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NAVY NEWS looks back through its pages to recall some of the May headlines of past decades... 40 years ago

20 years ago

Able Seaman 'Butch' Munro's adventures featured in the Navy News. Butch, of HMS Malcolm,

had been enjoying a pleasant evening ashore in Stornoway. He'd drunk in a local hostelry, danced until mid- night, then after saying good- night to his sweetheart for several hours, was wending his weary way back to his ship, when the night was lit up by a distress rocket in the early hours of the morning. Not the sort to miss out on

30 years ago

The Secretary of State for Education and Science, a cer- tain Margaret Thatcher, met HMS Reclaim's chief diver, CPO 'Nobby' Clark in the ship's compression chamber. The Royal Navy's 2,050 tonne deep diving ship was

Deaths Cdr Jonathan 'Johnnie' M. Maughan.

Queen's Harbour Master, Portsmouth Naval Base. Joined RN in 1971. Served as NO on HMY Britannia for three years, including com- memorations of 50th anniversary of D-Day. Last Cdr of RN College Greenwich. Also worked with NATO in Norfolk, Virginia USA. Aged 50, April 9.

Capt 'Jock' Cyril John Cunningham

DSC MiD. Joined as cadet in 1939 and saw action during WWII mostly in the Mediterranean. Ships include Warspite, Cleopatra and Quillam. Took part in Salerno landings and then trained as a pilot to fly Seafires. Became CO of 805 Naval Air Squadron, later loaned to Royal Australian

Navy to become frontline Sea Fury squadron on Sydney in the Korean War. Last appoint- ment was Commodore and Chief of Staff to the Flag Officer Naval Air Command. Aged 81.

Capt David Bromley-Martin. Wartime

signals officer and former Director of the Sail Training Association. Saw service in WWII in northern waters, the Mediterranean and the Far East. Ships and establishment include: Devonshire, Capetown, Eagle, Hood, Renown (Mentioned in Despatches for restoring crucial aerial during attack on Scharnhost and Gneisenau), Warspite (2nd Battle of Narvik), Badger, London, Glory and command of the Amphibious Warfare Squadron in Malta and HMS Mercury. Aged 87, March 2. Cdr Guy Clarabut DSO DSC. Wartime


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COCKTAIL PARTY This event will be held at Kingston Maurward College, near

Dorchester on 21st June 2002, and all Officers (plus partner/guest) who have served or are serving on a Maritime Lynx Squadron are invited.

At a meagre cost of £15 per person, the I'estivitics will commence at 1930 with reception drinks for approx 1 hour, after which attendees will he free to enjoy their own picnic and drink. There will he hand, disco, cash bar and other entertainment until Midnight wilh last carriages at (IKK).

For more information please visit the 702 Sqn home page on the web or contact Lt Mark Wookcy on 01935 456089 or 93 510 ext 60X9.

Closing date for applications: 23 May 02




SPECIAL PRICE FOR "NAVY NEWS" READERS Price (inc. p.&p..): £23.50 (UK only). Elsewhere £26.50.

OFFER ENDS 31st August 2002

(All overseas payments in Sterling by Moneygram, I.R.P. or cheque drawn on a British hank, please) Orders and enquiries to: CYRIL TAWNEY,


submarine captain. Served 1938-53. Ships and sumarines include: Royal Oak, I26, Thrasher, Trooper, Rorqual,


Awarded DSO as CO of Trooper for sinking the Italian submarine Pietro Micca, 1943, and DSC as CO of Stygian for patrols in the Far East,1944-45. Aged 82, March 9. Lt H.L.A. Foy. Louis served 1943-54. ND

Specialist. Served Anson, King George V, Urchin, Widemouth Bay, Glory (2), Harrier, Dryad. Invalided, joined Decca Radar then Racal-Decca 1955-90. Inventor of the first true motion radar 1956. Aged 76, March 4. Frederick Charles Elson. Guildford. Far

East, Atlantic and Russian Convoys, Pacific and with HMS indomitable. Aged 78. William 'Will' Thorrington, ex SPO.

Served in Zulu. Aged 83. James

McFarlane. HMS Comus

Comrades. A Bruce boy, served in Zest, Whirlwind, Boxer and Chaplet. Aged 69, March 17. T.J. Copping. Algerines Assocation.

Served in Courier. January 21. Leonard A.J. Dunlop.


Association. Served in Pincher. February 8. Ken Sheffield. Algerines Association.

Served in Plucky. February 13. Jim Hayter. Algerines Association.

Served in Cockatrice. February 20. Peter Lemon. Algerines Association.

Served in Rattlesnake. March 3. Alan C. Green. Algerines Association,

HMS Bruce Association. Served in Jaseur, Maenad, Pincher, Solebay, Warrior, Gabbard, Whirlwind, Obdurate, Delight. Aged 70, March 10. Ed Findlay, ex CERA. Served 1946-64.

Served in: Caledonia, Magpie, Glasgow, Marwell, Pickle, Simbang, Ark Royal, Sultan and Yarmouth. Aged 71, March 17. David Hicks, ex Stoker. HMS Unicorn Association. Served 1949-50. December 2000. Lt Cdr E. Platford. HMS Unicorn Association. Served 1945-46. December 2000.

Eddie Wells, ex Stoker. HMS Unicorn Association. Served 1949-51. December 2000.

David Smith, ex Stoker. HMS Unicorn Association. Served 1951-54. March 2001. Philip Jennings, ex PO(CR). HMS

Dick Drew, ex LAF/E HMS Unicorn Association. Served 1943-46. April 2001. Ernie Wilkins, ex Boy/OS. HMS Unicorn Association. Served 1949-51. May 2001. Bill Riley, ex PO AF(E). HMS Unicorn Association. Served 1945-46. June 2001. Vic Meyer, ex LSA(V). HMS Unicorn Association. Served 1942-45. July 2001. Lt Cdr R. Coldrey. HMS Unicorn Association. Served 1942-43. September 2001.

Unicorn Association. Served 1943-46. March 2001.

Alistair Wheway, RM. HMS Unicorn Association. Served 1950-52. November 2001.

Ben Newman, ex ERA. HMS Unicorn Association. Served 1952-53. December 2001.

Harold Love, ex Ch ERA. HMS Unicorn Association. Served 1951-53. January 2002. Roy Heald, ex AB/Radar. HMS Unicorn Association. Served 1942-45. February 2002. Joe Tutt, ex AM(E). HMS Unicom Association. Served 1943-46. March 2002. Ian Bubbins, ex POEL (SM). Ships

include: Hydra, Odin and Otis. Died in Christchurch. New Zealand. Aged 47. George William Carnell, ex Steward

Served 1956-66. Ships include: Puma, Victorious and various shore establishments. March 25. Les Hambleton, ex Signal/M. HMS

Serene Association. Served in Serene 1946. March. Hugh Barton. Majestic Caledonia 1937-

39 Boy's Association. PO Elec HMS Punjabi. Aged 79. Sidney 'Red' Lister, ex CPO (Aircraft Fleet Air Arm Field Gun


Association, 1st Trainer Fleet Air Arm Field Gun Crew 1954 & 59. "Captain of the Deck" HMS Bulwark 1960-62. Joined P.N Careers Service 1962. Aged 79, January 22. Henry Ernest Churchman, ex CPO.

Served in HMS Warspite. Noted boxer and gymnast. Attended Royal Hospital, Holbrook, HMS Ganges. Also Greenwich College. Aged 80, February 10. William L 'Len' Douglas, ex Chief

Aircraft Handler. After leaving Service became Factor of an estate near Edinburgh. March 31.

Archie Bishop. CYS. Joined St Vincent

1933. Ships include: Queen Elizabeth, Active, Hunter, Fame, Exeter, PoW Nagasaki, Zephyr, Tyne, Ranpura and Diana (Atom Bomb tests Australia 1956-57. Always proud of his Service. Aged 84, March 30. David Mulchings, ex CPO Shipwright. Apprenticed at Fisgard in 1953. Ships include: Caledonia, Owen, Hermes and Fearless. Served over 22 years. Aged 64, March 20. Kenneth Richard Booton. Joined at

Devonport, served 1950-57. Served in sub- marines: Amphion, Auriga and Selene. Lt Harry Howling. Joined Ganges 1932.

Last survivor of HMS Boadicea. Aged 85, February 21. Len Costen, ex POCook (O). Served

1940-62. Ships include: Tenby, Redpole, Woodcock, Cowdrey, Hotham, Glory and Daniella. HMS Tenby Association. March 13. R.R. 'Reg' Atkin, ex PO Stoker. Served

1947-61. Ships include: Belfast, Ceylon, Theseus, Armada, Sultan. Long term (39 years) and loyal member of the Royal Naval Old Comrades Club Eastbourne. Aged 72, February 21. Frank 'Geordie' Bruce, ex SPO Served

in Thorough, Tabard, Tantivy, Solent, Statesman, Token, Trenchant, Taciturn and Aurochs.

Submariners April 7. Donald Wright. Served 1948-71. Aircraft

Handlers Association. March 24. Peter John Wooding, ex LS Survey

Recorder. Served 1958-85. Ships include: Trowbridge, Cavalier, Dalrymple, Dampier, Fox, and Hydra for 15 years. Awarded Burma Star (1942) and Falklands (1982) Medals. March 30. John Baker. Loch Fada Association.

Ships include: Diamond, Venus, Loch Fada, Abdiel, Hermes, Yarmouth, Monkton, Intrepid, Ledbury. March 17 at Cedeira Spain. Francis Brown, ex CPO. Oldest survivor

of HMS Hood. Joined RN in 1924. Also served in submarines. Len 'Robbie' Roberts, ex MEMN(P).

Ships include: Bulwark, Salisbury, Penelope, HMY Britannia. Aged 60, April 7. Ron Linforth. HMS Cheviot Association.

April 13. Roy Middleton Ayre DSM, ex Acting

Petty Officer (Dems). Served 1940-46. Distinguished Service Medal 1945. Served Raleigh, Drake, President 3, wartime service. Aged 82, March 25. Roland Smith, ex Leading Telegraphist.

Served 1946-48, and maintained great inter- est in RN. Produced great collection of RN film and video archive. March. Tom Annandale, ex CPO Chef Served

1928-52. Aged 92, Aprils. Pat Hayes, ex PO PTI. Member of the

London and Medway RN PTIs. Also TS Exmouth boy. Aged 77.

ASSOCIATION OF RN OFFICERS Wardmaster Lt E.V. Bishop. Served:

Naval Hospital Haslar. Capt J.W. Boughey. Served: Caledonia,

Newcastle, Centaur, Kent, Saker, Heron, Seahawk and HM Dockyard Gibraltar. Lt F. Craig RNVR. Served: Dundonald Lt W. Hay. Served: King George V, Turpin

and Dolphin. Chaplain C. Hughes. Served: Ocean,

Fisgard, Raleigh, Collingwood, RN Base Chatham and RN Air Station Arbroath. Lt Cdr R.V.E. Mutton. Served: Duke of

York, Aeneas, Thorough, Turpin, Kuttabal. Chaplain R.J. Lowe. Served: Valkyrie 11, Impregnable, and Matabele. Lt Cdr J.S. Manaton. Served: Fearless,

Fisgard, Ark Royal, Ganges, Heron, Warrior. Major K.I. Morrison RM. Served:

Rodney, Mauritius, Ajax, Euryalus, Superb and RM Lympstone and Eastney. Lt Cdr C.A. O'Brien. Served: Relentless,

Plover, Tamar, Heron, Mercury and NATO. Capt G.A. Plumer. Served: Cockade, Rattlesnake,


Siskin, St Angelo and Ceres. Second Officer M.C.P. Turner WRNS. Lt Cdr J.A.L. Wilkinson DSC. Served:

Barham, Warspite, Sickle, Upright, Astute, Crispin, Scotsman, Mainiga and Dolphin.

ROYAL NAVY ASSOCIATION Kenneth Edward Collison, ex PO Air Venduruthy,

Thankerton, President, Diamond, Ganges, Falmouth, Dolphin, Mercury and NATO. Cdr A.T. Rees. Served: Copra, President,

Admiral Sir Alan West KCB

DSC to be First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff on 17 Sep 02. This appointment carries with it membership of the Defence Council and the Admiralty Board of the Defence Council. Vice Admiral Sir Jonathon

Band KCB to be promoted Admiral and appointed as Commander-in-Chief Commander-in-Chief

Fleet, East

Atlantic and Commander Allied Naval Forces North on 2 Aug 02. This appointment carries with it membership of the Admiralty Board of the Defence Council. Rear Admiral R.G. Lockwood

to be Senior Naval Member of the Directing Staff, Royal College of Defence Studies on 11 Sep 02. Cdre P.J. Kidner to be promot-

ed Rear Admiral and to be Chief Executive Defence Medical Training Organisation on 2 Apr 02.

Cdre R.F. Cheadle ADC to be promoted Rear Admiral and to be Chief of Staff to Second Sea Lord and Commander-in-Chief Naval Home Command on 3 Sep 02. Capt M. Anderson to HMS Marlborough as CO on 28 Aug 02.

Capt A.M. Massey to HMS Ark

Royal as CO on 9 Jul 02. Capt A.D.H. Mathews to HMS as

Drake Naval Base

Commander and Cdre HMS Drake and to serve in rank of Commodore on 2 Sep 02. Surg Capt The Rev Professor

C.P.G. Barker to the Centre for Defence Medicine as Professor of Military Surgery on 1 Dec 02. Maj Gen D. Wilson to be

Senior British Military Advisor US Central Command from 17 May 02.

Cdr The Hon Michael Cochrane to HMS Chatham as CO on 31 Jul 02. A/Cdr D.B. Turner to HMS Scott as CO on 24 Sep 02.

Maj G.A. Armour to 45 Cdo

RM as Y Company Commandant on 6 Aug 02. Lt Cdr M.D. Kent to HMS

Bristol as CO on 9 Jul 02. Lt Cdr J.A. Gray to HMS Penzance as CO on 14 Jul 02. Lt Cdr A.A. Jordan to HMS

Ramsey as CO on 2 Sep 02. Lt A.N.P. Essenhigh to HMS

Tracker as CO on 20 May 02. Lt P.A. Stroude to HMS

Brecon as CO on 30 Jul 02. Lt Cdr G. Haywood to HMS Monmouth as CO on 6 Aug 02. Lt Cdr P.M. Olive to HMS

Ledbury as CO on 23 May 02. Lt Cdr M.A. Salmon to 849 Squadron HQ, RNAS Culdrose, as CO on 6 Sep 02. Lt R.A. Osbaldestin to

Northern Diving Group 2 as Officer in Charge on 3 Sep 02. Lt M.E. Syrett to HMSML Gleaner as CO on 1 Jul 02.

Swap drafts POSA Wilde. Contact and draft:

Commando Helicopter Force based at HMS Heron, Heron 6310 or 0777 903 0385. Will consider and swap for: any ship deploying or not.

LOM (EW) Wilkes. Contact: Dryad 4277.

Draft: HMS Glasgow, 24 Jun 02. Will swap for: any Devonport ship. LOM (C) Howarth. Contact: SFM Drake

CEW SKILL Section 01752 286135. Draft: HMS Manchester, 8 Jul 02. Will swap tor: any Devonport ship, deploying or not. LWTR David Price. Contact: UPO HMS

Nelson 9380 20365. Draft: HMS Illustrious, 5 Jun 02 (long relit Rosyth Oct 02). Will swap for: any Portsmouth-based ship, deploying or not.

LMEMOC Hetherington. Contact: via

CPO Buttriss, HMS Sultan MTG. Draft: HMS Endurance, Nov 02 in 'L' billet. Will swap for: any Portsmouth Hunt class or single role.

Ratings seeking to swop drafts must meet the requirements of BR14, article 0506. In particular, they should be on or due the same kind of service - sea or shore; have time to serve in their current draft; be the same rate; and be of similar experience. All applications must be made on Form C240 to NDD, Centurion Building.


Australian Branch. Aged 74. April 5. Alan Hale. Aircraft Handlers Association.

Fitter. Cramer. Served 1943-46. Ships include: Daedalus,

Gosling, Raven, WRN.

Flycatcher, Hornbill. Aged 79, March 24. Irene 'Midge' O'Connor nee Berry, ex President Halifax Branch and Life

Member. Served BRNC in 1945. then Sandhurst Stranraer in Signals. Bradford Branch WRNS Association. Aged 74, March 17.

Keith Morling, ex ChOA. President

Lewes Branch. Served in WWII, ships include: Ganges, Adventure and Glory. March 21. C. Pearce. Pendelton. One of few sur-

vivors of HMS Isis lost during D-Day. Later served in Russian Convoys. Aged 79, March 12.

George Courtnell. Wallasey, Welfare

Officer, and chairman of the Royal Naval Patrol Association. March 25. John Denver, ex PO Stoker Mech. Eastbourne. Served in: Victorious, Adamant, Zephyr, Newcastle, Charity and Volage. Injured in Korean War. Aged 69, March 11. Ron Scraffe, ex Navy Commando. Peel.

February 22. John Kelly. Peel. Ships include Quality

and Illustrious. March 18. Reginald 'Reg' Sherar, ex Leading


Seaman. Kingston upon Thames. Served 1940-48 (RN), 1948-57 (RFR). Ships include: Collingwood, Pembroke, Eaglet, Anson, LST 320, Golden Hind, BYMS 3026, Widemouth Bay, St Angelo. Aged 79, March 15. William 'Bill1 Walker. Wigston. February


Wally Tranter. Wigston. March 12. Henry Hodgkin. Wigston, life vice-presi-

dent and former chairman. March 16. T.R.E. 'Robin' Turner, ex Petty Officer

Seaman. Harrogate and District. Aerved 1936-49. Ships include: Pembroke, Osprey, Intrepid, Vivien, Kittiwake and Tasman (RNZN 1944-48). Aged 83, March 26. Ken Ferris, ex Chief Gl. Uxbridge.

Served 1935-57. Ships include: Amazon, Broadsword,


Chrysolite, Excellent, Mull of Galloway, Ilex, Indomitable, Oxlip, Somali, Trowbridge. Douglas John Gudger, ex Stoker

Mechanic. Nuneaton. Aged 75, March 12. Reginald Gordon Clare. Norwich.

Served 1934-45. Aged 90, March 19. James 'Jimmy' Hand. Scarborough.

Aged 81, April. John Matthews, ex AB. Lichfield. Ships

include: Ganges, Gambia, Eagle, Osprey. Aged 66, February 9.


visiting Shoreham as part of a waterborne display featuring British, Dutch and Russian ships as part of Oceanology International 1972. Her time in the chamber obviously did nothing to cramp the style of Mrs T.

an adventure, Butch volun- teered his services to the Stornoway lifeboat who were, in fact, short of men due to a flu epidemic. In his new company, Butch

set off to the rescue of the Swedish coaster Ofelia. After Butch and his team

rescued all but four of the crew from a nearby island on which they'd taken refuge, his mates on HMS Malcolm appeared to save the day and retrieve the remaining four from their desolate situation.

The front page headline reads: "A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH". The Falkland Islands Task

Force had set off on the long journey to the far-flung British islands of the South Atlantic. Amid a massive show of patriotism, the carriers Hermes and Invincible sailed out of Portsmouth, as did the assault ship, HMS Fearless. Her sister ship Intrepid would soon be setting out in her turn. Destroyers

Glasgow, Coventry, Antrim and Glamorgan formed part of the force, and frigate support came from Arrow, Alacrity, Antelope, Brilliant,

Plymouth Brambleleaf, Olmeda,

Resource and Stromness, together with the landing ships Sir Galahad, Sir Geraint, Sir Lancelot, Sir Percival and Sir Tristram. By late April, a further 35

civilian ships had been char- tered or requisitioned for mili- tary use including the Canberra and Uganda. The Royal Navy also recog-


Broadsword, and

Yarmouth. Due to the vast distances involved, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships had a key role. These included: Fort Austin, Appleleaf, Tidespring, Pearleaf,

nised the great efforts made by the many civilian and Service personnel in the Naval bases, dockyards, stores and offices. Activity at the naval bases continued round the clock. In the first ten days of the emergency, vynews .co .uk

the supplies

organisation at Portsmouth loaded a total of 3,000 tonnes of stores, excluding arma- ments, to the various ships.

• K Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines return to HMS Fearless.

Picture: Pete Holdgate

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