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Northumbrian-based chilli brand Trees Can’t Dance is targeting the pub sector for the fi rst time with the launch of its Flaming Lips Hot Chilli Sauce, Green Chilli Sauce and the Sweet Chilli Sauce. The company, which has seen a

PUT MUTTON ON THE MENU THIS EASTER Langley Chase Organic Farm, in Chip- penham, Wiltshire is run by Jane Kalla- way, who exclusively rears Manx Loag- htan sheep and has won 14 National Organic Food Awards for both her lamb and mutton. The Loaghtan mutton is a dark and gamey meat, and Langley’s sheep are raised on the farm’s wild- fl ower and hay meadows, which gives the meat a distinctive fl avour and pro- vides traceability. Easter Meat boxes from the farm

start from £75 and can be ordered from the online shop. Each box is full of different cuts and joints, all prepared by a Soil Association accredited master butcher, and comes with a booklet of recipes to help chefs make the most of mutton this Easter.


Manitowoc is soon to launch the new Merrychef e2, the latest version in the Merrychef eikon selection. Suited to smaller establishments, the

company says the e2 could help to cre- ate additional revenue opportunities for new locations where space has previ- ously been a limitation to offering food. The unit’s new patented heat trans-

fer method uses planar plumes to provide fast and effi cient crispy cook- ing with uniform browning, meaning that a wide variety of popu- lar snacks can be cooked quickly and consistently. Its control panel

stores up to 1024 six-stage recipe programmes, re- ducing the chance of operator error during busy serv- ing periods. www.merrychef.


steady growth in sales throughout 2011, produces a diverse range of chilli products all made from natural ingredients. Company founder Dan May now wants to expand to target pubs as he believes that the sauces can help operators to take advantage of UK consumers’ growing love of chillies, ethnic food and all things hot. “Chillies are bursting with

fl avour and offer so much more than just heat. I think UK consumers are starting to understand this and are searching out interesting chilli sauces that offer a mix of fruity, sweet, smoky and spicy fl avours,” he said. The three sauces are available

in four different trade packs of 36 bottles, priced at around £45.

EASY SQUEEZEY Heinz Foodservice has expanded its portfolio of

sauce pods with SqueezMe! Amoy Sweet Chilli sauce. The new sauce is the fi rst branded sweet chilli portion available in the market and was developed to meet the growing demand from consumers for hot sauces. SqueezMe! brand manager Shireen Hamdy

said: “Not only does SqueezMe! Amoy Sweet Chilli Sauce work well with traditional Asian cuisine, it is a great accompaniment to an array of other host foods such as chips, wedges, chicken and fi sh.” The range contains three times more sauce

than a regular sachet, and suits outlets looking for a chargeable sauce format. “As outlets are able to charge for the pods,

they are also a good revenue driver, as well as meeting the demand of an ever more sophisticated consumer base,” she said. The SqueezMe! range includes Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Heinz Salad Cream, Heinz Mayonnaise, Heinz Garlic Mayonnaise, Heinz Tartare Sauce, HP Sauce and HP BBQ sauce.


INTRODUCING CHIPPY CHIPS McCain Foods is launching Chippy Chips as part of its Classics potato products range. Made with 100% British potatoes, the chips deliver a chip

shop taste and have a hand-cut, chunky appearance. The chips save on preparation time, are dual storage – making them ideal for outlets with limited freezer space – and cut out the wastage that occurs when using fresh potatoes, says McCain. Donna Rowbottom, McCain

Foods marketing manager, said: “Chippy Chips give operators a signifi cant opportunity to drive incremental profi t by offering customers a

genuine chip shop taste experience. Introducing a takeaway service to offer Chippy Chips, with simple to prepare dishes such as fi sh or battered sausages could even provide a new

revenue stream without having to introduce any major operational changes.”


IT COOL Katerbay has a new Turbo Air KUR12-2 under-counter fridge. With a capacity of 311 litres and a temperature range between +0°C and +8°C, the KUR12-2 is designed to keep food in prime condition, displaying it on four adjustable, polyethylene-coated shelves, which are easy to clean. The unit’s stainless steel cabi- net has a cooling system that ensures an even temperature in the inner storage area to pre- serve meats and fresh produce, and the reach- in area prevents food spillage. The insulated exterior doors are self-closing and fi tted with easy-grip handles, with liners that

resist water condensation on the inside. An alarm sounds when the door is left open. The cabinet also features a fl at, stainless steel worktop with the option of a fi tted splash back to the rear. Like all Turbo Air products, the KUR12-2 is en-

ergy effi cient, designed to keep running costs low for the life of the equipment.

Priced at around £1099, the cabinet is backed with a two- year parts and fi ve-year com- pressor warranty.


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