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THANKS FROM BOOKER Food and drink wholesaler Booker held a special tasting event earlier this month for its customers, to thank them for their cus- tom. The aim of the event was to allow caterers to taste new products and gain an understanding of how Booker’s service could help them operate a profi table business. A range of new products, all exclusive to Book-

er, were showcased, including Lichfi elds Chocolate Brownies and Rocky Road, and the new range of award-winning cheeses from Chef’s Larder, which in- cludes Premium Lockerbie Mature Coloured Cheddar, Llandyrnog Mature Cheddar and Caerphilly. In addition, the new range of Chef’s Larder dips were available to try, as were Booker’s range of improved chicken deli fi llers, in Chicken & Bacon, Piri Piri Chicken, Chicken Tikka and Coro- nation Chicken fl avours. “Booker would like to thank all of our customers for

shopping with us and also wish them a prosperous 2012,” said Stuart Hyslop, sales director – catering. “Our customers have had a tough year, and the next 12

months look challenging, so we want to let them know how much we appreciate them for choosing Booker.”


FLAKES RANGE Chef has unveiled the newest addition to its Jus en Flocons (Flakes) range – ChefFlakes Fonds Brun Lié, a thickened brown stock that can be used as a base for all brown sauces.

This new product represents

an extension to the Flakes range, which was launched in September 2011. The fl akes are designed to ensure quality and

operational benefi ts for chefs: they dissolve more quickly than powder and can be used to create fl avoured biscuits, meat crusts, pannés, jellies, marinades, soups and stews. Chef Flakes Fonds Brun Lié boast a

high meat content for intense and au- thentic fl avours, and every fl ake con- tains 100% of the original ingredients present in the stock.

“Chef Flakes represent hundreds of hours of innovation. It really

is a new generation of convenience products that will not only allow chefs to deliver the fi nest sauces but will help them to create a total sensory experience in texture, fl avour and taste,” said Emma Walker, Chef category business lead at Nestlé Professional. “We know that chefs are under extraordinary pressure to deliver

COULD IT BE MAGIC? Italian ice cream equipment manufacturer, Carpigiani UK Ltd’s 191 Magica soft serve ice cream machine is a free-standing piece of equipment that is suitable for use in a wide range of venues. Ideal for self-service – so perfect for busy outlets where

food isn’t necessarily available throughout the day – the Magica machine can produce different ice cream fl avours and incorporates a number of key design features, including a plastic tank lid to prevent any loss of temperature; a gear pump to pressurise the mix with air and feed the production cylinder for a smoother, creamier ice cream, and a mixer within the tank to churn the ice cream continuously. Simple to use, the Magica gives

step-by-step operating instructions to users. An instruction panel shows a graphic representation of the four simple steps to dispensing ice cream and also doubles as a seven-inch vid- eo screen, allowing operators to show a promotional video for the outlet or other animated messages. The touch panel allows users to choose from single fl a-

vours or a choice of two ad- ditional fl avours, which can be combined with sauce. The Magica has a 12-litre

bowl capacity and can pro- duce up to 250 75g portions per hour depending on the mix used.


exceptional quality every time and that means our products must match their high standards. This brand new range combines the convenience of a dry product with the quality needed to deliver consistently excellent and exciting dishes.” Chef Flakes Fonds Brun Lié is low in saturated fat and contains

no added colours or MSG. It is available in 550g packs with a yield of up to 20 litres.


Kerry Foodservice has created premium-packaged, spreadable, individual portions of its Kerrymaid Original Spread. “The Kerrymaid Original Mini Portions are made from buttermilk,

so they deliver the distinctive taste of Irish butter,” said Adrian Coul- ter, development chef for Kerry Foodservice. “The portions are also unique in that they are spreadable

straight from the pack, enabling the operator to replenish front- of-house immediately from the fridge, and making them more convenient for the customer, as well as providing a smoother texture that will glide easily onto food. This also benefi ts the operator given the fact that one blister pack will provide suffi cient coverage, so avoiding wastage.” The Kerrymaid Original

Mini Portions come in a print- ed display case of 96 x 10g blister packs. www.kerry-

BRIDOR SURFS THE SNACK TREND Bridor is launching a new range of sa- voury pastries called Swirls at the Sand- wich & Snack Show, which runs at Ho- telympia from 26 February to 1 March. This is a fi rst for the brand, which has

always focused on sweet pastries. Three different recipes have been

created, all of which are based on the company’s crispy croissant pastry. There is a mustard and three cheese Swirl, with mustard-fl avoured béchamel sauce, topped with grilled emmental, cheddar and mozzarella cheese; a ham and cheese Swirl, dotted with diced ham and topped with grilled emmen- tal; and a pizza-fl avoured Swirl, with a tomato sauce cooked with garlic, onion and thinly sliced mushrooms. The 120g Swirls provide an alter-

native to traditional paninis, baguette sandwiches and savoury quiches.

SPEEDING UP BOILING The Flow-Max Hot Water Dispenser model FM2SS-7 from Hatco is a multi- purpose appliance that can dispense hot water for beverages or soups. The seven-litre capacity Flow-Max

adapts to a number of functions and its small footprint makes it ideal for keep- ing hot refreshments on tap. The water output can be monitored easily thanks to measuring marks, which take both litres and cups into the equation. It con- tains dual heaters to ensure that en- ergy is maximised, as well as incorporating three preset temperatures for both coffee and

tea. The dispenser is also equipped with a safety lid that has locks at the handles. By helping to

boost effi ciency, the Flow-Max Hot Water Dispenser claims to be able to help reduce costs and contribute directly to operators’ bottom lines.


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