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AI’s products can be found in the fi eld around the world.

its products to reach an ever- increasing level of long-range performance. T e current designs faithfully

follow the original concept of target-shooting performance with military ruggedness but also benefi t from 30 years of continuous improvement, driven solely by the needs of users, highly trained military and police units.

ranging from .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum, .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG, AI has a whole range of modular weapon systems. Its bread and butter weapon

is the legendary Arctic Warfare (AW) range. T is is the fi rst choice for professional users in elite units worldwide. T e AW features a high-grade,

A unique, continuous interaction between maker and end users ensures better products.

AI designs and produces

virtually every component, apart from the barrels, in house. Using a totally modular

manufacturing system, parts are machined, assembled, proof tested and test fi red in three purpose- built facilities in the UK and US. All components are made to AI

design and are produced under a management system certifi ed to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. Design is done using 3D

modelling software combined with input from combat operators worldwide. AI has a website and e-mail

address where snipers serving in the fi eld send in comments, photographs and descriptions of their use of the AI weapon systems, commenting on specifi c design issues. T is unique, continuous

interaction between manufacturer and end users makes for ever- improving products.

Weapon systems With rifl es in various confi gurations available in calibres


steel fl at-bottom action that is permanently bonded and bolted to the full-length aluminium chassis, which is superior to the standard bedding interface between actions and stocks traditionally used for sporting rifl es. T is rigid construction, coupled with a full-width machined-in recoil lug, totally eliminates movement and ensures that zero will be maintained in arduous conditions. T e AW rifl e can be supplied in

a variety of standard confi gurations. With every component made from corrosion-resistant material or given a protective fi nish prior to assembly, an AW rifl e will perform reliably and consistently whether used for marine operations, in the desert or in Arctic conditions. A barrel can

be replaced in minutes using the optional barrel-change kit while maintenance can be completed

in the fi eld by an armourer trained to normal levels. All major parts are interchangeable between rifl es of the same calibre. T e AE model is based on

the AW model and specifi cally addresses the needs of the law enforcement and civilian markets. T e latest range is known as the

AX. Based on the battle-proven AW, the new AX bolt-action rifl e inherits all the qualities of its predecessor. Its action retains the same fl at-bottom design but is longer and wider to hold a compact and reliable double-stack 10-round magazine. Features include an improved

external stock design, available with either pistol or thumbhole grip, and a versatile forend rail system for fi tting a variety of optical, ranging, support and carrying accessories. Only in production for a year,

the AX is now AI’s bestseller. Building on the AX platform

AI has just submitted a multi- calibre rifl e for the USA PSR (Precision Sniper Rifl e) tender allowing a user to change from a .338 Lapua Magnum to .300 Winchester Magnum to .308 Winchester in a couple of minutes using only one Allen key.

Shown at the Shot Show in Las

Vegas, these multi-calibre rifl es should be in production in 2012. AI also has a range of chassis

system kits to upgrade Remington 700 rifl es. Moreover, there is a full range of accessories including butt pads, magazines, telescopic sights and mounts, barrels, muzzle brakes, suppressors, slings… there’s even a range of AI merchandise products.

Build your own virtual rifl e Seeing the growing importance of a strong internet presence, AI has not only a regularly updated website but also a Facebook page. T e latter is used for showing videos, product pictures and news to a growing number of fans. A promising feature of AI’s

website is the Build Your Rifl e facility, where enthusiasts can produce a printable confi guration to take to a gun shop and order. Dealers can also use it to show all possible options for AI models.


The AX is the latest bolt-action rifl e from AI.

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