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• On parade at HMS Raleigh, MEMs John and Gerald Ross. -

lonely this rear? new Jrienati lo share life* experiences with!,

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ICs so easy! Simply follow the instructions* below..

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NAVAL instructors at HMS Raleigh have been seeing dou- ble with identical twins passing through the establishment's

gates. Twins John and Gerald Ross

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In the spirit of times gone by, CMEA Liam Stanley, PO MEM Quayle, LMEM Spence, LMEM Pearce and MEM Jackson - the diesel engineers of HMS Roebuck.

• Steven and Gary Moore also passed through Raleigh's gates. Age:

from Nairn, Scotland, joined the Royal Navy on the same day to become

Marine Engineer

Mechanics, and travelled down to Raleigh together. After completing their eight-

week Basic Training Course, the two arc now at HMS Sultan in Gosport to continue their special- ist training. For our other pair of identical

Double trouble at Raleigh

twins from Hull, Steven Moore signed up for the Royal Navy first, and six months later his brother Gary also signed up for life in the Senior Service. So while one brother is working

as a steward in the Portsmouth area, Gary has now finished his basic training at Raleigh, and has gone on to HMS Collingwood for his final training as a Operator Maintainer (Communications). HMS Raleigh is the New Entry Establishment

Training at

Torpoint, Cornwall. All new entries undergo an intensive eight week course before going on to further specialist training. vynews .co .uk

Hood survivor honours

class winner

TED Briggs, the last survivor of Hood's loss to the Bismarck in May 1941, visited HMS Collingwood to make a special presentation to a communi- cations student. Class


leader of OMC 118 Operator Maintainer

Plessey Black, accepted the print of HMS Hood on behalf of the Communications Warfare depart- ment. Ted Briggs keeps up close links

with the Maritime Warfare School and in particular with the Communications department. Now the President of the Hood Association, Ted Briggs was an Ordinary Signalman aged just 18 when the Hood was lost. He was one of only three men to

survive from a ship's company of 1,421. In later life, Ted became a

Signal Officer and retired from the Royal Navy in 1973.

Keep it in the family

AIR Engineer Mechanic Richard Collins, aged 17, has followed in his father's footsteps. The proud dad,

Master at Arms Collins who currently serves in HMS Cumberland, was there to witness Richard's Passing Out Parade from HMS Raleigh. Richard's dad signed up himself 24 years earlier.

Richard is next off

to HMS Sultan to go on with the next stage of his training in air engineering.

...and out

CPO(M) Steve Pickup's younger brother, Scott, didn't fancy life in a blue suit, and signed up for the Army instead with the Royal Logistics Corp. The two met up for the first time in four years when Steve's ship, HMS Campbeltown anchored off Cyprus.

• MAA and AEM Collins, father and son.

John's gem of an idea

JOHN Lawrence, a craft techni- cian from HMS Dryad, has gained £1,000 thanks to his idea to recycle headsets used during training. It is expected that this sugges-

tion will save the MOD £20,000. John suggested the measure as

part of the MOD's GEMS scheme that is designed to reward both Service and civilian staff for cost- saving ideas. He's following in his father's

footsteps -• in 1969 Francis Lawrence received £80 for devel- oping a fault finding trainer.

• CPO Steve Pickup and Corporal Scott Pickup.

Spirit of yesteryear

BACK when men were men, ships were ships, and stokers ruled the world... HMS Roebuck

has some of the oldest and longest running diesels in the Royal Navy with over 30,000 hours on each. The diesel engi-

neers on board specifically asked Navy News to put this picture in "as the old girl is on her last legs being the final coastal currently in ser- vice, and this may cheer her up." So here's their

tribute to Roebuck's indomitable spirit!


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