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TALL SHIP'S CREWf Are you planning to take part in the 2002 Cutty Sark Tall Ships race?

If so we'd love to hear from you.

This famous race sets sail in July. On board Tall Ships from all over the world will be crews of young people between the ages of 16 to 25. The event starts in Alicante in Spain with a

cruise, then the real racing begins from Malaga to La Coruna in Spain. Race 2

takes the crews from Brest in France to Santander in Spain, and then the final Race 3 is from Spain to Portsmouth in the UK.

We want to follow the race every wave of the way so if you're going to be part of a crew on board one of the awesome ships let us know as quickly as possible. Write to:


Well, it is paradise if you love boats! In September a very special museum will be opening in the west - it's the National Maritime Museum, Cornwall.

The museum was due to open this month but, as you can see from the blueprints, the building is so amazing it's taking a little time to finish. The official opening is now in the autumn.

So, what's so special about the museum? Well, first it's in Falmouth and the town not only has a long maritime history it's also the third largest natural deep-water harbour in the world.

Then we're told the museum is not just another place for adults to learn dry facts. This museum is aimed at all the family and promises

National Maritime Museum, Cornwall THE FACTS: The museum will cost 22 million pounds to build and fit out The incredible building sits on nearly 400 reinforced concrete pilings that took over a year to put into the sea bed. There are 52251 slates on the roof 4000 tonnes of concrete and 250 tonnes of steel went into the building. Over 16.6 kilometres of green oak planking covers the building - enough to make a walkway up to Mount Everest and back! The new sea wall will withstand 100 years of salt water corrosion and even the possible effects of global warming. Trays of water on the roof will reflect the sunlight to create a ripple effect across the ceiling of the building.

to have loads of hands- on activities to find out more about boats and how they work.

There'll even be the chance to sail a boat. Visitors can steer 39cm long model boats in a specially designed Waterfront gallery pool. If you want to learn more about the weather, about navigation and about the tides then there'll be masses of info for you at the museum. You'll even be able to watch the tides ebb and flow from the building.

And, of course, there'll be plenty of boats, from the oldest - a dugout canoe dating from 1850's - to the longest, a 20 metre Eton 10 rowing boat.

The crew at Young Reader's will definitely be heading west in September to see the Museum - hope to see you there!

Pictures: Top Left - The view of the site. Top Right - Model of the inside galleries. Bottom Right - Aerial view showing model of the finished museum.

Navy News Young Readers, HMS Nelson, Queen Street,

Portsmouth PO1 3HH

To Enter: Send your name, address and membership number on a postcard to:

'Walkers Mini Merlin Competition', Young Readers Club, Navy News, HMS Nelson, Queen Street, Portsmouth, Hants PO1 3HH

Closing Date: 24th May 2OO2 The Editors' decision is final. Employees and relatives of Navy News are ineligible to enter. Birthday Congratulations.'

Gareth Scott Jessica Keith Rebecca Kirsty Benjamin Polly Johan Nathan Victoria James Zara Daniel Zoe Ann Zoe

Robert Adam Emma Charlotte Sophie

Williams Sutton Desmond Higman Farress Morgan Riddleston Welch Rietveld Phillips Martin Warren Dulling Woo ~ Hall

O'Grady Orme Carter

Batchelor Nevitt Kirby


Callum George Gareth

Cheryl-May Buque Sarah

Matthew Lucy

Tanya James Jaymes Simon Jack

Elderton Irwin

Andrew Shorter Richard

Aybie-Mai Reader Katie

Mitchell Green Archer

Simmance Hayward Haywar Ridge

Overend Overem Goldsm

Christopher Woods Andrew Bignell Adam

Alexander Drake

Humphreys Stephei Stephenson

Goldsmith Humphi


Jamie Jack Grace Katie Kira

Joshua Stephen Nicholas Alex

Danielle Amy Harry Joseph Alexander Ashley Jamie Jack Freddie James Peter

Freeborn Moor

Anderson Owen Williams Child

Turnbull Brazier Moffatt Wilson Howard Litherland Almond Smith Marsh Grant Olley Collins Woolley Liddington Mullen


All new members enrolled in both Clubs will now have Membership that lasts until their 16th Birthday.

Members of the club will be able to use their membership cards to obtain discounts on entry to many local attractions and events throughout the Year, both in their own locality and nationwide. Our new style coupon reflects these changes - see below

Please enroll me as a member of The Young Readers Club. I enclose a PO/chequc (payable to Navy Hews) for:

£17.50 - Life Memberships^) (Includes a copy of Navy Hews for 12 months)

Name Address Postcode

E-mail address

School attended .... Joined by: Do you have any Special Interests:

Parent G

Brothers G Sport G

Friends G

Grandparent G Sisters G Music G

Reading G

Send your completed form, together with a postal order/cheque for £17.50 to: 'Young Readers Club'

Navy News, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth PO1 3HH call 023 9273 3558 or 023 9282 6040 (24 hr Answerphone)

We will also accept payment by:- Visa, Delta, Access, Mastercard, Solo or Switch on orders of £5.00 or over

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Plus... A complete set of 80 mini Merlin stickers



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