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The Wyvern Shipping Co. Ltd

Company History The Wyvern Shipping Company Limited

was founded in 1953 as a cargo carrying company with three pairs of narrow boats. These boats mainly carried coal from the Coventry coal fields to London and returned with timber to Birmingham. Times were changing and by 1956 canal

holidays were the future trade with former cargo boats being converted to luxury holiday boats. The Company has been run by the Griffin

family since 1961 and is now operated by James & John Griffin, with their dedicated and skilled labour force. All our boats have been built in the

Wyvern workshops to the highest standard of luxury and safety. To ensure a clean and reliable boat for

your holiday we employ an experienced team of cleaners and service engineers. All sheets, duvets, pillowcases and blankets are washed by our local laundry service. Over the past 50 years many thousands of

customers have found the fastest way of slowing down is to have a relaxing holiday on a Wyvern boat. Indeed last year in excess of 70% of our trade came from previous clients and their recommendations.

Canal Cruising This is a holiday designed for every

member of the family. A holiday that brings the English

countryside alive with the excitement and adventure of boating. It offers a real change from everyday

routine and brings one in touch with a new unsuspected England remote from main roads and railways, free from crowded and noisy roads, peaceful, pleasant and unspoilt. Canals are unique in many ways. Since

their construction in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries they have mellowed and matured into a heritage of beauty, framed by every bridge and changing at every bend.

Working boat ‘Heather Bell’ with butty ‘Elizabeth’ circa 1954. Another intriguing feature of canals is

that they travel along the side of hills and sometimes over the top, giving the boater a superb view of the surrounding countryside. You can moor anywhere out of the way of

passing boats.

Locks A series of locks carry the different levels

of waterway over the hills, each with its own particular charm. The locks are unmanned and simple to

operate and combine pleasant breaks in the cruise with some gentle exercise. On the day of departure all novices and

those wanting a refresher are given practical instruction through their first lock from one of our experienced instructors.

Architecture Canal architecture is a subject of great

interest. The aqueduct at Cosgrove, only a day's boating north from our yard in Linslade, is a masterpiece of engineering and the canal tunnels are an exciting experience, whilst the many canal-side villages and country 'pubs' are great to

Fishing Canals are a delight for the angler with

their quiet backwaters and banks. Roach, perch, bream, carp and tench are but a few that can be caught. After a day's cruising why not enjoy an evening’s fishing. However we have a strict rule that no live

bait of any kind (including maggots) is allowed onboard. Please note a national rod licence is required by anyone aged 12 years and over.

Flags We can supply 5ft (1.5m) flagpoles which

attach to the helm so you can fly your National Flag. This is especially popular with overseas customers. Please bring your own lm flag.

explore. The different shapes and sizes of bridges, from the hump backed to the motorway bridge, add to the ever-changing environment.


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