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Hudson - Litchfield News | February 17, 2012 - 13

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Hudson~Litchfield News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Hudson~Litchfield News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs up to Laurie

Bowen and the rest of the Recreational Basketball Board for volunteering so much time, energy and effort into organizing the Rec. Basketball program. Thanks to you, our kids have a wonderful forum to play, compete, learn and grow. Your many long hours at the gym have not gone unnoticed, and you are appreciated more than you know!”

“Thumbs down to the rich getting richer and the middle class funding this country. The system needs an overhaul.”

“Thumbs down to my tax dollars being spent to benefit other countries. Let them tax themselves. I’m too old to have a roommate yet here I am with a stranger living in my house just so I can have help paying my bills. I still have a balance due on my property taxes because my $700 a month oil bill doesn’t allow me to fund both simultaneously. I have much to be thankful for but this country needs better leadership at every level.”

“Thumbs down to EBT cards.

If you remove the social stigma of using food stamps a person will be less motivated to come off the system. You give them an EBT credit card and they just spend our tax dollars without a care. I’m disgusted by the notion that they are eating better than me. I work two jobs and I bust my butt to put a meal on my family table. More people should be disgusted!”

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“Thumbs down to the new Hudson ATV race track on Belknap rd and to the parents who let their child run wild and race his ATV up and down Belknap rd at all hours of the day and night. The neighbors are getting pretty sick of it. The way he rides that thing on the public roads it’s just a matter of time before he’s being picked up off the road with a shovel. Police PLEASE start taking notice!!!”


“Thumbs down to the Silver Toyota Forerunner You really need to relax in the

mornings. Going around folks at stop signs. Going 45 down Lowell Road at 8 am in the morning… it only saved you 3 seconds to Rte 3.”

“Thumbs down to the Hudson School Board for spending our tax dollars on putting their meetings on TV with such poor quality. Production that it cannot be heard or followed by the public, is this where we should be spending our tax dollars? How could this waste be approved by public tax payer, and you, the school board want us to pay an increase in taxes to fund more waste? Half time is over. Hudson, wake up.”

“Thumbs down to the town of Hudson

for wanting us to approve 500,000.00 (half MILLION!) dollars for town paving. Didn’t we already save that from this winter with just about NO snow and ice removal? Where’s that money that wasn’t spent?”

“Thumbs up to smoothies! Mmm, mmm, good! Are in-ground smoothie swimming pools legal in Hudson?”

“Thumbs down, to the Hudson School Board for increasing our taxes again by $0.46 per thousand ( roughly $138.00 a year). Hudson Residents cannot afford another tax increase! HSBM, Residents deserve a FY2013 Default Budget with no tax increase! Stop asking for a handout when, Hudson Residents deserve a hand up!!”


Road. Anyone that has so little respect for property values and their neighbors will never represent me as a Hudson Board of Selectman. LLB”

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603-635-2012 “Thumbs up to being positive and thankful.

Every week I read all the negative comments in the Thumbs section and wonder why I read it at all. I, for one, am thankful for so many things, including the health of my family, freedom in America, grace, the Hudson school system, my marriage, our jobs, our church, etc. Next week, I’d love to see others tell what they’re thankful for!”

“Thumbs up to whom ever picked up my

wallet in the Hannaford parking lot on Feb. 6 and brought it to the service desk. I can’t thank you enough!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!”

“Thumbs down to teachers raises. Every time I turn, this paper is talking about another increase.

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“Thumbs down, To the Town of Hudson and Hudson School Board for proposing tax increases in this tough economic time. Most Hudson residents are unemployed, on fixed incomes or experiencing tough ergonomic times! This is not the time to increase salaries! Most residents have not received a pay increase and their cost of insurance as increased. Why should our town employees and Hudson school employees receive a pay increase that is coming out of the pockets of struggling residents! Vote March 13th against pay increases! Give residents a hand up and stop asking for a handout!”

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“Thumbs up to the Hudson Town Clerk! I just learned

during the Deliberative Session that you have not had a raise in 5 years, but still petitioned that State to allow you to register boats for our residents. You will bring in an extra $15k per year in revenue for the Town. Too bad your warrant article isn’t based off of commission. You have my vote! Job well done!”

“Thumbs down to Richard Kahn! You shamelessly used the floor of both the School and Town Deliberative Sessions to bolster your candidacy for Selectman.”

“Thumbs down to HSBM! HSBM feel that it is ok to have more teachers and school employees than the town of Nashua. Nashua has approximately 21,845 school age children.

Warrant Article I, would pave approx 1% of the roads in Hudson and increase taxes by $0.17 yearly. Roughly a $51.00 a year increase. Now is not the time to increase taxes and pave only approx 1% of the roads. Vote no March 13th! BOS, do your job, manage the Budget!”

“Thumbs down, to the Board of Selectman

for allowing certain non-emergency employees to take town cell phones home so they could make personal phone calls on these town paid for cell phones. I was disgusted to hear of this by a bragging town employee! BOS, take notice!! Residents will be watching!”

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I’m not saying your job isn’t valued but most people are getting little to no raises and can’t even afford the co-pays, deductibles and premiums at our own jobs. Your town/state benefits and salary package is one of the best out there. When will it be enough for you?”

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While, Hudson has only 6,806 school age children. Hudson has a much higher teacher to students ratio than Nashua and Hudson has a fraction of the students. Our Local school tax is nearly the same as Nashua’s and we have less children using our school system. Nashua is able to provide a quality education for 21,845 school age children at nearly the same cost as Hudson. While Hudson say’s they can only educate 6,806 children.”

“Thumbs down. Regarding the person who claims to be in the 25% tax bracket and paid $8,100 in taxes on $62,000 in income. First, be happy you have a good job. You actually only paid 13% in taxes. If you are single, you paid 15% on the first $34K and if you are married you are in the 15% bracket. Mitt Romney is in the 35% bracket but only paid 15% because most of his income was Capital Gains from investments. The money invested was previously taxed at 35%. Mitt paid $3 million in taxes and gave $3 million to charity. Sounds like plenty to me.”

“Thumbs up to me! Just ‘cuz I’m really awesome.”

expires 3/4/12

“Thumbs down to the Town of Hudson, for proposing Warrant Article H Town Clerk 3% raise. The Town clerk is paid $52,403 a year with a $4,611 Pension. Most residents do not receive a Pension and are not receiving a 3% raise regardless of her

performance. Salary for a full-time town clerk in the Hillsborough area is approximately $46,505 yearly. Now is not the time to ask for a raise!”

“Thumbs down to the Town of Hudson, for proposing Warrant article I town wide paving.

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“Thumbs down, to residents who do not

vote. If residents do not vote this March 13th to decrease taxes, Hudson will not change and the middle class will continue to be pushed out. Struggling families will go into foreclosure, crimes of desperation will increase, Benson’s may become a tent city of former Hudson home owners, and malnutrition will increase. Think of your neighbor when you vote this March. Vote no on salary increases, town wide paving (approx 1% of roads), 2.5 Million Benson’s Park Senior/ Media Center, and School Board salary increases . Our BOS clearly have other interests and are not representing the voter! So, when you vote this March, think of your neighbor, you just might help them keep their home!”

“Thumbs down to House Speaker O’Brien caught in a lie denying his bullying of GOP Rep Susan Emerson. It’s been reported our Alvirne HS Chorus witnessed the incident along with the Senate Sargeant-at-Arms. Time to throw him out.”

“Thumbs down to Hudson school board for their take over of the old library building to produce their live meetings of such poor quality that you can not understand what is being said or follow any path and wonder are they even on a same page as the public. I was surprised to hear that we the tax payers are paying those bills for what I can’t understand. Turn the building back to the town and sell it or something to generate revenue for the tax-payer’s relief and stop the waste.”

“Thumbs down to the man in the dark blue BMW who doesn’t think the 4-way stop sign on Melendy is for him. I was coming up to the stop sign on Saturday when I saw you speeding through the stop sign. Hopefully the police get you before you hurt an innocent driver!!”

“Thumbs down to the parents of Alvirne High

School Football players, are a couple of glory years worth a lifetime of pain and misery for your sons? The human brain was not created to endure the damage football does to it, regardless of the helmet. Most of these young men will have significantly diminished futures due to an inability to focus and short-term memory loss not to mention endless physical pain. Do your sons a favor and don’t let them play football.”

“Thumbs down to the lady who works at the

resource desk at the library in Hudson. Sorry, I like ‘old school research’ and have never used Ebsco Host, or other online research tools. It was incredibly rude for you to role your eyes and slap your face, saying ‘You should be failing college if you have never used this before.’ I can tell a joke when I hear one, and this was a serious tone. I work full time during the day, and go to school at night. I think I’m doing just fine and not failing college, by researching ‘old school.’ Suggestion: Be nice, you’re there to help us with our tax dollars!”

“Thumbs up to our neighbors in the Winslow

Farm area who looked for our lost black and white cat. Double plus thumbs up to Yvonne and Jack for finding him! We are very thankful and forever grateful!!!”

238 Central St, Suite 8, Hudson, NH

603-718-8837 Located Upstairs In the Heritage Building

“Thumbs up to area businesses that allow postings for lost pets!”

“Thumbs up to Hudson Litchfield News for caring for lost pets by getting the word out from frantic pet families!”

“Thumbs down. Once again the School board meeting on TV in Hudson was a bad joke of garbled words that were unable to hear clearly.


anyone that pays taxes watching the joke. As all of tax payers prepare to do their annual share of reporting the tax people remember to add in those reimbursements you got, those tips, and even those home parties, Avon, make up, Evita and the others, and if you repaid on something report it.”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Hudson~Litchfield News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Hudson~Litchfield News. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.



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