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Sculptor Anthony Leonard • commissioned in 1997 by the International Nelson Society to

Harrier move puts pressure on planners

'Just keep the coffee coming - we're having a bad air day!'

THE FIRST and most important news from Drafty is the changeover of the

man at the top. Cdre John Musters was

relieved by Cdre Duncan Fergusson on Friday, March 15. Cdre Fergusson joins from HMS Nelson, where he was

is the turn of the Fleet Air Arm, Regulator and PT Branch drafters • the D3 Division. • The last time it was the turn of FAA Drafting Division to give an update of drafting issues we were eagerly anticipating the final con- firmation of the move of personnel within the Sea Harrier community to Rutland (RAF Cottesmore/ Wittering). Since then we have, of course,

Director Personnel. In this month's Drafty's Corner it

received news of the run-down of the Sea Harrier FA2 and the con- version of two RAF Harrier GR9 Squadrons to Naval manning. At the time of writing the plan-

Chief Fleet has agreed that as a result the MAA billets in FF/DDs will be dc-cnrichcd to RPO. This decision will naturally raise

• The future of the Regulating Branch at sea: On March 5 the Second Sea Lord announced the introduction of the Executive Warrant Officer (EWO) in DD/FF and above. In addition, the Commander-in-

concern within the branch, particu- larly in respect to short-term issues over 2OE and promotion to MAA. In the longer term, however, it

ensure this process occurs as smoothly as possible, and Drafty will make every effort to keep all concerned informed prior to draft- ing action being taken.

order to meet this requirement. Every effort is being made to

Cdr Nigel Cowley (Warrant Officers): Ext 2125 Lt Cdr John Beavis (Aircrew- men, A/C Handlers, A/C Controllers,


MAAs jobs (36 sea) and 87 RPOs jobs (21 sea); under the proposed changes this becomes 61 MAAs jobs (10 sea including Capital ships) and 113 RPOs jobs (47 sea). A much better structure and one

does represent an excellent oppor- tunity to restore a viable branch structure and improve the balance of sea/shore employment at the Senior Rate level. At the moment, there are 87

ners within 3 Group and the new Fleet Headquarters are working feverishly to resolve the many issues surrounding this decision. • All readers will be aware of the well-advertised TOPMAST man- ning initiative that has been intro- duced to bring, in the first instance, a much-needed improvement to the drafting cycle of General Service Able Rates. It is the intention of the Navy

Board to bring as much of this ini- tiative as feasible into the other Branches of the Navy and, where necessary and possible, introduce TOPMAST Squad Systems where they give a better deal. A team led by Commander

Chris Alcock from the COMNA Staff has been carrying out consid- erable consultation work with the Air Stations, the TOPMAST team themselves and also Drafty, in order to develop the manning sys- tems for the FAA of the 21st cen- tury.

reached its own conclusion, but at the time of writing the recommen- dations have not been put before the Navy Board and so we can't expand on them here. We expect to be able to make an announcement in the very near future.

This FAA Study Team has

which means a very much healthier state for the branch as a whole, and which will give a much brighter long-term future. The timing of these changes is

September this year and March 2003. It is intended that an RPO will

all happens between

linked to the appointment of EWOs to ships which, in turn, is linked to the introduction of the roll-out programme for the TOP- MAST Squad System. It

be introduced at the start-date of the EWO and the estimated relief dates of MAAs currently serving at sea may need to be adjusted in

Photographers, SEs, Regulators, PTs): Ext 2049 Lt Cdr John Phesse (All FAA Technical Ratings, Small Ships Flights): Ext 2121 CPOAEM(M) 'Jess' Jessop (Small Ships Flights, METOCs, Office Manager): Ext 2144 POWWTR Julie Rutherford (ACs, Senior AHs, Senior SEs): Ext 2134 POWTR Neil Ingram (Regula- tors, PTs, Photographers): Ext 2969

POWWTR Doreen Towers (FAA Technical S/Rs (L&R Trades)): Ext 2065 POWWTR Clare Harris (FAA Technical S/Rs (M Trade)): Ext 2124

LWWTR Tracy Lawes (FAA Technical Leading Rates): Ext 2358 LWTR 'Daz' Dinsdale (FAA Technical and Non-Tech,Ablc Rates): Ext 2123 Mrs Karen Stirling (Office Administration): Ext 2274

Situations vacant

THE FOLLOWING are details of jobs for which the Naval Drafting Division is seeking volunteers. General rules for volunteering apply.

in Fareham (PQ no 3210) as an instructor on the Leading Rates Leadership Course. Estimated time in this shore- based job is 24 months. n A PO (any) is also required immediately at the Outdoor Leadership Training Centre at Tal-y-Bont in Wales (PQ no 10) for another shore job. The job is for leadership training, and applicants must be Mountain Leader trained. Estimated time in job is again 24 months.

n A PO (any) is needed immediately at HMS Collingwood For information or to order one of these heritage sculptures please phone us on Or visit our award winning website at 023 9282 6040

with your credit card details, or fill out the coupon on page 4. Or send a cheque/Postal Order for the amount shown to: Please allow 28 days for delivery.

The Business Manager, Navy News, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth PO1 3HH

Lord Nelson stands tall at an

impressive 12"

create this bust of Lord Nelson. It is an accepted fact that the likeness he achieved is correct in every detail, including his medals and awards. They arc the Turkish Order of the Crescent, The Order of St Goachim and The Order of Trinidad. The medals around his neck are of the Cape St Vincent and Nile battles.

Contrary to the belief of many people Lord Nelson did not wear an eye patch as he thought it would detract attention from his good looks. He did however have a special green eyeshade made for his bicorne hat to protect his eye.

This beautiful simulated bronze bust is mounted on a solid wood, hand polished plinth.

Items not shown actual size.

The pentray measures

9.5" x 3.5" x 4.5"

r I 'his quality, crafted pen tray A depicting Lord Nelson in

his bicorne hat. Solid and durable, a useful addition to any desk.

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NAVY NEWS, MAY 2002 19

depicting Lord Nelson in full dress. Simulated Bronze


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Sir Winston Churchill measures 7" tall

e are extremely excited to be able to present this

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