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NAVY NEWS, MAY 2002 11 People in flie News

THIS photograph of jovial officers

from RNAS

Brawdy in the 1960s was sent in by a reader after a discovery when clearing out a relative's attic. The pictures are clearly marked from Brawdy's photographic

and she knows her father-in-law

• IN THE midst of this throng of light blue and green can be spied LWTR Angus Clarke who received a Chief of Staff's Commendation for outstanding work with his NATO colleagues in International Support Command Headquarters in SHAPE Belgium. Admiral Sir Ian Garnett, the new Chief of Staff to Supreme Allied Commander Europe, gives a bit of serious weight to the 46-strong Royal Naval contingent.

'Andy' Anslow was Chief Engineer for Short Bros who had the MOD main- tenance contract. If any of this motley

crew recognise them- selves, let us know.

section, Harold

• Chef Jamie Rowles receiving his Leading Chef insignia from Lt Ruth Fleming and Captain Adrian Johns, Commanding Officer of HMS Ocean.

NAVAL chef Jamie Rowles has received the Navy's Herbett Lott award after an early Christmas surprise, when 200 Royal Marines en route to the Middle East stopped off to use HMS

Heron as a staging post. During a main leave period, single-handedly Jamie had to open up a galley in which he had never worked and set

two hundred? No problem

Dinner for about preparing a meal for 200

people within two hours. Then, to make matters that

at HMS Heron was both unan- nounced and unexpected, the night before main Christmas leave when many of the Naval Air Squadrons had departed on leave earlier in the day. As Duty Caterer, Jamie's nor-

much trickier, he had to bring the mealtime forward by over an hour. The arrival of the Royal Marines

mal role was to man the office until completion of supper, issuing any

extra victuals as required, then be on call before opening the Catering Office early the next morning. The galley was unmanned

because no night-flying had been planned, but it was obvious that the new arrivals would need feed- ing.

ing the growing numbers of mili- tary personnel with a hot meal. Jamie's citation reads: "The fact

So Jamie leapt to work, provid-

that he not only managed this astonishing feat on time and to a high standard and then unhesitat- ingly continued to provide hot sus- tenance... is an accolade to Rowles' dedication, determination and very high levels of professionalism. "Modest and unassuming he set

Ocean and has since been uprated to Leading Chef.

H'Ark back

HMS ARK ROYAL has reunited five men who last met when young officers together at Dartmouth. The five represent the aviation, marine engineer- ing, fighter control, IS sys- tems, and education and personnel aspects of the busy ship's life. From left to right: Lt

Peter Haywood, a Merlin pilot with 814 Squadron; Lt Carl Blacow, the Marine Engineering department Senior Watchkeeper; Lt Ian Green, fighter controller; Lt Cdr Chris McLarnon, CBO and IS manager, and Lt Keith

Resettlement officer. Ark is in the process of commencing the tactical fixed and rotary wing aspects of BOST Phase II in the North Sea.


Stephenson, and

an exemplary example of operating under pressure achieving laudable results." Jamie is now serving on HMS


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