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6 - February 17, 2012 | Hudson - Litchfield News

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store all the salvaged goods. The Hudson community, including teachers, students, parents and others, joined together to save as much as they could from the shell of the building, saving the town a lot of money. In the early 1970s the landfill at Burns Hill was rapidly nearing capacity and the selectmen formed a committee to study the solid waste needs of the town. Bob Jasper was appointed chairman of the committee. The committee recommended that Hudson build an incinerator. Ultimately, the selectmen chose the West Road site for a new landfill, a site determined to be inappropriate by Jasper’s committee, due to the surrounding wetlands. The years would prove that the study committee’s rejection of that site was correct. Bob was appointed to the Hudson Planning Board in the late 1970s, and he continued to serve until 1984. During that time he also served on the

Above: Hudson Players circa 1955 Right: Working the chicken coops

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committee that recommended an addition to the Hills Memorial Library. In 1984, Bob and his son Shawn served together on the Planning Board, with Shawn as the selectmen’s representative. From 1975 through 1980, Bob and his family owned and operated Tuckaway Campground on Old Derry Road. Bob retired from being active in town activities in 1984. Following his retirement, Bob and his wife Reita wintered in Englewood, FL, but he continued to work with Shawn, rebuilding and remodeling the many buildings on the properties. As late as the fall of 2010, at 88 years old, Bob was assisting Shawn with a building project. Before Shawn knew it, Bob was climbing the staging to inspect the project more closely. In May, 2011, Bob was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and given six months to live. He was on six liters of oxygen; the family was told patients on that much oxygen are usually bedridden. However, Bob was able to get out of bed every day until two days before he died, at which time the family believes he felt it was time go. He only left the house one time after his diagnosis, for a doctor’s appointment in September, 2011. After the appointment, Shawn took him on a side trip to Benson Park, where Bob was able to see for himself all the work that had been done and the new 9/11 Memorial. Bob told Shawn that trip was the best gift he could have given him. He was so proud to see that the sense of community that he had grown up with in Hudson was alive and thriving.

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Deliberative Session described the duties and responsibilities as: • “Assists with planning and developing recreation and sport programs in order to ensure that activities and events are made available year round for all community members. This will include assessing the recreation requirements of the community by communicating with community members and organizations to determine their needs and interests. Will also evaluate the effectiveness of programs and identify areas where new programs are needed.

• “Will communicate with Litchfield community based organizations including the Seniors Group, Youth Basketball Group, Youth Lacrosse League, Youth Soccer League, Youth Wrestling League, Girls Softball Group-, Youth Baseball Group, Tabernacle School, St. Francis School, Litchfield Schools Litchfield Pickleball Association, etc.

• “Implement recreation programs to ensure that residents have access to sport, recreation and leisure activities. This will include scheduling activities, facilities and providing logistical assistance for activities.

• “Administer recreation programs to ensure that programs are delivered within guidelines and budget.

• “Attend Litchfield Recreation Commission meetings as required.” With only 260 hours budgeted for this position,

there would be an average of only five hours available for work if one used 52 weeks in the year. If only 50 weeks were used, expecting that

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Christmas and Thanksgiving weeks would not require recreation responsibilities, then 5.2 hours per week are available. This led some people to question whether this was the beginning of a position that would quickly require additional hours.

At the end of the discussion Selectman George Lambert moved to add $2 to the warrant article. He explained that by changing the money, the budget committee, since it now had some backup data, could meet, vote and see if they would recommend the warrant. The town deliberative session lasted until 1:50 p.m. and the school deliberative session began at 2 p.m. Harte said that a meeting of the budget committee had not been posted so they could not meet and vote at that time. He did have a few minutes to consult with committee members and to talk to Town Administrator Jason Hoch and Town Clerk Terri Briand. Hoch said, “When the Terri, John and I discussed the issue at the Deliberative Session, Tuesday was chosen so the ballots could go to the printer on Wednesday morning.” It was decided to post the meeting on Monday morning as state law prohibits posting meetings on Sundays.

After the meeting was posted and all budget committee members were notified, Harte discovered that the majority of the members were not available to meet on Tuesday, which is a non-traditional meeting night for the budget committee. Harte then cancelled the meeting for a lack of quorum and could not post another meeting because town ballots had to go to the printer the next day.

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Hoch said, “The preference is to get the info to the printer as soon as possible, so we are ready to respond to absentee requests in a timely manner.” There is no certainty that the budget committee would have voted to change their recommendation even if they had been able to meet prior to sending the ballots to the printer.

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