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NAVY NEWS looks back through its pages to recall some of the November headlines of past decades... 40 years ago


20 years ago

commando ship HMS Albion had just com- pleted

BRITAIN'S i HMS Albion during pre-wetting trials Deaths

Portsmouth. October 14. SEA2 Jamie Harris. HMS Drake

POWEA Jason Ideson. SFM

Canadian Naval Reserves at start ol WWII. Commanded Armentieres then destroyer Gatineau and corvette Dawson. CO of Drumheller in 1943 protecting convoys in Battle of Atlantic. Awarded Legion d'Honneur and the Croix de Guerre. Senior officer of the Canadian 31st Minesweeping Flotilla, cleared mines off the Normandy coast before American landings at Utah and Omaha beaches on D-Day, received first DSC and American Legion of Merit. Later CO of air sta- tion at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia then carrier Magnificent. Last appointment as comman- dant of National Defence College at Kingston. Ontario. August 9. Capt Peter Samborne. Commanded Dreadnought, UK's first nuclear-powered submarine in the early 1960s. Attended No 1 Nuclear Course at Greenwich, then 9 month in USS Skipjack. Qualified as engineer offi- cer of the watch. Supervised Dreadnought's first sea trials in 1961, and crossed the Atlantic underwater in 1964. First ship was Liverpool, crippled while escorting convoy WS19. Samborne mentioned in dispatches for control of anti-aircraft gun. Also served in Malaya, Lamerton before joining submarine service in 1944 and joining Tuna, Amphion then on to Reserve Submarine Group, Portsmouth and school at Gosport. Passed Perisher course and commanded Sturdy, Tabard, and Trenchant. September 28. Cdr Tony Rollings. Joined RN as a spe-

September 22. Rear Admiral Tony Storrs. Joined Royal

Graham 1977-95. Aged 49. Derek C. Thornton, RM. Joined in 1950

and served 7 years in Cyprus, Egypt, Malta and Northern Ireland, promoted to corporal 1954. Left service in 1958 to spend more time with family, served for 8 years in RM Reserves in rank of Lt. Served as chairman of RMA Bradford and District Branch for 35 years, and recently vice-chairman of RMA Northern Region. August 19. Victor 'Vic' Rothwell. PO. Ships include

Served 1954-62. Ships include Cheviot, Protector and fishery protection duties. September 8. Harry J. Carter. HMS Bruce Association.

Association. Served in: Sylvia. December 17, 2001.

Munns. HMS Algerines

Served in Indomitable, Implacable, Osprey, Ceylon West and Admiralty. Aged 70. September 15. Arthur

Thomas Albert Neve. HMS Algerines Association. Served in: Bramble. March 18. P.C.E. Richardson. HMS Algerines Association. Served in: Coquette. June 29. John E. Haswell. HMS Algerines Association. Served in: Truelove. August 13. Jack Wright. HMS Algerines Association. Served in: Magicienne.

Thomas Emlyn Owen. HMS Algerines Association. Served in: Friendship. May 17. 2001.

August 20. Ivan B.

cial entry cadet in 1937, served in Atlantic convoys at start of WWII. In Hunt-class Ledbury during Arctic convoy PQ17 then on to Operation Pedestal. Awarded first DSC for part in operation. In 1943 given command of 21st MTB Flotilla and awarded second DSC for part in Normandy landings and mentioned in dispatches for operations off the invasion beaches. Left promising career in RN in 1954 to go to America - decision prompted his then CO to send him to a psychiatrist. Aged 82, August 11. Sir Brooks Richards KCMG, DSC and

Bar. Joined Special Operations Executive in WWII then became ambassador in Saigon and Athens. Commissioned into RNVR at start of WWII, won DSC serving in minesweepers but when Sevra was lost under him, moved to become second-in- command of the Helford Flotilla. Earned a Bar to his DSC by leading a detail of Free French troops to defend a lighthouse crucial for British Forces. Later became head of SOE's French secretariat. Once leaving RN moved into diplomatic service. Blandford RNA. Aged 84, September 13. Martin Scott. Began service in FAA but


Association. Served in: Laertes. August 26. Dawn Barnett nee Howard. Wren

Parker. HMS Algerines

Ganges, Delight, Scott and Albion. Also based Mauritius 1962. Aged 60, December 30,2001. Lt Cdr Roger Standen. September 15. George Shuttleworth. CPO. Served

1925-47. Retained determined spirit learnt from 22 years in RN. Aged 95, September 13.

Assocation and 17th Destroyer Flotilla Association, Atlantic and Russian Convoy veteran. September 11. Mervyn Gumbleton. Fleet Master at

eran, 17 CAG, HMS Theseus. August 25. George Coleman. Ex-HMS Opportune

Arms. Joined RN 1948 at St Vincent, left 1977. Ships and establishments include: Vanguard, Implacable, Bermuda, Hermes, Terror, Ganges, Drake, Raleigh and Bristol. September 25 at Royal Perth Hospital, Western Australia. Harry Beetle. Radar Operator. Served

1939-46, mainly in the Western Isle. James


was judged unfit for aerial combat and moved to RN before becoming a RM Commando. As Lance-Corporal was in charge of a carrier-pigeon unit. On leaving Service moved into academia. Aged 76. Kathleen Cory nee Reed. Served with

RNVR at start of WWII, served in minesweepers and infantry landing craft in Far East. On leaving service moved into shipping industry before inheriting and man- aging an estate in Llwyn Madoc, Breconshire. Aged 78, September 11. D.W. Hague. CPO Tel. Served in

Served 1955-69. Ships include: Cleopatra, Bellerophon, Berwick, Brave Borderer. July 13.

Wrens in Belfast during WWII, where met husband Paul Cory, officer in RNVR. In later life, genealogy expert. Aged 78, August 23. Mervyn Bourdillon. Commissioned in

Comrades. Aged 73, September 13. R.R. 'Roger' Edwards. CH. Gl. Many

HMS Comus

ships included London, Maidstone, Cossack (v. Altmark), Tyne, Vanguard, Ceylon, Aphrodite, Trafalgar, Mull of Kintyre, Terror. Aged 84, September 1. Lt Cdr Geoffrey James Gellie RANVR.

Pembroke, Southampton, Jervis, Woolwich, Lark and Kent. Instructor at Ganges during Korean War. Aged 84, September 19. Joseph Charles Arthur Simpson. AB.

Cossack Association. Served in Cossack, 1951-52 and 1955-56. Also served in Sheffield and Constance. Aged 81. Alfred Price. HMS Cossack Association.

Charles Hill. YEO Off Signals. HMS

1938-51 in Valiant, Raleigh, Drake, Adamant, Cochrane, amongst others. Saw action dur- ing WWII, particularly in Mediterranean. Awarded 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star and Clasp, and France and Germany Clasp and War Medal. Aged 83, August 11. William Caston.

Association. February. Eric Field. HMS Barham Association,

Association. April. Roy Penny. HMS Barham Association.

April 23. Herbie


Association. August 28. Maurice Coats. L/Seaman. HMS Cheviot Association. August 22. Lt Cdr Brian Watson. RD, RNR. HMS

Barham Association. August. Neville

HMS Barham

served in ship 1938-41. April 6. Eric Mundy. HMS Barham Association.

Rawlings. HMS Barham

Albert Smith. RM Musician. HMS Goodings. HMS Cheviot

Served in Wave, 1949-51. Dedicated 40 years to King George V Fund for Sailors, RBL and Eastbourne RNLI. Aged 71. Victor George Britton. Stoker. Served

Volunteered for RANR in 1937, commis- sioned in 1939 and served with RN in Corvettes in North Atlantic. Joined submarine service in 1941: Thorn, Truant, Tribune and Otis. Completed Perisher course in 1944 and commanded H33 and Varangian. Aged 87, September 29 in Melbourne, Australia. R.A. 'Rex' Carey. AB. Submariners Association, Welsh branch. Boats served in: L27. United. Aged 83. Lt Cdr M.L.P. 'Mike' Badham. Submariners Association, Dolphin branch. Served 1946-60 in: Alderney, Thorough, Tactician, Alaric, Untiring (as CO). Israeli, and Rahav (as CO). Aged 76. J.R. 'Doc' Henry. PO M(E). Submariners Association, Gosport branch. Served 1957- 77 in: Aeneas, Alliance (x2), Grampus, Toredo, Anchorite, Amphion, Talent, Astute, Onslaught. Aged 65, W.C.

'Mike' Toft.

Submariners Association, New Zealand branch. Served 1937-43 in Salmon, Porpoise and Proteus. Aged 87, September 24. Sidney Arthur James DSM. Leading

Ansoh, Vanguard,

Seaman. Joined RN 1939. Survivor from the loss of Galatea in 1941. Then trained for sub- marines at Gosport before serving in U-class boats including Ursula, Upstart, and more before finishing in Unswerving where received DSM. Aged 81, September 7. W. Allen BEM. CEA. Served 1940-67 in Barfleur, Cockade,

Stoker PO.

One of the few remaining Australian subma- rine commanders and was the first RAN offi- cer

to command a RN submarine. Dave McCubbin. POAM(E). Korean vet-

Served Dauntless, Daedalus, Falcon, Phoenecia. Aged 65. Frank Steanson. RS. Served 1956-68 in

Exeter at the River Plate, Kenya, Shah, Devonshire. Aged 82, August 17. Donald Thompson. Leading Stoker.

Association, served in branch between 1950- 72. October 9.

Mercury 11, Girdle Ness, President, Lion, Collingwood and Cochrane. Cdr W. Fitzherbert. Served: Termagant,

J.A.H. Hamilton.

Illustrious, Concord, Indefatigable, Lion, Vigilant, St Vincent, Tyne, Raleigh and NATO. Lt Cdr J.C.W. Ilifle. Served: Niger,

Garth. Lt E.H. Maggs. Served: Peregrine,

Maidstone, Victory and NATO. Commissioned Gunner H.L. Pring.

Arthur, Ark Royal, Caledonia, Victory, Heron and Collingwood. Major P.M. Thompson RM. Served: Portsmouth, Liverpool, Royal Prince, Bellerophon and Royal Marines Eastney. Lt Cdr B.R. Trussler. Served: St Angelo,

Opossum, Llandaff, Teredo, Tudor, Tiptoe. Sleuth, Token and Dolphin.


Mare. Served in combined operations. October 10. Les Warnett. Brentwood. Derrick 'Curly' Groves. Dorking, welfare

from 1937-49 in minesweeping trawlers, Kent, Russian convoys, Landing Craft Salerno and Normandy. Aged 85. Leslie R. Race. AB(AA3). Redcar and

district. Served 1940-46. Ships include Canton, Lamont. Aged 87, September 8. Len Stevens. Leading Stoker. Sudbury,

Halstead and Hedingham. Served Far East. August 28. Margaret Elizabeth 'Betty' Ralph.

Kingston upon Thames, associate. Aged 72, September 3. Lt Cdr Keith Whetstone. Aquitaine.

Submariner. Cape Town, South Africa, past chairman (twice). Submarines include Teredo, Tabard, Totem, Dreadnought, Revenge, Warspite and Trenchant. August 31.

Served 1949-65, including Ceres, Siskin, Howe, Flying Fox, Dolphin and Diadem. Terence Banks. Chief


officer and social secretary. Argonaut Association. Served in Argonaut throughout WWII from home waters, to the Far East, Russian convoys, to the D-Day landing. September 8. Arthur Bax. PO Cook. Harlow. Served

Vernon Tony' Davies. Weston-super-

Served: Largo Bay and Euryalus. Lt Cdr H.A. Sheppard. Served: Royal


Saker, President, Bermuda and NATO. Capt J.C.G. Field. Served: Broadsword,

ASSOCIATION OF RN OFFICERS Capt R.R.H. Boddy. Served: Charity,

Basildon. Served 1954-56 in Truelove. Aged 66, October 3. A. 'Bert' Fidler. Camberley, founder and

Fierce, Mercury, Terror, St Angelo, Phoenica, President and Salisbury. Capt

life member and treasurer for 40 years. Served in Tug Assiduous, assembling Mulberry Harbour, Arromanches. Aged 82, September 14. Ivan A. Green. Able Seaman. Bexhill-on- Sea. Served WWII

Russian convoys and ships include Redoubt and Merchant Navy's Stirling Castle. September 27. Tom Bailey. Harlow. Served during WWII

Glorious, Kenya, Boscawen, Anson, Drake, Nelson, Orion, Minerva, Duncansby Head, Bellerophon and Osprey. Lt J.G.L. Jackson. Served: Saker and

Urmston RNA, River Class Association. Veteran of the Battle ol the Atlantic. Aged 84, September 19. Lt Cdr Frederick Charles Hard.

Harold Whitehead.

Chichester. Joined at St Vincent in 1929. Member of HMS Hood Association, in which he served twice. Commanded four large tugs before becoming Director of Boom Defence and Marine Salvage. Retired from RN after 28 years service to become first harbour- master of Chichester. Aged 89, September 30.

Aged 78, September 12. Martin Bruce 'Jimmy' James. ME1.

Newfoundland. Newfoundland Association. Vic Gardiner. Herne Bay. Served in

as a Leading Torpedo Operator. September 27.

Telegraphist. in LSTs and

ready to sail from her Portsmouth home on November 3 to relieve HMS Bulwark east of Suez. The front-page picture was Albion's deck covered with a spray of water during pre-wetting trials used to wash down all sur- faces should the ship sail through 'fall-out' areas.

her trials second

Dartmouth Training Squadron. The Scouts were welcomed on board and then in turn, their

ship. The visit kept up the links between the Scouts of St Aloysius College

HMS INTREPID visited Malta for the first time in her new role as the Dartmouth

training and the

comed the ship's com- pany from the assault ship into their island homes.

families wel-

AFTER returning from the South Atlantic, HMS Fearles s resumed her role as the Dartmouth training ship, setting off for the Mediterranean to train up midshipmen and artificer apprentices. Before she went, she stopped

members of the ship's company saw a special showing of the film 'Who dares wins' with its star Lewis Collins.

Newcastle where in off

RM as CO on 9 Dec 02 and to hold the rank of Local Lieutenant Colonel. Cdr B.C. Payne to 899 Squadron Heron as CO on 22 Nov 02. Cdr M.J. Wainhouse to HMS

Appointments Col F.H.R. Howes to 42 Cdo

Example (Calliope) as CO on 28 Aug 02. Surg Rear Adm I.L. Jenkins

Glasgow as CO on 1 Oct 02. Lt J.D. Gould to HMS

Cdre S.R.J. Gopdall to be promoted Rear Admiral on 3 Oct 02 and to be Director General Training and Education on 7 Oct 02.

to be promoted Surgeon Vice Admiral on 21 Oct 02 and to be Surgeon General on 26 Oct 02. Surg Cdre R.D. Curr to be promoted Surgeon Rear Admiral on 3 Oct 02 and to be Medical Director General (Naval) on 8 Oct 02.

HMS Sceptre as CO on 10 Dec 02.

HMS Trenchant as CO on 10 Dec 02.

Sports lottery

ei,500 - Sub Lt D. Downie, BRNC; £500 - Shared: Sub Lt B. Courton, BRNC and Lt Cdr M. Taylor, Ark Royal. 14 Sep 02: £5,000 - Shared: POCY A.

Green, Drake and LOM(SSM) P. Marston, Collingwood; £1,500 - OM(UW) L. Graves, Campbeltown; £500 - CH L. Hall, Kent. 21 Sep 02: £5,000 - W(SE) C.

Lincoln, St Vincent and Cdr M. Wareham. MOD London; £1,500 - Lt D. Thomas. 849 NAS; £500 - Shared: Capt C. Peach, MOD London and CPOAEM H. Bell, Heron.

trict. Served 1940-46, HO rating serving as a cook in HMS Rodney. Aged 82.

Kenneth Caleb Hunt. Dursley and dis-

For more information on the RN & RM Sports Lottery, call 023 9272 3806.

Patterson, Heron; £1,500 - CPOCT C. Hume, RAF Digby; £500 - Capt D. Dickens, FOSF Portsmouth. 28 Sep 02: £5,000 - Shared: LSA M.

7 Sep 02: £5,000 - LOM N. Rudd, Drake; Acting Cdr M.R. Titcomb to

Interview Board (HMS Sultan) as Board President on 23 Oct 02. Lt Cdr R.M. Ryan to HMS Cattistock as CO on 17 Sep 02. Lt Cdr P.C.J. Stone to 800 Squadron as CO on 22 Nov 02 and to be granted higher rank of Acting Cdr. Capt S.B. Charlier to HMS Cornwall as CO on 27 Nov 02. Lt Cdr P.A.E. Brown to HMS

Invincible as CO on 12 Dec 02. Col S.T. Chicken to Admiralty

Capt T.A. Soar

Grimsby as CO on 5 Dec 02. Lt D.M. Crowe to HMS Dasher

as CO on 16 Dec 02. Cdr C.I. Reid to HMS Vigilant

Swap drafts

Cdr C.B. Hodkinson to HMS Southampton as CO on 17 Dec 02.

Acting Cdr J.A.P. White to

WO Jarrett. Contact: HMS Nelson (Waterfront) 9380 25007, 25013. Draft: WO (Any) HMS Raleigh, Cunningham Divisional Officer 8 Apr 03. Will swap for: any Portsmouth billet. LWMEM Edwards. Contact: SFM Portsmouth. Draft: HMS Liverpool, 6 Jan 03. Will swap for: any carrier. LOM(MW) Miller. Contact: 93255 6968

or e-mail: Draft: HMS Inverness. Will swap for: any Portsmouth- based MCMV deploying or not. Adsling Qual and SSEL Qual. OM(EW)1 Dooley. Contact: 07870 122

Draft: HMS Invincible 28 Jan 03. Will swap for: any Portsmouth ship deploying or not. LOM(C) Howarth. Contact and draft:

HMS Manchester. Will swap for: any Plymouth-based ship, deploying or not.

Ratings seeking to swap drafts must meet the requirements of BR14, article 0506. In particular, they should be on or due the same kind of service - sea or shore; have time to serve in their current draft; be the same rate; and be of similar experience. All applications must be made on Form C240 to NOD, Centurion Building.

Portsmouth 9380 24897. Draft: HMS Portland, 6 Jan 03. Will swap for: any Portsmouth Type 23 deploying or not. CH1 Maidment. Contact: 9380 22154.

(Port) as CO on 24 Sep 02. Lt Cdr D.M.J. Grimley to HMS Superb as CO on 8 Oct 02.

to HMS

140. Draft: HMS Iron Duke. Will swap for: any Portsmouth Type 23 or aircraft carrier. LMEM(L) M. Dredge. Contact: EM2L





at Ganges in 1937 and returned as PO instructor 1948-51. Awarded DSM in 1942 at the raids on Dieppe while in LCF2. Also served in Korea. Left service in 1952. Ganges Association,

Association, Korean Veterans Association and honorary member of Duchess and Barham Association. September 5. Alf Welch. Bude. Served in Coastal

include Resolution, Durban, Elland. River Class Association. Aged 84, September 19. Frederick Dennis.

Forces in various MTBs. September 16. Harold Whltehead. Trafford. Ships

Hastings and

Southend. Survivor of sinking of Curacao after collision with RMS Queen Mary. September 19. D. Lees. North Reddish. Aged 74. Harry Carter. Telegraphist. Bishops

for 30 years. Joined as a boy at HMS Ganges. Served in Greyhound, Norfolk, Shikari, Crossbow and first lieutenant of HMS Reclaim. Also trained personnel on anti-submarine warfare in Simonstown, South Africa. Aged 88, October 4. Stan 'Tommy' Tucker. Aircraft Handlers


Defiance, Diana and HMAS Melbourne (1964-66). Aged 77. Lt Cdr Norman Hefford. Served in RN

Llandudno, president and founder and presi- dent of the HMS Protector Assocation. Ships and establishments served from 1958-67 include Raleigh, Striker, Victory, Vidal, Adamant, Defender, Protector, Sultan, Lofoten and Vernon. Aged 60, September 24. Joshua Moss. Founder member of RNA

Stortford. Trained at Ganges and Bruce, member of both associations. Other ships include Mercury, Implacable, Indomitable, Osprey, Highflyer (Ceylon West Radio sta- tion). September 15. Harry 'Pinky' Pinkerton. A/POM(E).

tillS fc\3ULQU3 BOX o? MICKS

T exciting magic tricks such as:~

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and RNPSA in Scarborough. Vice chairman of Patrol Service. Served in minesweepers on the north-east coast during WWII for 5 years. Aged 82, September 26. George Edward Cooper. AB. Basildon.

Served 1942-46, ships include: Collingwood, Hannibal, Cormorant, Colossus, Holcombe (torpedoes December 1943), Afrikander.

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/ Landing Craft

Ships include: Anthony, Victory, Pembroke IV, Victory Ml, Blencathra, Mercury and Osborne. Aged 83. Arthur Butler. AB. Uxbridge. Algerines Association. Served 1943-46. Ernest Swinhoe DSM. Southport. Joined

Walter Lyon. Atherton. September 14. Fredrick Albert Butler RNVR. Falmouth.


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