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JANUARY 12, 2012

LHS Wrestlers Fall To Tide But Fare Well at Tournament T


LONDONDERRY TIMES ————––––––————–◆

he Londonderry High wrestling squad had a rather disappoint- ing showing in a dual- meet with the tough Con- cord High Crimson Tide in the state capital Wednes- day, Jan. 4. But a few days later at a Massachusetts tournament, coach Jim Mar- ron’s Lancers enjoyed a far more pleasing day. The LHS crew suffered a 51-22 defeat at the hands of the Crimson Tide during the middle of the week, despite impressive - and fast - pin victories by Matt Cabezas, Dan Roger, and Kyle Byrd, and a major decision from Mitch Rose. Rose thumped his Con-

Londonderry High veteran wrestler Matt Cabezas won his bout against Concord and notched a top-six finish at a Massachusetts tournament last week. Photo by Chris Paul

cord opponent by an 11-4 score at the 106-pound level, Roger pinned his opponent in just 1:12 in the 120-pound class, Ca- bezas vanquished his 160- pound rival in just 1:13, and Byrd bested his Con-

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cord opponent in just 2:36 at the 132-pound level to end the match on a high note for Londonderry. But coach Marron still

had reasons to feel a bit down on the ride home down Route 93. “We didn’t wrestle well individually,” he said. “Will Bean, Jon Young, Xander Coburn, and Richard Bilodeau should have pulled out wins, but that’s my fault because I didn’t have them ready to compete. So we’ve got work to do in the room.” In the several days the

Lancers had available to work on things before the Chelmsford High School tournament at that Massa- chusetts school last Satur- day, they certainly did. And as a result, six LHS grapplers snagged top-six finishes.

And as a team, Lon-

donderry finished first among New Hampshire contingents and sixth overall with 121 points. Shawsheen Tech from Bil- lerica, Mass., won the team competition with a score of 186.

“The sixth-place team

finish was pretty good, and we finished ahead of New Hampshire teams like Winnacunnet, Exeter, Souhegan, and Sanborn,” said Marron. Veteran standout Dan Roger was the individual star of the day for the locals, winning his 120- pound class champi- onship by posting a per- fect 4-0 record. Third-place finishers

were Rose at 106, Byrd at 132, Bean at 138, and Young at 145. Cabezas ended up sixth overall in his 160-pound division.

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Lancer Icemen Reach Another Peak By Thumping Exeter, 7-1


LONDONDERRY TIMES ————––––––————–◆

he Londonderry High School hockey team’s 2011-12 season has

already been full of peaks and valleys, and the sea- son is still quite young. But coach Peter Bed-

ford’s LHS crew hit anoth- er high last Saturday night when it handed the pesky Exeter High Blue Hawks a 7-1 drubbing at the Cy- clones Arena in Hudson. Sophomore forward

Brian Greene, who has clearly stepped up as the Lancers’ top offensive weapon this winter, net- ted four goals to help his squad up its Division I record to 2-3. Senior forward Sam

MacNicoll contributed two goals and one assist, while Mike Bears and Keith Simpson each dealt out two assists, and senior defenseman Peter Han- ulec netted a goal. Steve Devereaux and Tommy Parilla each contributed an assist to the winning cause as well.

The Lancers built up a 4-0 lead with two goals in the first period and two more in the second. Ex- eter got the only one of its 21 shots that snuck past LHS goalie Mitchell Schir- ch into the net in the third stanza, but the host Lon- donderry crew netted three more tallies in that period as well. “We completely domi-

nated them,” said coach Bedford. “It was a 7-1 final, but we missed four or five open nets as well. The depth of our team completely took over the game.”

Bedford’s bunch, which finished as the runner-up at the Capital City Classic during the holidays, was able to maintain its drive and not slacken off at any point during the decisive dumping of Exeter. “Exeter is a hard-work- ing team, and they got some shots on our net. But we just maintained our intensity from start to finish, and that’s a great thing to see,” said coach Bedford.

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