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Introduction by the Chairman

Ever since the launch of the RAF Families Federation in 2007, it has been apparent that non-serving family members face significant challenges accessing training and employment because of the inherent mobility of Service life. Our survey, which builds on similar evidence gathered in 2010, explores the issues in order to inform work of the Armed Forces Covenant.

At the RAF Families Federation, evidence is gathered via two main methods – reactive, which entails individual family members contacting the Federation with a specific issue; and proactive, which entails the Federation designing bespoke surveys and interactive workshops to gather evidence across a wider spectrum. Whilst reactive evidence tends to focus on the ‘here and now’, the proactive workshops were deliberately designed to explore key areas of interest to family members, allowing them an opportunity to have their voice anonymously whilst knowing their views would be collated with many others’ to identify key themes and concerns.

The RAF Families Federation ran the Employment and Training Opportunities for Partners survey both online and at our interactive voting sessions during unit visits from 1 June – 31 October 11. 220 family members participated in this survey and provided statistical evidence and quotes to support their views.

This report provides top-level results of all questions posed in the survey, and a few broken down by age, rank, gender or other criterion where we felt this provided an interesting angle in terms of highlighting results. Further, more detailed analysis is possible, but, for the purposes of this report, we have provided top-level analysis only, supported by selected quotes we believe reflect the views of the majority. Should readers require further information about this survey, they’re invited to contact the team.

The RAF Families Federation would like to thank every single person who contributed evidence to this survey and to assure them that their evidence will be used to inform policy staffs and others who can influence change for the better.

D A McCAFFERTY Chairman RAF Families Federation 3


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