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Did you know decades worth of many of Ohio’s historic newspapers are available for free online? From students to genealogists to historians to the everyday user, newspapers have always been a valuable resource providing contemporary analysis of events, people and society; clues to family histories; and much more. Through digitization

efforts like the National Digital

Newspaper Program, the Ohio Historical Society is working to preserve and improve access to these unique resources. Come and learn from the National Digital Newspaper Program in Ohio staff how you and your patrons can access and use Ohio’s historic newspapers through the Library of Congress website Chronicling America.

Intended Audience: Adult Services, Children’s Services, Genealogy and Local History, Support and Circulation, and YA/Teen Services Staff; General Interest

Sponsors: Information Technology/Reference and Information Services Divisions

C/SE, N, SW: Jenni Salamon and Kaylie Vermillion, Ohio Historical Society

Find Your Inner Teen

Don’t fear the teens in your library – learn to love them! The trick to working with teens is getting to know them, but for those who don’t regularly work with teens, that knowledge can be hard to come by. From reading trends to pop culture and all that stuff from Japan, you’ll learn all about what makes today’s teens tick.

Intended Audience: Administrative, Adult Services, Children’s Services, Marketing and PR, Outreach, Support and Circulation, and Technical Services Staff; General Interest

Sponsor: Hosting Chapter

N, NE: Sarah Amazing, Warren-Trumbull County Public Library

Fine-Tuning Facebook

Sure, it’s incredibly simple to set up a Facebook page for your library. But, then what? How can you really make it useful to visitors? Learn the do’s and don’ts of managing a Facebook page and what you can do to attract more fans. Get the lowdown on using Facebook Insights, the analytics feature. See real examples of libraries that showcase the good, the bad, and the ugly. Get ready to make your library’s Facebook presence a whole lot better.

Intended Audience: Administrative, Marketing and PR Staff

Sponsor: OPLIN C/SE, N, NE, NW: Laura Solomon, OPLIN

The First Thirty Seconds: Dealing with Challenged Materials on the Front Lines

Front-line staff are often the first point of contact when library materials are challenged. As such, having staff who are prepared to deal effectively with challenges is critical to keeping these sometimes tense

situations from escalating.

Participants in this session will receive an overview of the library profession’s commitment to intellectual freedom. They’ll also have an opportunity to learn behaviors that can articulate our professional stance on intellectual freedom while respecting the views of those who express concerns about library materials. This session is perfect for new staff as well as those who wish to brush up on intellectual freedom issues.

Intended Audience: Adult Services, Children’s Services, Support and Circulation, and YA/Teen Services Staff

Sponsor: Intellectual Freedom Committee NE: Julie Arter, Columbus Metropolitan Library

Fresh Ideas for Outreach to Schools: One Library’s Success Story

Wondering what kinds of programs you can offer to your local schools? Not sure how to get your foot in the door? Elisa, a Children’s Librarian at a small, urban branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, will share with you how she’s worked to establish connections with her schools and how she presents programs that excite, educate, and entertain. She will explain where she gets her ideas, resources she uses, and different ways to get the children interested in learning and reading. Elisa will also demonstrate for you one of her successful programs about pirates.

Intended Audience: Children’s Services and Outreach Staff

Sponsors: Children’s Services/Outreach and Special Services Divisions

C/SE, SW: Elisa Gallon, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

Fully Engaged: A Makeover for Success

There is more to do than ever before, often leading to feelings of being overloaded, overwhelmed, and out of sorts. Our pace feels rushed causing us to race through our work, family, and personal lives. We can’t expand the number of hours in a day, but we can get more done by engaging in key make overs in the areas of work practices and renewing our energy resources. The objective is to achieve work/life balance by creating a powerful synergy that keeps you moving forward with increased energy, and overall work and life satisfaction.

Intended Audience: Administrative, Adult Services, Children’s Services, Genealogy and Local History, Marketing and PR, Outreach, Support and Circulation, Technical Services, and YA/Teen Services Staff; General Interest

Sponsor: North Chapter N: Marti Peden, Peden and Associates

Gadget Gallery Get-Down!

Get up to speed with today’s tech gadgets. This session offers an expanded look at the e-readers and tablets available in the Gadget Gallery.

Intended Audience: Administrative, Adult Services, Children’s Services, Support and Circulation, and YA/Teen Services Staff; General Interest

Sponsor: Information Technology Division

NW: Christopher Brose, Tiffin-Seneca Public Library; Amy Pawlowski, Cleveland Public Library

SW: Rebecca Felkner, Grandview Heights Public Library; Larry Fischer, Greene County Public Library

Genealogy 101 or, Do You Have a Book About My Family History?

Are you stumped when asked to help a customer research his or her family tree? How do you assist beginning genealogists, and what can your library offer these “newbies?” As genealogy grows in popularity, libraries are experiencing an increased demand and interest in family history. Learn basic genealogy reference skills and how to navigate the most useful and popular family history resources, websites, and databases.

Intended Audience: Adult Services, Genealogy and Local History Staff; General Interest

Sponsor: Northeast Chapter

NE: Judy James, Akron-Summit County Public Library

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