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JANUARY 12, 2012


School Board Sends $600,000 to Maintenance Trust Fund T


LONDONDERRY TIMES ————––––––————–◆

he Londonderry School Board has authorized $600,000

to be placed in the Fiscal Year 13 Maintenance Trust Fund, and will encourage Facilities Director Chuck Zappala to roll over $300,000 of the allocation to FY 14, so Zappala can begin work on the Matthew Thornton Ele- mentary School parking lot next year.

The Maintenance Trust allocation for FY 12 was $275,000, Business Man- ager Peter Curro said, but the number is better rep- resented at $550,000, the amount from the year before. Curro said last year's appropriation was lower than usual because the cost of fire sprinklers was passed on to the cap- ital lease program instead of the maintenance trust. FY 2013 projects on Zappala's five-year plan include replacing the North School gym floor, estimated at $65,000; Moose Hill Kindergarten roof overcoat, $100,000; renovations to Matthew Thornton School, $200,000; and district-wide fields, fence and drainage repairs, $40,000. These projects are

expected to total $405,000. But Zappala is looking ahead to FY 2014 and the paving project, estimated to cost $755,000. In FY 14 he is also hoping to con- tinue the fields, fence and drainage repairs, again at $40,000.

The board discussed

appropriating a larger number but was not com- fortable raising it too high in the current economic climate.

"I'm not OK," board member Ron Campo said, "with raising it $150,000. We can ramp it up slightly. If it's too high, we'll lose the vote." Campo said the Maintenance Trust Fund is the way to deal with the parking lot issue, and not through a bond. The project was esti- mated at $550,000 six months ago, Zappala said. In scoping out the project, he said, he learned he needed additional drain- age work, estimated at $200,000, with the total of the paving project to be $755,000.

Campo asked him if

there were a way to do some of the work with the expected $300,000 from FY 13. Zappala said he could do shim and overlay work

in the back, but with heavy trucks coming in, he would have to do it twice. Both staff and board

agreed on the need to pave the parking lot, with Zappala saying the frost heaves are so bad, he can't plow properly. "For- tunately," he said, "we haven't had a lot of snow."

Board member John

Laferriere asked, "What do you do to prevent injuries?" "We fill potholes and put out orange cones," Zappala responded. Board member Nancy Hendricks said she was in that parking lot every day, and "I'm not sure it's wise

to keep putting it off." Zappala told the board, "If I had the $600,000, I could put half of it away and use the other $300,000 for smaller projects." The unused $300,000, together with appropriations for FY 14, would enable him to do the parking lot all at once, he said.

There could be a prob- lem with the increased cost of oil and related petroleum products, he said, noting that four to five years ago, oil was $60 per barrel and now it's $100 to $102. But he added he didn't expect to see a large increase over the next few years.

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