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No Hidden Extras

Fully Inclusive Hire Fee At first glance the initial cost of hiring a

boat may seem expensive. But please remember the cost of the boat

includes your accommodation as well as your transport and your entertainment. This means entertainment for the whole

family, including the dog! The canal scene is not commercialised, and

you may even find it difficult to spend money! There is none of this "forever putting your hand in your pocket" associated with seaside, touring and hotel holidays.

Our prices are fully inclusive of V.A.T.

(as applicable), car parking, bottled gas, diesel fuel, lubricating oil, bed linen, colour television/DVD player and cleaning materials.

All you need to bring is food, clothes and

towels (towels and tea towels are provided on request for overseas clients).

Hire fees from other boatyards may

appear more reasonable but be careful of what is actually included. We have no essential extras like fuel;

Boat Hire VAT

Bedding Car Park

Colour TV/DVD £20.00 Credit Card Charge £16.00 Damage Waiver Diesel Fuel

Cleaning Materials £15.00 Pump Out

£17.00 Total

“Bargain Wyvern Boats” Shipping £600.00 included included included included included included included included included

£500.00 £100.00 £30.00 £20.00

£45.00 £85.00

£848.00 £600.00

Safety Afloat Canal holidays are one of the safest ways

to enjoy a holiday afloat. Wyvern boats include the following safety

features to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

easy reach of the helmsman. A gas leak detector - positioned in the

gas locker to enable regular gas checks. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. All gas appliances are inspected by Gas

* *

Safe registered engineers. All gas boilers have external flues.

* *

are fire retardant. Three fire extinguishers and a fire

blanket. A first aid box for minor emergencies. Non-slip tread pads on the gunwales and

* * *

handles on the front corner of the cabin roof to ensure safe stepping on and off at the bow.

* *

engine fuel system. Battery master switches between the

boat electrical system and the batteries. Permanently fitted anchor for river work. British Waterways Boat Safety

* *

Certificate. Personal safety issues will be explained

in your tuition and you will be asked to sign a 'Boat Acceptance Certificate' to show that you have understood the instruction on hand over.

* * *

An emergency stop valve fitted to the *

Electric fridge. Mattress foam and insulation materials

A life buoy - carried in a position within

Buoyancy Aids Buoyancy aids are supplied free of charge

on request; not just for children but for any crew member who cannot swim or would like one.

Car Park Cars may be parked free of charge at the

boatyard for the duration of your holiday at the owner’s risk. For added security some of our staff live on site adjacent to the car park.

Provisions A Tesco supermarket is half a mile from

our yard (see back cover map). Please do your food shopping before arriving at the boat yard. While cruising, provisions can be picked up at village shops and town supermarkets.

Pets Pets are welcomed on all

non-carpeted and some carpeted boats, provided they are well trained and you bring their own bed. Puppies are not allowed. We regret no more than

two pets may be taken on any one boat without our prior agreement. We do charge a small fee

for pets, please see page 24 for details. We have some ‘pet free’

boats so we are able to cater for customers with pet allergies.


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