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JANUARY 12, 2012


Matthew Thornton Hosts Electronics Recycling Day L


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ondonderry resident Bob Walton passed a fistful of bills into volunteer Kathy Horo- hoe's hand. "Keep the change," he said. As Horo- hoe checked him off a list, Walton enumerated the items he had brought to the Matthew Thornton School Electronics Recy- cling Day: a monitor, a keyboard, a printer, a cou- ple of speakers. "And," he said, "this is only the beginning." The Wellness Commit- tee held its first Electron- ics Recycling event this past Saturday. As Paws, the school mascot, waved cars in from the road, teachers, administrators and other volunteers col- lected a truckload of out- dated electronic equip- ment.

The day was sunny

and warm, and the Well- ness volunteers served five to eight cars in a row. "It is going well," Matthew Thornton Principal Carol Mack said. "It's all going to the Wellness Commit- tee, which provides activ- ities to encourage a healthy lifestyle." She stopped to greet two of her students before adding that the next Well- ness Committee event is the Feb. 22 Fitness Fair. Craig Sylvius dropped off two monitors, a print-

er and five cell phones. "It's a good cause -- and besides, my wife is a teacher here," he said. The Wellness Commit-

tee partnered with Recy- cle USA, a Londonderry- based company, to put on the event. Eric Lynch, co- owner, staffed the infor- mation table while his business partner, Don Hodgkins, loaded the truck. Lynch said he tells fund-raising organizations his regular fees, and they add their profit on to that. He doesn't charge for computers or laptops, he said, because he makes money off those. He and Hodgkins take them apart and sell the components, he said.

On Saturday he was seeing a lot of outdated monitors, CPUs, and old- fashioned console televi- sion sets. The big TVs are going to be recycled heav- ily over the next five years, he said, as smaller flat-screen units gain in popularity.

He also takes humidi- fiers and dehumidifiers, air conditioners and radios, he said. A teacher passed by and tossed an old power cord into a growing pile under the table. Lynch said he would be accepting items for one more week at his facility on Parmenter Road, with money going back to the school. Horohoe said the acceptable items were in a range of prices, from $1 for cell phones, laptop batteries and audio cas- sette players, to $20 for a dehumidifier and $25 for the large television sets. While she didn't have

firm numbers on Satur- day, she and fellow volun- teer Erin Chinni estimated that 100 cars had driven through and dropped off unwanted electronics by 11:30 a.m. "We have done very

well," Horohoe said, "and the weather has cooperat- ed tremendously. A lot of

people came because they received new elec- tronics for Christmas." Julie Litch McGurn

drove up in a van filled with electronics, children and at least one dog. "I've got a couple of kids here - do you take kids?" she asked her intake person jokingly.

But Litch McGurn was serious about getting rid of her obsolete TVs and DVD players. "It's good to do it this way so they don't fill up the landfills," she said. "It gives me extra space in the house." She tends to let the old gadgets accumulate, she said, and then get rid of them when there's an event.

"Any time there's an event like this, we grab a bunch of stuff and get rid of it," Chris Collacchi said of the printer and three keyboards he was unload- ing. "It gets people to part with their 'junk.'"

Don Hodgkins, co-owner of Recycle USA, accepts a used computer monitor from Paws, the Matthew Thornton School mascot, at the Electronics Recy- cling Day Saturday. Photo by Kathleen D. Bailey

And one of the volun- teers joked with a patron on the way to another event, "No, we're not tak-

ing Christmas trees." Matthew Thornton earn-

ed $1,800 from the electron- ics recycling.





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