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26 NAVY NEWS, MAY 2002

• THE CONSIDERATIONS of a public consultation process on the future of HMS Cavalier, Britain's last World War II destroy- er, have been revealed. A questionnaire was distributed to naval associations, other ex-Service groups and over the Internet to canvas opinions on the style and location of a national memorial. Over half of the replies favoured a Roll of Honour. Nearly as

many felt that all lost British and Commonwealth destroyers should be commemorated, along with Allied navies and British- built ships. A significant number of respondents suggested a Chapel of Remembrance, perhaps located in one of the existing Chatham Naval chapels. Full details are available at:


• Unbeatable deals for HMF's serving in the UK and overseas.

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Debate continues on future for redundant boats

THE MINISTRY of Defence has accepted 57 out of 65 recom- mendations of an independent report into public concerns about future land storage for redundant nuclear submarines.

which will be considered at a later stage in the project. Commenting on the recommen-

tion exercise conducted by Lancaster University, contains a further

five recommendations

dations of the report, Defence Minister Dr Lewis Moonie said: "Key among these are the need to continue our policy of openness and trust with the public, and to consider nuclear and environmen- tal safety over cost." 1'he independent study indi-

The report, a public consulta-

Atlantic conflict marked in music

cates that the public supports stor- ing the submarines on land rather than afloat. It seems that the consultation

THE BAND of the Royal Marines Plymouth is playing a concert to mark the Battle of the Atlantic at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on the evening of Saturday, May 4. Tickets cost £8 and can be

was seen as a positive step but emphasis was placed on the need to continue with this open and honest approach. Concerns have also been addressed that the involvement of private industry in any arrange- ment will result in the decision becoming profit-driven. The MOD asserts that: "There

obtained by calling 0151 328 0935. A commemoration service will

be held on the morning of the next day at the cathedral to mark the 59th anniversary of this, the longest single battle of World War II.

will need to be some form of part- nership with industry, but it will not be at the expense of factors such as safety." Further details of the report and

the MOD's response can be found on the Lancaster University web- site at:

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AS WE announced last month, Dr Lewis Moonie as Minister for Veteran Affairs now pre- sides over the newly renamed Veterans Agency (previously the War Pensions Agency). In addition to administering

the War Pensions Scheme, one of the first tasks for the 'new' agency has been the provision of a single helpline offering advice and informa- tion for veterans. The Veterans Agency has

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past including members of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marine Band Plymouth, and a variety of associations and old boys. If interested in attending the cathedral service on Sunday, May 5, telephone: 0151 707 3344 or 3320.

At midday there will be a march MOD website New Agency WH1S award

THE MINISTRY of Defence web- site 'We were there' that pays trib- ute to the men and women from Africa, the Caribbean and Asia who united in our common defence has won a 'Race in the media' award, organised by the Commission for Racial Equality. The website can be seen at:

UK HQ Wylds Road • Bridgwater • Somerset • TA6 4BH Tel: 01278 455555 we'll call you back Fax: 01278 450396 •

E-mail: (Please supply postal address)

also launched a complemen- tary website to provide infor- mation about the agency, the Veterans Advice Unit and ex- Service organisations. The free helpline number is:

0800 169 22 77 from the UK. For anyone dialling from abroad, the number is +44 1 253 866043. With Internet access, visit:

opens doors Fleet club

THE ROYAL Fleet Club, Dcvonport, that previously only benefittcd RN and RM ratings has extended eligibility for use of its club facilities to officers, members of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and visiting ships. For bookings or enquiries, tele- phone: 01752 562723.

FOR THE first time since the Irish Naval Service formed after World War II, Irish sailors have paraded together with British sailors from HMS Sutherland on Irish soil.

United inmemory of Mars

The historic occasion was a Remembrance Service for 12 sailors lost in a gunnery acci- dent in the battleship, HMS Mars, off the southern Irish

two platoons paraded together as wreaths were laid at the graves of nine of the victims who are buried in the Clonmcl (Old Church) Cemetery, Cohh. The ceremony was organised by

coast in 1902. A century after the event, the

we parade alongside our Irish naval counterparts - who have been tending the graves - as it reminds us that all sailors face the same dangers, regardless of nationality." Family members of two of the

Thomas said: "We are proud to be involved in this act of remem- brance for those that lost their lives in the tragic accident in HMS Mars. "It is particularly poignant that

the Cork and County Branch of the Royal Naval Assocation. The Commanding Officer of HMS Sutherland, Cdr


E-campaign to mark Falklands

THE ROYAL British Legion is marking the 20th anniversary of the Faiklands by launching an 'e- campaign' to raise awareness of its work with Falklands veterans. Past donors and e-newsletter subscribers will receive e-mails to direct them to the Legion's new site at:

New name on Norwegian reminder

dead and representatives from Irish RNAs attended the ceremo- ny where all orders for both pla- toons were given in Gaelic by the Irish Naval Service parade com- mander.

• After Sutherland's positive visit to Veracruz in Mexico, the ship received a signal of thanks from the Prince of Wales for their hard work and high standards. The Prince's final comment was

the royal order to "Splice the mainbrace", so on arrival at their next anchor off Belize City, each man duly received his tot of rum to mark the occasion.

THE NAME of the World War II Town-class cruiser HMS Carlisle has been added to the British war memorial

unveiled in 2000, inscribed on it were the names of the three regi- ments and ten Royal Navy ships that it was known had suffered casualties when British troops were evacuated from Namsos. Only last year was it realised

Norway. When the memorial was first

in Namsos, central

that Carlisle had suffered from attacks from dive-bombers and lost four men in the action. Norwegian stonemasons have

now corrected the omission in time for a memorial ceremony on May 17.

Flag flies at half-mast for OHM

THE QUEEN'S Harbour Master at Portsmouth naval base, Cdr Jonathan Maughan, died on April 9 after a long illness. The QHM flag which stands above King's Stairs in the

naval base flew at half-mast up to the day of his funeral at St Ann's Church on April 19. 'Johnnie' Maughan, as he was known to his friends,

enjoyed an eventful career with the Royal Navy, spending two years as Navigating Officer of HMY Britannia between 1994 and 1996. This period coincided with the 50th anniver- sary of the D-Day landings, the Queen's first visit to Russia, and Her Majesty's fist visit to South Africa since she was a Princess in the late 1940s. From the Royal Yacht, Cdr Maughan went on to become

the last commander of the Royal Naval College Greenwich. His final appointment before his QHM post was on the

ing: "Johnnie Maughan was the most warm-hearted, impec- cably-mannered man I've come across. He was a complete gentleman."

staff of NATO's Supreme Allied Commander in the US. One Naval colleague Capt Nigel Williams paid tribute, say-

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