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68% Southeast England

20% Overseas

Keeping the beer fl owing during the Games is clearly a key concern for the capital’s pubs and bars, and the logistics pose some serious challenges. The Olympic Route Network (ORN) stretches through most of central London and also to outly-

ing venues. There will be road closures and turnings changed and, as a result, many businesses will require special night time` and out-of-hours deliveries. Research by Bibendum and the Local Data Company reveals that 21% of London’s on-trade

place to go, and outside London, pubs will be the focus of celebrations.” So, the Olympics are indeed a real opportunity

to showcase British beer and pubs to the world, and research by Bibendum Wine Ltd has revealed that there is an extra £323m up for grabs for Lon- don’s on-trade thanks to the Games. The compa- ny’s managing director Michael Saunders claims food and drink spend in the on-trade is expected to rise to £1.24bn, up from a projected £917m in 2011, an increase of over 35%. “Around half of that fi gure will be spent in

hotels, with pubs and bars accounting for more than a third. Approximately 13% will be spent in restaurants,” he states. “These numbers really opened our eyes to the

business potential provided by London 2012. Our job is to ensure our customers are in the best pos- sible position to enjoy a fantastic summer of trad- ing, and capitalise on the opportunity provided by the Games.” Also seeking to help the country’s pubs and

bars provide a world-class welcome for all visitors is Love British Food, which has rescheduled its annual British Food Fortnight to coincide with the Games this summer. “Getting the quality of our welcome and ser-

vice right is going to be really important to the long term success of the 2012 Games, especially as many visitors will be coming to the UK for the fi rst time,” says Love British Food 2012 organiser, Alexia Robinson. “Their experiences here need to be good

enough to encourage them to return to the UK, and recommend it to their friends.” Clearly, in order to capitalise on the opportuni-

ties, the on-trade will need to offer customers a unique experience, and Robinson is full of sug- gestions about how operators can use their food offering to do just that. “Plan something unique and interactive for

visitors, for instance include them in the cooking/ presentation process of their meals,” she sug- gests. “Run a specials board during the fortnight, focusing on British, seasonal produce. Make your establishment stand out by offering themed events to customers – some ideas include local ale tastings, cheese tastings, or a barbeque mas- ter class.


12% Rest of the UK

businesses – more than 2,500 venues – will be directly affected by the Olympic Route Network (ORN), which will be closed to non-Olympic traffi c from 6am to midnight each day during the Games, meaning that normal delivery schedules will be impossible. This fi gure increases to 63% of London venues once the Alternative Route Network, which

will be used in the event of emergencies, and the Venue Olympic Route Network, a series of road closures around venues away from the main Olympic Park, are included. “It is hugely important that pubs do not run dry and

beer is kept fl owing, despite road closures for Olympic lanes and local roads,” says Brigid Simmonds, British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) chief executive and chairman of the Tourism Alliance. In January, the BBPA hosted a logistics seminar,

sponsored by Transport for London (TfL), to identify and overcome the key logistical challenges facing brewers and pubs. At the event, TfL’s Dan Evanson said that, while the ORN will affect only 1%, (or 109 miles), of London’s roads, it is anticipated that the busiest part of the network would be used by 1,500 vehicles every hour. “TfL is trying to share its knowledge,” he added.

“Hotspot roadmaps exist for each day of the games, but the disruption isn’t static – it changes throughout the pe- riod, so a solution that might work for you on day four might not work on day fi ve, but could be perfect for day eight. You need to be fl exible.” He highlighted TfL’s “Four Rs” as effective ways for

“Even though there are lots of bank holidays and other events before the Olympics comes around, operators need to be thinking and planning for it now”

operators to minimise disruptions to their deliveries dur- ing the period. “Reduce – pre-order supplies and postpone non-essential deliveries. Try to stockpile where pos-

sible and carry out preventative maintenance in advance. Look at resource sharing and consolida- tion to reduce the number of deliveries needed,” he advised. “Re-time – think about changing your usual delivery point, time or day; Re-route by fi nding

alternative routes that avoid congestion and traffi c management restrictions, and possibly Revise the mode of transport used for deliveries.” At Mitchells & Butlers, which operates around 1,600 restaurants and pubs throughout the UK,

serving approximately125m meals and 440m drinks a year, “travel, daily logistics and staffi ng” will be the key challenges, according to director of corporate affairs Erik Castenskiold. “Even though there are lots of bank holidays and other events before the Olympics comes

around, operators need to be thinking and planning for it now,” he says. “Will staff be able to get to work on time? Will there be staff available for night deliveries? Can quiet pubs help out busier ones? Each of our pubs has around eight food and two drinks deliveries a week, so we will be looking to increase stock holding where possible, minimise the number of sites needing night deliveries, and consolidate supplies.” But whatever steps operators may decide to take, one thing is certain, as BBPA’s Simmonds

concludes: “Business as usual is not going to be enough. The Olympics are a golden opportunity for The UK’s pubs and we must work together to overcome the inevitable diffi culties, and maximise the potential for increased trade.” If you are concerned about how the Olympics might affect your outlet’s deliveries, TfL is running


workshops across the UK to help businesses plan their logistics strategies. Alternatively, visit the Business & Partners section of the TfL website at www.tfl


£323m up for grabs for London’s on-trade

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