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44 NAVY NEWS, MAY 2002


to take part in the major exercise Saif Sareea with the Royal Navy of Oman, during which she played a unique role as flagship for Commodore Abdullah al Raisi, who embarked for a month to command a group of ships that included Cornwall and HMS Monmouth and seven Omani vessels. The terrorist attacks on the United States extended her deployment by three months. Reunited with Catherine and his wife Claire, Gary said: "It really is very emotional seeing my family. I have a lot of

terrorism over Christmas and the New Year. Five hundred relatives and friends lined the jetty at Devonport with banners to welcome the Type 22 frigate back after a seven month deployment. She left Plymouth in early September for the Gulf of Oman

ACK home at last, HMS Cornwall's LS Gary Dewick hugs baby Catherine who was born on September 11 - other events pn that date haying kept the Type 22 frigate away fighting the war against

assist the Coaltion forces. Christmas and the New Year were spent at sea, with 2002 being ushered in off Pakistan. Said Commanding Officer Capt Steve Kirby: "This has

catching up to do with my little girl," HMS Cornwall carried out vital intelligence gathering to

the requirement for the ship to extend over Christmas." On her return to Devonport Cornwall was led up the Hamoaze by her Sea King helicopter 'Red Bull' and escort- ed from the breakwater to Devil's Point by craft from 539 Assault Squadron Royal Marines based at Turnchapel. She will visit Falmouth this month for the Queen's Jubilee

been a long and immensely successful deployment. We have for the most part been engaged in gathering vital intel- ligence throughout the region, but the real stars have been my Ship's Company and their families. "They have been magnificent throughout, accepting fully

Tour of the UK, when she will be open to the public. j Free Type 22 frigate cutaway inside.

Board invites ex-sailors to take up arms


vidcs nearly 600 armed guards Navy and Marines personnel who - •• •

for Army establishments all over the country. Opportun- ities already exist for ex-Naval personnel to serve in this capacity on Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) at Naval estab- lishments and this need will continue to remain for some time until MPGS personnel are trained up. Eventually MPGS will become


HE NAVY Board has agreed that the Army's new Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS) will provide armed guards for Naval shore establishments from October this year - and ex-Navy personnel are welcome to join. The MPGS at present pro-

It is considered that many ex- joined the Service from parts of the

country where the Navy is not widely represented, such as the north of England, Wales and the Midlands, may welcome the chance to move closer to home working at an Army or RAF base in these areas. MPGS members will also be

the main professional armed guarding service for all naval shore establishments, but existing FTRS armed guards should stand an excellent chance of being recruited by virtue of their experience. Maj Pat Farelly, of MPGS Headquarters, who has been responsible for overseeing the implementation of MPGS in the Army, said that although the scheme had only been running for a short time it had proved very popular among personnel leaving all three Services. "We now have 20 ex-RN/RM personnel guarding Army estab- lishments around the country and we continue to receive a large number of enquiries from other ex- sailors and marines.

Boartd has endorsed the scheme will be very wel- come, particularly for those who wish to live and work on the south coast."

"The news that the Navy

who join MPGS will enlist into the regular Army on a Military Local Service Engagement tor a three- year renewable contract and can serve up to the age of 55 in an establishment within 21 miles of their chosen area of service. MPGS personnel will therefore

Ex-ratings and Royal Marines

Accommodation, if appropriate, in the location of their choosing. MPGS personnel will carry out

Single in

parable service, such as TAVR. Police, Prison Service or other security agencies. In order to join MPGS it will be

necessary to enlist into the Regular Army. The only commitment required is to serve one year, fol- lowing which time 90 days notice to discharge may be given. Personnel will receive the same

entitled to take up Service Families Accommodation Quarters or

Married Living

the full range of security duties to the highest professional standards along with civilian security person- nel. However, unlike other security organisations, they are armed. Those wishing to join must be

site for the duration of their careers or can change location to take advantage of promotion opportunities or for personal rea- sons.

year gap between previous service and

enhanced by other forms of com- re-enlistment (unless

under age 49 on enlistment and have served at least three years in the RN, RM, Army, RAF or TAVR with a discharge assess- ments of either Exemplary or Very Good. There must be a less than six

at Worthy Down in Winchester. The course lasts for one week and will provide all the knowledge and understanding required for a pro- fessional armed security guard, including powers of arrest and search, use of force, patrolling techniques and incident handling. All MPGS units will be formed

MPGS personnel will be trained

under the command of their respective

New faces at the top A

Officer on the site where they are

Admiral Sir Nigel Essenhigh as First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff on September 17. Vice Admiral Sir Jonathon

DMIRAL Sir Alan West, the Commander-in-Chief Fleet, is to take over from

Band is to be promoted Admiral and becomes C-in-C Fleet on August 2. Admiral West joined the

enjoy many of the positive benefits of Service life, but with the added bonus that it will offer them a chance to embark on their second career with domestic stability.

Navy in 1965 and specialised as a Principal Warfare Officer. In 1980 he took command of

HMS Ardent, which was later sunk in the Falklands War. Promoted Captain in 1985 he commanded HMS Bristol from 1987-88 before first heading the study into women's inte- gration and service at sea and then becoming Head of Maritime Intelligence. He was promoted Rear

Admiral in 1994 and was Naval Secretary and Commander UK Task Group before becoming Chief of Defence Intelligence as Vice Admiral in 1997. On promotion to Admiral

9"770028"167078 • Admiral Sir Alan West

joined the Navy in 1967 and completed his own PWO train- ing in 1997. He commanded the minesweeper HMS Soberton before serving as Flag Lieutenant to C-in-C Fleet dur- ing the Falklands War, after- wards becoming CO of HMS Phoebe. Promoted Captain in

November, 2000 he was app- pointed C-in-C Fleet. His successor Admiral Band



Surf the net, send text messages, play games, have fun - and above all, keep in touch!

CALL FREE ON 0800 731 7811 OVice Admiral Band Subject to terms and conditions. Published by Navy News, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth, and printed by Portsmouth Publishing and Printing Ltd, the News Centre, Hilsea, Portsmouth PO2 9SX unit Commanding

rates of pay as a regular soldier, but will receive a reduced X-factor to take account of their limited deployability. MPGS can serve at their chosen

deployed. There is a structured rank system within each MPGS unit offering the opportunity for promotion up to SNCO and Warrant rank. Personnel will be given the

chance to work towards the securi- ty, safety and loss prevention level 2 NVQ Award. SNCOs and WOs will be offered, once fully devel- oped, the Security Management Level 3 & 4 Award respectively, along with qualifying as NVQ assessors and internal verifiers.

Jonathan Worthington on 023 92 727345.

U Further details from Lt Cdr


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was Assistant Chief of Naval Staff. After promotion to Vice Admiral in 1999 he was first Team Leader of the Defence Education and Training Study before taking over as Deputy C- in-C in May 2001.

1988, he commanded HMS Norfolk and later HMS Illustrious, serving in the Adriatic in support of UN and NATO operations in Bosnia. As Rear Admiral in 1997 he

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