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NAVY NEWS, MAY 2002 29 Roval Naval Association

Editor is needed

NO 3 AREA is looking for a new Public Relations Officer - and an editor for their magazine.

Date has just been published, and its existence is entirely down to NCM Rita Lock and PRO Eric Hartley, of Liss and District RNA. However, Eric has had to resign

The second edition of Navy

edit the magazine for another issue, Southern Flotilla chairman S/M Fred Flood is seeking a mem- ber of the area who could either take up the role of PRO and edit the magazine, or two people to share the jobs. "The willing person(s) will not necessarily have to be a full time Association member," said Fred Anyone interested in either or

from the area committee because of ill-health and has thus had to give up the role of PRO and editor. Although Eric has agreed to

Dorsetshire is remembered

SURVIVORS of the sinking of HMS Dorsetshire attended a reunion over Easter weekend at the Royal Fleet Club in Plymouth.

The heavy cruiser, along with HMS Cornwall

(see below), was sunk by the Japanese in the Indian Ocean on Easter Day, April 5, in 1942. Nearly 80 survivors - including at least one

who had travelled from Canada - and members of the Association visited the Eden Project on Good Friday, then attended a commemorative service in St Nicholas' Church at HMS Drake.

Capt David Larmour, Base Commander Personnel at Devonport, took the salute in the Drill Shed of HMS Drake at a march-past by survivors, led by the standards of branches of the RNA, the RFA, the Royal Marines Association, Merchant Navy Association and the Royal British Legion. At a reunion dinner, a cheque was presented

both positions should contact Fred at 34, Park Lane, Selsey, Chichester, West Sussex PO20 OHE, tel 01243 603186.

Rum do

THE SEA Cadet training ship TS Shikari benefited by £150 thanks to a mock auction at the Redruth and Camborne branch dance of a bottle of Pusser's Rum, donated by the Warrant Officers and Senior Rates Mess at RN air sta- tion Culdrose.

Life member

SURG LT Ken Elder has retired as president of Henlow branch, to be replaced by S/M Tom Vincent.

Alan Smillie, treasurer, was awarded life membership.

For outstanding service, S/M £50 PRIZE PUZZLE

Veterans gather to honour Cornwall

to retiring secretary Bert Gollop in recognition of his unstinting service to the Association over the years. In his final report, Mr Gollop expressed his

ALMOST 60 people - includ- ing 16 survivors - gathered at the Naval Memorial on Southsea Common in memory of the loss of County-class cruiser HMS Cornwall. The ship was lost, along with

chairman John Fuller recalls being at action stations in the aft maga- zine when the first air strike hit the ship: "There was a loud bang, and I thought we had just opened fire, but I was wrong. "We took a lot of hits, starting at

HMS Dorsetshire, in a Japanese air raid in the Indian Ocean on Easter Day, April 5, in 1942. HMS Cornwall Association

about twenty to two, and the whole thing was over by about 2pm."

sorrow that the Association had not seen a replacement for the Dorsetshire, but that he was encouraged by the growth of the Association and the interest shown in the ship. Mr Gollop, who was also presented with an

vice at St Nicholas' Church, after which a cheque was presented to Capt Larmour for Alexandra House, a temporary home for Naval children.

engraved ship's decanter, remains as chairman of the Association. Members also attended an Easter Day ser-

• S/M Roy Tinsley.

Ex-Stoker is now a Sin Bosun

HAVING gone from coal-burning stoker to Methodist preacher, S/M Roy Tinsley was not offended when his fellow shipmates of Leeds branch appointed him their 'sin bosun'.

the ship was achieved in a calm fashion, and he then spent almost 30 hours in the water before being picked up by a cruiser. Of her ship's company of

Mr Fuller said the evacuation of

study he was recently accredited local Methodist preacher, and 35 members of the branch with 16 of his family attended the ceremony in the Methodist church. Roy - one of the branch's wel-

After five years of intensive

current Type 22 frigate HMS Cornwall, Capt Steve Kirby, and Rear Admirals Anthony Dymock, and James Rapp, former COs of the ship, were present, laying wreaths at the memorial. Association president Roger

around 730,179 men died. The Commanding Officer of the

fare officers - joined the Navy in 1944 and saw service in the Far East

HMS Glasgow, in 1947 he was selected to play for the ship's cricket team - and wonders if any of that team are still around?

minesweeper HMS Brushwood. On the homeward journey, in

in In the swim

Collett also laid a wreath - he was in an Sin gun turret when the ship was hit, and kept afloat with just a lifejacket an aircraft wheel which drifted by. Mr Collett had the dubious dis-

Rev Garth Petzer, a Naval padre who hails from South Africa, and who served in the current Cornwall. A sizeable number of the men in HMS Cornwall when she sank were South Africans.

tinction of seeing the Dorsetshire launched in Portsmouth, and see- ing her sink close to his own ship. The service was taken by the

THE FOLLOWING members of Han worth branch completed 137 lengths of a local swimming pool to raise money for Macmillan nurses: Jean O'Brien, Jeff Robson, Arthur Ansell and Ben Emmins.

Big welcome

THE GENERAL Secretary of the RNA, Capt Bob McQueen, was warmly welcomed on attending the annual No 7 Area annual gen- eral and first quarterly meeting at Brecon, Powys.

THE TRECARN HOTEL Babbacombe, Torquay

The Naval Reunion Specialist

2 days DBB £63.50 pp . 3 days DBB £83.50 pp (prices include Banquet meal)

• Lt David Hessey (retd) of the HMS Nelson RN Volunteer Band plays the comet at the ceremony on Southsea Common.


for identifying her was Tony Pordage, of Faversham in Kent. This month's mystery ship is

another £50.

The unnamed submarine in our March edition was HMS Sturdy. The winner of the £50 prize

pictured in the mid-1970s. Can you name her - and one of her three older sisters? The correct answer wins

Complete the coupon and send It to

Mystery Picture, Navy News, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth PO1 3HH. Coupons giving correct answers will go Into a prize draw to establish a winner. Closing date for entries is June 14,

2002. More than one entry can be submit- ted, but photocopies cannot be accepted. Do not include anything else in your enve- lope: no correspondence can be entered Into and no entry returned. The winner will be announced In our

July edition. The competition is not open to Navy News employees or their families.


Name. Address


The Trecam has 136 En-Suite bedrooms with colour TV, tea making fadfes, and can accommodate up to 250 Guests, The hotel has a large Dining Room that can hold up to 300 Guests, as well as two spacious Ballrooms and Bar areas, ideal tor any association regardless of its membership size.

•row pmuM - fiOEMt jMWfiB ret nms

THREE NEW BOOKS IN MAY... We have two new editions of our very popular series TO SAIL NO MORE An amazing photo record of warships at the end of their days. Laid up, broken or even blown up.

To Sail No More Part 6 (Madsen) Covers ex ships of the US Navy.

• S/M Dougie Lochead receives his certificate from Cdr Smalley. Dougie clocks up 60 years

IT IS no small achievement to be a member of an RNA branch for 60 years.

My answer

pleased when S/M Dougie Lochead achieved this record that they held a special Messdeck sup-

In fact, the Herts branch was so

per in his honour. The President, Cdr E.G.

Smalley RN, presented him with a certificate prepared by the branch, and he received many other gifts from his fellow shipmates.

To Sail No More Part 7 (Bueh) Ships of the Royal Navy end their days.

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