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GET A JOB! How to Create a Local Job Networking Group

With unemployment stuck at 9 percent or higher, it’s time for libraries to come together to support members of their community that are unemployed, underemployed, or just

plain dissatisfied with

their current job. Meet unemployment head on by starting a job club. Learn the ins and outs and the do’s and don’ts of creating your own local networking job club.

Intended Audience: Administrative, Adult Services, and Marketing and PR Staff

Sponsor: Reference and Information Services Division

N, NE: Mary Baker, Medina County District Library; Tim Burns, Twinsburg Public Library

Gimlet: Shake Up Your Statistics

Gathering relevant and useful data at the service desk can be easily managed when you use the right tool. Learn how to go beyond the simple hashmark, and find a wealth of information about the professional contribution of front-line staff. At this presentation, discover how a simple Web- based tool, Gimlet, can help you create a better understanding

of patron needs and enhance service assessment in your library.

Intended Audience: Administrative, Adult Services Staff; General Interest Sponsor: Information Technology Division

N, NE, NW: Valerie Sherman, Akron-Summit County Public Library

Having Fewer Uh-Ohs in Your 00’s

Not knocking CREW or any other system you use, but computer book weeding has other caveats that break traditional weeding rules. Some books are eternal and some are a flash in the pan. This session will help you look at computer books from a different perspective.

Intended Audience: Adult Services Staff; General Interest

Sponsor: Northeast Chapter

NE: Shawn D. Walsh, Northeast Ohio Regional Library System

How Not to Blow Up the Library: Running a Homeschool Science Lab at Your Building

Fred Kirchner has offered a Homeschool Science Lab program at his branch of the Dayton Metro Library for the past four years. Now, he’s ready to reveal all the secrets he learned (and confess to all the mistakes he made) so that you can run a successful Homeschool Science Lab at your building without ever having to call in a hazmat unit or the local fire department. So far this year, Fred has been averaging over 10 students a month at his fun, enjoyable, process-oriented, and hands-on science classes for homeschool students in grades 4 through 8. After spending 10 years teaching elementary school, yo-yoing, and chess, and working as an Outdoor Education Specialist for the YMCA, Fred went to library school. Now he’s a Teen Librarian. Don’t miss his resources, anecdotes, lessons, networking strategies, and management tips for running your very own Homeschool Science Lab. And, it just wouldn’t be fun if we didn’t also do a small experiment ourselves. So join us for an hour of ideas and science!

Intended Audience: Children’s Services and YA/ Teen Services Staff

Sponsor: Young Adult Services Division C/SE, SW: Fred Kirchner, Dayton Metro Library

How to Sell Books to Kids Without Even Trying

If the thought of booktalking makes you queasy, and your readers’ advisory skills for the elementary school set could use some brushing up, this is the presentation for you. You’ll learn how to ask the right questions to find out what kids really want, how to choose books to recommend, and how to talk up the books you’ve chosen whether you’re at a planned booktalk or offering impromptu suggestions at the desk. It’s like Booktalking 101 – in only an hour!

Intended Audience: Children’s Services Staff; General Interest

Sponsor: Children’s Services Division

C/SE: Marisa Glaviano, Westerville Public Library N: Jennifer Welsh, Stark County District Library NE, NW: Jo Wolfe, Worthington Libraries

If Not Now, then When! – Tomorrow’s Bench Strength

As our workforce shrinks across our libraries, we have to work harder to retain skilled people and become more creative in recruiting talent. If you are interested in learning about a process of iden- tifying high-potential staff members, evaluating and honing their skills and abilities, and preparing them for advancement into library positions, this is the session for you! If you are interested in how to advance within your library system by taking advantage of the developmental opportunities and position yourself to move up when the time is right, this session is for you!

Intended Audience: General Interest

Sponsor: Human Resources and Trainer Development Division

C/SE, N, NE, NW, SW: Mary E. Bennett-Brown, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County; Craig Harwick, Medina County District Library

I’m a Librarian, Not a Doctor!

Over 80 percent of Internet users are looking for their health information online. That means they are going to ask you for help. Will you be able to guide them to accurate, trusted sources of online health information? Find out how to evaluate health websites, learn what NOT to say when discussing health issues, and discover some of the best free online sites for medical, drug, and other consumer health information.

Intended Audience: Adult Services Staff; General Interest

Sponsor: Northwest Chapter

NW: Becki Daniels, Toledo Hospital Medical Library, ProMedica; Erin Jones, Flower Hospital Medical Library, ProMedica

The Ins and Outs of eBooks

Just getting started with eBooks or have questions about how they work? Come learn about this fast-growing segment of library materials including the different types of eReaders available, information about installing/ using the required software, and using the Digital Catalog to check out and download eBooks. Also, learn how to teach your patrons about eBooks in a one-on-one or classroom setting.

Intended Audience: General Interest Sponsor: Reference and Information Services Division

C/SE: Lea Carrigan, Fairfield County District Library; Cari Dubiel, Twinsburg Public Library N: Cari Dubiel, Twinsburg Public Library NE: Andrea Adkins, Washington County Public Library; Cari Dubiel, Twinsburg Public Library

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