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& LEE YOUNTS February 4, 2012

Grace Episcopal Church & Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards

Him: Professional Engineer Her: Attorney Our love story: The first time we met was actually playing softball. We were on opposite teams, and just noticed each other. At the end of the game, the teams shook hands, and we went our separate ways. About a week later, I was sitting in the office at the law firm and Lee walked down the stairs. It was a double-take until we both put two and two together and realized that we remembered each other from the softball game. He was working on a project with my boss at the time, so we saw more of each other as he would come around the office. Lunch dates turned into dinner dates, and the rest is history! The Proposal: We probably have a somewhat unique story in that Lee actually proposed not once, but twice! The first time, we were on a vacation in Morocco. It was the last night before we were leaving, and Lee turned to me and said, “I know that you are upset about having to leave, but I thought that if I asked you to marry me, that you would be more excited about returning home.” I will never forget those words. Lee had been collecting some fringe from rugs at the different places we stayed. He took the fringe and wove a ring that he gave me, which I wore until my actual ring was finalized, which Lee designed and had made for me.

The second proposal would be what I would call the ‘ring proposal.’ The ring had been finished (though I didn’t know that), and we had booked a trip to Ibiza, Spain, part of the Balearic Islands. About half-way through our vacation, we ate at a beautiful restaurant, which was in the shell of a thousand-year-old chapel. We had a private table that overlooked the whole restaurant, and as we were sitting there, Lee pulled the ring out of his pocket, and proposed with the ring. The restaurant staff came up with flowers and a beautiful congratulations cake. It was another absolutely amazing moment that we will never forget. “Couple Personality”: Affectionate, joyful, world travelers Design Inspiration: We thought there was something unique and romantic about a winter wedding. It conjured ideas of warmth, coziness, and snuggling by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate. So our big-picture inspiration was the feel of lodges that you might find on the ski slopes out West. With the beautiful venue of Pippin Hill Farm, we thought that a less-is-more approach would show off the lovely space and architecture of exposed beams and lots of wood, with an understated elegance and rustic feel. And lots and lots of candlelight! Biggest Splurge: It was very important to us to have amazing photographs to document our day for years to come, so that became a top priority. Family traditions: Each of us had our families gather special family photos that we framed which were displayed at the reception for guests to enjoy. It helped incorporate that cozy and intimate feel and allow guests to see all the family, young to old, here to those now gone, who helped shape who we are as individuals. The groom’s job: Lee used to be in a band, and music has always been a passion and hobby for him-- he is one great guitar player! I gave him complete control over choosing the band (and what a great choice with The Dickens!) as well as the cocktail hour and band break music selections.

“Funnest” thing to plan: Overall, watching our vision come to life was so exciting. Most stressful thing to plan: As winter weddings are considered off-season in the wedding world, at first it was difficult to find items that fit the vision as well as the season. I also have a very unique style, so finding a dress that felt right along with the invitations was difficult. I kept pushing through, and found the most beautiful dress (at a lovely boutique in Virginia Beach) and went with custom invitations, which allowed me to work directly with the designers to bring my vision to life. Advice for the newly engaged: Enjoy being engaged! It is a fun and exciting time, so be sure to slow down and continue spending quality time together. Try not to get bogged down in the little details. Come up with a vision and begin to work on making those visions unfold. Most importantly, remember the whole reason that you are having a great party-- to celebrate the fact that you are getting married to the person with whom you will spend the rest of your life.



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