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husband, her father-in-law, her son-in-law and two of her grandsons all had careers in the


Sailor's Queen.' And fittingly it was in HMS Ark Royal last November that

Commandant-in-Chief for Women In the Royal Navy - appeared on her last public engagement. She is seen in the centre of this souvenir of her ceremonial funeral on a 1985 visit to the carrier she launched in 1981,

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother - who was herself

having also launched the earlier ship of the name in 1950. Apart from the main event in London, memorial services were held in HM ships all around the world - and in

Royal Navy enjoyed a long and very happy relationship with Her Majesty, who always took a very keen interest in all that the Fleet has done, particularly in her personal link with HMS Ark Royal, spanning many decades." Chief of the Defence Staff Admiral Sir Michael Boyce later

Afghanistan, where the Royal Marines were preparing to go into action against the remnants of Taliban and Al Qaeda. Said the First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Nigel Essenhigh: "The

Royal Navy. Her granddaughter, too, is married to a Naval officer - and so she was truly The


sent a personal message to all three Services who took part in the procession and funeral, which ended: "I am sure that Her

Majesty the Queen Mother would have been proud of your per- formance. The nation certainly was. Well done.

Pictures (clockwise from top left): "NAVALFAMILY: The Duke of York, the Prince of Wales.

the Duke of Edinburgh and the Princess Royal wear the urn- form of the Senior Service as they follow the coffin of the Queen Mother

of HMSArk Royal, follows close behind the gun carriage that bore the body of King George VI 50 years before "ON THESTEPS:OMRichard Davies and OM Steven Wafts

of HMSArk Royal lead the party that lined the steps of Westminster Abbey " IN THELEAD: Royal Marine Bandsmen head the Royal

Marine and Royal Navy Guards on their way to Westminster " STREETLINER:OM John McKenna (17) of HMS Dryad -

his grandfatherandgreat grandfather took part in the funer- als ofKings George VI and George V "FLAGSHIP: The Rev Michael Sharky conducts a memorial

service on board HMSOcean, the UK flagship in the Middle East

" STANDING FORCE:Another service held on the flight deck of the Type 22 frigate HMSSheffield, leading the NATO

Dryad, Sultan, Raleigh and Neptune, RN air station Cuidrose, the Naval Manning Agency and Fleet HQ (Portsmouth)

"PALL BEARER: Capt David Snelson, Commanding Officer

Standing Naval Force Mediterranean " NATIONWIDE: The Naval element in the Funeral Procession was drawn from HMS Collingwood, Nelson, Drake,

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