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VYPE puts new products to the test, reviews the latest sports movies and yes even reads a book or two. Find out what we like and what we don’t like as the VYPE guys bring you another edition of VYPE Reviews. .

18 | Rhonda Fields

As the head coach of the Jenks Lady Trojans Rhonda Fields has taken an already successful program to another level. VYPE caught up with coach Fields during the Tournament of Champions.

Elite 8 Basketball Team Has Me Wondering Which Team Was The Best?

The 2012 Elite 8 team is featured in this issue of VYPE and while putting this great squad of basketball players together I couldn’t help but look back at some of the squads we’ve had in the past. The first team was

featured Brewer for the second year with Jenni Bryan, Angel Goodrich, Rotnie Clarke and Bryson Pope. In our third year (08-09) it was Kevi Luper, Taleya Mayberry, Cameron Downing and Pope making some noise. The 2009-10 team

2006-07 featuring Alyssia Brewer, Haley Knifechief, Nick Sidorakis and Ken Holdman. In 2007-08 we

featured another two-timer in Bryan with Downing and newcomers Carrington Fox and Tharone Chilton. Last year it was Savannah Carter, Jordan Schultz, Drew Wilson and Clay Wilson grabbing the honor of the Elite 8. This year

we’ve selected what we believe is one of the top Elite 8’s of all-time. Jessica Washington-Jenks, Caitlyn Spurgeon-Vinita, Felecia Achilefu-East Central, Shannon Hough-Green Country, Juwan Parker-Booker T. Washington, J.C. Hartzler-Union, L.J. Ross-Victory, and C.J. Cole-Sperry make the 2011-12 Elite 8.

Which is the best? Who knows, but this class will leave their mark on high school basketball in Oklahoma.

Frontier Conference swimming may dominate state again this year. From the boys 26 | Elite 8

The Elite 8 has become a mainstay for VYPE and this year’s crop of players is one of the best. From power forwards to shooting guards, we’ve selected a solid list of players from Green Country. Check out who made the Elite 8 team for 2011-12.

34 | Sapulpa Wrestling

Biff Jones and the Sapulpa wrestling team are expecting something big to happen this season. With several wrestlers ranked in the top ten and a great group of sophomores Sapulpa is quickly becoming a top program in the state.

38 | Frontier Swimming

Frontier conference swimmers should dominate at state this season with champions coming from several different schools. VYPE takes a closer look at the toughest swimming conference in the state.

Next Issue...

With basketball, swimming and wrestling wrapping up their seasons, we take a look at the champions and who brought home the gold.

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and girls in Jenks to outstanding individuals like Erin Beu from Owasso, Erika McGovern at Union or Josh Deibert at Bixby, the Frontier Conference is coming for gold at state.

Also included in this issue are features on Sapulpa wrestling and Owasso basketball. Be sure to check out the Game Plan Health from Dusty Otis and another edition of VYPE Reviews.

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