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Salem Community Patriot | February 17, 2012 - 13 Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Area News Group or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Area News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs down. I thought you needed curbs to actually have curbside pickup. I do not want garbage all over the streets when a big storm hits the areas as well as animals running through looking for food. It does not make the town look appealing. Curbside appeal is why we still have

“Thumbs up to Salem’s PD and Officer Jim


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that small town feel. We cannot allow curbside or big city looks will creep into Salem. Its not just about taxes, its about the aesthetics of our homes.”

“Thumbs up to Ron Belanger for supporting John Manning for planning board.”

“Thumbs down to John Manning for running for planning board. I hope his past does not mean another elected official going to jail or getting arrested.”

“Thumbs down for curbside pick up. You get one bin for your weekly trash and if you have more than that you have to pay more each week to have it picked up. How is this helping those of

Deschene. Last Sunday there was a fire alarm going off in a locked apartment with smoke coming under the door below my apartment. Officer Deschene asked a few questions and within moments there was a police officer on site and the sound of fire engines in the distance, over all the response was less than 5 minutes with an engine and officer on site. Although it was just a stove left on it could have been worse. This is why I don’t mind paying a few more dollars for the Police and Fire Department in Salem. They were there when I called and responded immediately. Great job Officer Deschene and the Salem Fire Dept.”

“Thumbs down to politicians

who support Casino Gambling. I find it hypocritical that many of these same politicians who say they are for family values are in favor of Casino Gambling. Casino Jack (AKA: Convicted power broker and former republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff), who lobbied for Casino Gambling, said in a recent interview that Casino Gambling will end up owning the politicians and the state. He also said that Casino owners would try to limit the number of Casinos so they could maximize their power and control. How’s that for free enterprise? How’s

that for the new American or NH economy? How’s that for family values?”

“Thumbs down to Bob Elliott. Your

legislative update of February 10 was an attack on an upstanding individual and inaccurate. Rep. Bates works hard in Concord on many issues that affect us all.”

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us living paycheck to paycheck that are trying to stay in our homes? When you talk about it as a single expense and ‘your taxes will only increase this much’ it sounds okay but factor in all the other things the town needs and then your tax increase is double digits. Vote no for curbside pick up.”

“Thumbs down to the unkind comments made

about Patrick McDougal last week. I like Patrick and I think he is a big man with a big heart who supports the common man. Patrick has a lot of common sense. He is a refreshing voice of honesty and good government who has a lot of courage. Salem could do with less slick talkers who negotiate backroom deals under the guise of representing the interests of the public and who come up with take it or leave it deals for the residents of Salem. Maybe a little more common sense, a little more sunshine and more people like Patrick would save the regular folks in Town who live and work in the dreaded private sector some of their hard earned tax money.”

+ tax

“Thumbs down to Selectman Hargreaves for his angry remarks at the end of the BOS meeting concerning a phone call he received. Pat if you don’t like what’s being said on the other end of the phone hang up! What a tough guy you are to go after an older man in the audience who you thought was the caller to the point where you had to be physically separated. Too bad the cameras weren’t still rolling so voters could see the ‘real’ you! For the record, I think the guy is right about you!”

“Thumbs down. I feel for

the town workers that have not gotten a raise for three years. Well, I and my wife are on social security and we have not gotten an increase for over 2 years, and interest rates staying the way they are, we can’t get any interest on our money market or

our CD’s, so we’re all in the same boat.”

“Thumbs down to conservative hypocrites. Christian views on marriage and sex are clear. Marriage is between one man and one woman for life. Divorce is deemed universally wrong, as is sex outside of marriage. God commands that a wife belongs to her husband, and she is to be regarded as property. It should be apparent to all that conservative republicans ignore biblical teachings as applied to themselves. But they have the


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list was compiled by her husband, a town official. This is why the residents have little faith in the current government.”

“Thumbs down to John Manning. He’s running for the school board. John Manning should not be elected to the town. He keeps calling thumbs up and praising himself.

“Thumbs down to John Manning and I will not vote for him.”

audacity to use God and the bible to go after gay marriage. Conservatives embrace and fully utilize liberal divorce laws, co-habitation outside of wedlock, adultery and equal rights for women... all of which go against biblical teachings. Only hypocrites would choose aspects of the bible that benefit them politically, while ignoring other aspects of it. If conservative heterosexuals wish to fix the institution of marriage, they might first want to fix themselves. But by all means, leave gay marriage alone.”

Vote YES on Article #12 (SB2)

“Thumbs down. When did it become acceptable for a Salem school district employee to pass out names of people who are good to vote for in the upcoming election in her school. The

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of Salem. He wants the spending to stop. John is one of the top teachers in Salem and he does a great job. John, keep up the good work.”

Reasonable, Rational, Responsible for Selectman

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“Thumbs up to John Manning. He is campaigning very hard. I see a lot of his signs around town. He’s a candidate that is really concerned about Salem. Let’s support him. I know he will do the best to drop the business tax rates. I hope the new board works with John when he makes it on the board. Let’s support John Manning because he is the best for Salem.”

“Thumbs down to Gary who walked out on the Zoning board meeting and left a room full of people. If that’s the way you want to represent Salem, NH, maybe you should resign from the state house. That was a very bad thing you did and leaving those people sitting there who waited all night. You should be ashamed of yourself. That’s not how we treat our community.”

“Thumbs down to the Salem building official

who was in a barbor shop getting a hair cut Friday, February 10 at 1:15. Not only is he getting a hair

40 Lowell Rd Unit 7


365-9927 (cel l ) 952-4876 (office)

“Thumbs down. I’ve been a business owner in the town of Salem for 36 years. The town planning board makes it very hard to run a vibrant business. Selectmen need to run the community or step out of the way.”

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“Thumbs up to all the people in Salem who really know what’s going on. Changing the type of government does not lower your taxes. How stupid can people be? Just ask Everett McBride or Steven Campbell. How much have your taxes been lowered while these two have been in elected positions in the town of Salem? They are both a joke. Vote no on Article 12 on the town warrant. Vote no for Mr. Flip-Flop Everett McBride, and the next time he runs for any office, vote no for Steven Campbell who has not said or done anything positive for the community and the town of Salem.”

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up to John Desrochers who stood up

at the deliberation and spoke up. John’s a school teacher at Salem High. He’s a concerned resident



cut, but he’s using a government car with the Salem insignia on the side door. I didn’t know that hair cuts were in the Salem building department’s budget. There we go again, Salem tax-payers, now you know why your taxes keep going up and up. Must be a lack of work in the Salem Building Department.”

“Thumbs down. For those that talk about

recycling, they have been doing it at the transfer station for years. If it’s only open two days a week the lines after a storm will be unreal. Take a ride through any town that has trash pick up now. Look at the cans turned over and the cans on the yards and roads. We need roads, bridges fixed in Salem, a new police station, taxes are already high, and the school keeps spending like there’s no tomorrow. Do you really want another thing for the town to have control of?”

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