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36 NAVY NEWS, FEBRUARY 2002 Sea Cadets Duke unveils plaque to 24 cadets killed in collision


THE DUKE of Edinburgh has unveiled a memorial plaque at Chatham on the 50th anniversary of a tragedy in which 24 Royal

double decker bus ran into the back of a column of 52 cadets who were marching down Dock Road on their way to a boxing tournament in Pembroke Royal Naval Barracks. It was a dark and dismal evening.

Marines cadets were killed. On Tuesday, December 4,1951 a

type bulb (at that time, Dock Road was regarded as a side road). The bus had only its sidelights on, all that was required in those days. The cadets, all aged between nine

and 13 years, were within five minutes of the safety of Pembroke Gate when the bus struck the rear of the column. When it finally came to rest, 24 boys were dead or dying and 18 were injured, many seriously. Only ten were free from physical

The column was made up of three pla- toons marching close to the kerb near the old Chatham Dockyard Wall. Street lighting was minimal. Each lamp was fitted with a single domestic

injury, but the grief and emotional scars of that evening remain to this day with the survivors and relatives of those lost.

Picture: Sandra Rouse of the Month

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Silver award for Anita

Edinburgh's Award from Lt Cdr Peter Gooding at Worthing Unit's annual Royal Navy Inspection. Lt Cdr Gooding was invit-

Silver Duke of

PPO Anita Heron received her

Cadets K. Kitchener, A. Brownell, C. Searle. A. Kurpa and Cadet Coles with their

Training badges. basic Expedition

ed to watch three well- rehearsed displays on 'Survival in the Woods' mak- ing a knot board and a drill team presentation in which parents were able to take part. He also presented Junior

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