N 88 46’29.42”W

39 27’12.20”N 88 45’27”W

39 27’20.14”N 88 44’18.24”W

39 34’27.62”N 88 42’19.22”W

39 33’12.06”N 88 36’46.59”W

39 32’17.79”N 88 37’38.72”W

39 26’2.53”N 88 45’37.32”W

39 31’53”N 88 36’21”W

39 33’50.31”N 88 38’7.12W

39 31’52.45”N 88 36’25.93”W

39 30’33.68”N 88 43’4.92”W

39 29’14”N 88 40’43”W

39 37’55”N 88 43’29”W

39 33’14.04”N 88 34’43.83”W

39 25’37.19”N 88 45’36.02”W

39 32’17”N 88 36’29”W

39 31’21.01”N 88 42’39.35”W

Dam East Recreation Area (CoE)

Spillway Recreation Area (CoE)

Dam West Recreation Area (CoE)

Opossum Creek** Recreation Area (CoE)

Coon Creek*** Recreation Area (CoE)

Lone Point** Recreation Area (CoE)

Wilborn Creek Recreation Area (CoE

“Bo” Woods* Recreation Area (CoE)

Whitley Creek Recreation Area (CoE)

Lithia Springs* Recreation Area (CoE)

Sullivan Beach Recreation Area (CoE)

Camp Camfield Environmental Study Area (CoE)

Okaw Bluff

Group Camp (CoE) Eagle Creek

State Park (IDNR) Wolf Creek

State Park (IDNR)

West Okaw River Wildlife Area (IDNR)

Kaskaskia River Wildlife Area (IDNR)

Lithia Springs Marina (C)

Sullivan Marina (C) Findlay Marina (C) l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l *Campground Opens April 19 & Closes Oct. 28, **Campground Opens May 17 & closes Sept. 4; *** Opens May 3 & Closes Oct. 8; Beaches are open May 26-Sept. 9 l l l l l l l l l l l l l l lu lu l l lu lu l l lu lu lu lu lu l l lu lu l l lu lu lu lu l l lu lu lu l lu lu l l lu l l lu lu l lu

Operating Agencies—CoE: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, IDNR: Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources, C: Concessionaire Public Use

HAPPY HUNTING! lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu lu l l lu lu l l lu lu lu l l lu lu l l lu l lu l l lu l l l lu l l l lu lu lu l l lu lu lu lu l l lu lu l l l l lu l l

Controlled dove hunting is conducted during the first two days of the dove hunting season in managed sunflower fields. These hunts limit the number of participants for quality and safety reasons where demand for the sport exceeds available hunting area.

The Annual Lake Shelbyville Deer Hunt for People with Disabilities, hosted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Wolf Creek State Park, takes place in November. This special three-day hunt proves to be an excellent deer-hunting expe- rience for participating hunters. It provides a wonderful opportunity to those who would not normally be able to partici- pate in this physically demanding sport. Handicap Archery is available at Whitley Creek, and you can reserve blinds for the archery season. To volunteer or reserve call 217-774-3951, Ext.4.

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The vast majority of huntable State lands (6,200 acres) are locat- ed in the upper reaches of the lake along the West Okaw and Kas- kaskia Rivers with site permit. They also manage Eagle and Wolf Creek State Parks. The Corps manages all other project lands. You must check with State personnel to see what species may be hunted, approved hunting methods, and effective dates before hunting in either State Park. Contact numbers: 217-756-8260 or 217-459-2831 or call IDNR Wildlife Area at 217-665-3112. For permits you can register online at


Two Night s or Two We e k s…Br ing Your Clothe s & Food and Enjoy the Outdoor Li f e of Lak e She lbyvi l l e !

On Coon Creek Road at Lake Shelby v i l le • RFD 4 (217) 756-3147 Gregory’s


We’re Within Walking Distance of Lithia Springs Marina & Campground

Rt.4, Box 102B, Shelbyville (217)774-4313


• 1 Cot tage • Ki t chenet te Rooms • Ai r Condi t ioned/Heat • Satel l i te T.V. /Wi -Fi • Di rec t Dial Phones • Boat Par k ing w/Elec t r i c • On Si te Store • Pi cni c Shel ter s • Gr i l l s /Campf i re Rings

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It is important to note that the management of these lands is shared between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and thus regulations governing each of their respective lands may vary somewhat. Before engaging in any hunting activities at Lake Shelbyville, you should determine which agencies’ land you intend to hunt on, and what rules and regulations are in effect on those particular lands.

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Ful l y Equipped Ki t chene t t e s tha t Sl e ep 4 Onl y 1⁄2 mi l e f rom Lake .

Co o n Cr e e k L o d g e

You can hunt almost anything in Shelby County. We have an abundance of wildlife both for the enthusiast who enjoys watching wildlife and the avid hunter who enjoys the thrill of the hunt. Best bets for the upcoming season include archery and gun deer hunting, rabbit and waterfowl hunting. The waterfowl opportunities are abundant in the subimpoundments for both walk-in hunters and those using boat blinds on the main lake. Other huntable wildlife species that you can expect to find on Lake Shelbyville lands in lesser numbers are: quail, pheasant, gray and fox squirrels, turkey, dove, woodcock, raccoon, fox and coyote.

Boat Ramp Boat Rental Boat Storage Gas & Oil

Marine Sanit. Pump Camping

Electrical Hook-up Sanitary Dump Stat. Shower Toilets Water Supply Playground Equip. Picnic Shelters Nature/Hiking Trails Swimming Beach Laundry Facilities Fish Cleaning Station Group Camp (Res.) Equestrian Trail Picnic Area Full Hookup

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