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APC has tied up CA for hardware agnostic energy monitoring services. CA will integrate APC power and cooling into its enterprise IT management framework.

APC has agreed to integrate its InfrastruXure Central monitoring suite with management and data center automation software from the



Raritan is shipping Power IQ to help customers turn data collected from individual servers into insight on power usage in the data center.

The product provides information on power utilization and the environment surrounding servers to help IT and facilities managers improve data center uptime, enhance capacity planning and improve energy efficiency. It analyses device-level power information, in real time, from servers plugged into intelligent power distribution units (PDUs). The information can help identify underutilized servers as candidates to virtualize, problem hot spots or over-cooled areas, circuit breakers at the point of tripping, and racks with available power capacity to add more IT equipment.


Server maker Angstrom Microsystems launched its MaxPowerSmart product which it says can “save large data centers million of dollars a year in electricity costs” by cutting power waste to as little as 18%. The firm says that by using MaxPowerSmart with its racks it tackles data center power loss. Angstrom power solution savings derive from a 3-phase rectifier and DC power supply combination average at 84% efficiency. DC power solutions average at approximately 93% not including the rectification of A/C signal to DC. The Angstrom solution is a 480VAC 3-phase rectifier that converts VAC to 300VDC.

enterprise software giant as part of a broader services offering tackling data center energy use.

APC will offer assessment services, integration services and physical layer management software. CA will provide enterprise-level monitoring and management software and related services solutions.

CA has partnered with Schneider owned APC CAPACITY MANAGEMENT

CA introduced a data center management suite called CA Data Center Automation Manager r11.2 The software firm said it offers “dynamic, policy-driven provisioning and configuration management of physical and virtual resources” and that operators can take a modular approach to automation.

Emerson Network Power brand Aperture released a management solution for planning and management of data center capacity.

Aperture is shipping capacity manager to map the physical infrastructure usage of data centers. Aperture VISTA Capacity Management version 2 can analyze scenarios of future pipeline projects, translate project requirements into infrastructure resource requirements, and then provide an impact analysis of those projects on the infrastructure.

“Managing the data center is a constant balance between over and under provisioning,” said Steve Yellen, VP of marketing and strategy for Aperture.


See Page 54 for Q&A with new Aperture President Thomas Waun


IBM introduced 30 products targeting data center redesign to cope with data surge. IBM says it has addressed the availability, compliance and retention, and security pain points for users attempting to redesign data centers to cope with “internet scale” data requirements. It is targeting Sun


and EMC with high end tape drives and disk arrays.


Sun unveiled a deeper rack model of the Sun Modular Data Center (Sun MD). Known as Sun MD D20 (versus S20 for the original configuration), the model provides customers with choices for deploying a broader spectrum of enterprise-class servers and storage in their modular data centers. The company said the deeper rack configuration is particularly key for customers who run larger database applications or who want to use Sun MD for back up and recovery or other business critical solutions which require larger amounts of disk and tape.


See Page 31 for details on containerised data centers

SIEMON SHIPS FLEXIBLE CABINETS Siemon’s has launched its Data Center VersaPOD network cabinet system.

The company says its bayed design increases cabling and equipment density while providing excellent accessibility and thermal efficiency.


VMware announced a virtual data center operating system. The “lights out” data center running virtualised applications

Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer (above) announced the plan for a data center based Windows cloud operating system which will be faster than web based software that runs through a browser.

Ballmer indicated that the service will operate from a serious of yet to be built Microsoft owned data centers which will host the operating system and applications. “In the future partners will come on board to host the software in versions II and beyond,” he said.

on aggregated IT infrastructure which seamlessly link across physical and cloud based computing capacity is the promise of VMware’s newly announced Virtual Data Center Operating System (VDC-OS). This “self-managing and self-healing” data center will allocate resources as needed, “will guarantee the right levels of availability, security and scalability to all applications independent of the operating system, development frameworks or architecture on which they were built to run” .


See page 38, Cloud Computing and the Virtualised Data Center


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