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A Motorsport Developments reputation has rocketed in Scotland for the innate high quality of its work, the immense amassed talents of Andy Napier and his crew, and a level of

understanding and cooperation with its customers that is fast becoming the stuff of legends. Although the company has worked and does work on other cars, it is its reputation with Subaru products that has enhanced its image immeasurably. While I am not suggesting that RA is a dyed-in-the-wool Impreza exponent, its Perth premises is one of the first places North o’ the Border you would contact to service, remedy, repair or build a Subaru. It also explains why a German resident, right-hand- drive, 2004 Impreza vers. 8 STi would end up being returned to the UK to find a new owner from Scotland’s west coast. Mind you, it helps that the completely standard car was owned by Andy’s brother-in-law, who just happened to have taken it to Germany with him. “The car was spot on for my client,” explained Andy, “who was looking for a solid platform upon which to build his perfect Impreza.” The client is 31 years old Alan Provan, the one-time Bishopbriggs’ resident, who now lives in Motherwell. A joiner by trade and a site foreman in a sector of industry that has been so negatively affected by the economic downturn, Alan is a realist and has made sure that his wife of five years and baby, Jude, are properly looked after, despite frequently changing circumstances. Of course, you cannot keep a good man down and Alan will turn his hand to anything that his talents can manage and, fortunately, there have been signs of a turnaround, however small.


Just before the photographic shoot took place, Andy was putting the final touches in place of an immaculate interior that has followed the instructions of his client to the letter. “Alan was adamant,” he outlined, “that his Impreza should look as different as it was possible to be, while retaining an understated elegance that you seldom see on highly tuned cars. There are no extraneous dials, knobs or switches and the Impreza could have just been whisked down the production line, it just looks so remarkably standard and understated. Yet, it is anything but stock.”

Owners of highly tuned cars come in all shapes, sizes and characters and, it is said, you can tell a lot about a man, by the style of his car….or, asks Iain Robertson, can you really? In chatting with the tuner, then the driver, it is amazing what you can discover.

Employing his usual cadre of specialist trimming exponents in the Perth locale, Andy had specified a pair of Sparco competition buckets that would be Alcantara-clad, stitched so perfectly that they looked like mass production items, with the matching grey, suede-like material replacing the plastic trim on the door cards and rear upholstery. Even the original blue floor-mats were replaced by bespoke grey alternatives to continue the theme of almost extreme subtlety. Yet, while costing the client £1,600, it needs to be remembered that this charge included the seats, the runners, the four-point harnesses and the harness bar, all of which needed to be installed.

Images: Colin Murray

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