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 22 NAVY NEWS, JUNE 1977


H.M.S. Fawn, coastal survey ship.

-, I I

H.M.S. Fearless, the assault ship in whichabout200 young officers from Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, will be embarked,


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Telephone Harwich 2281 And at Devonport, Plymouth, Portland, Portsmouth,

Chatham, Harwich, Grimsby, Dunfermline, Helensburgh, Waterlooville, Havant, Newhaven, Lossiemouth,

Arbroath, Browdy, Cuidrose, Yeovilton, Gibraltar, Valletta, Onci Sliema - Malta, H.M.S. Pembroke, H.M.S. Dolphin, H.M.S. Daedalus, H.M.S. Neptune, H.M.S. Cochrane.

H.M.Y. Britannia (Rear- SECOND FLOTILLA

Admiral H. P. Janion, Flag Officer Royal Yachts)


R09 Ark Royal, aircraft car-

rier. (Flagship of Admiral Sir Henry Leach, Commander-in-Chief


R12 Hermes, anti-submarine and amphibious assault

ship (Flagship of Rear- Admiral W. D. M. Staveley, Flag Officer Carriers and Amphibious Ships).

L10 Fearless assault ship. FIRST FLOTILLA

D16 London, destroyer

(Flagship of Rear-Admiral R. R. Squires, Flag Officer First Flotilla)

D18 Antrim, destroyer. C99 Blake, helicopter cruiser.

002 Devonshire, destroyer. First Frigate Squadron

F18 Galatea (Captain D. B. Nolan, Captain First Fri- gate Squadron)

F42 Phoebe

F174 Alacrity F133 Tartar Flfl Gurkha F32 Salisbury

Second Frigate Squadron

F70 Apollo (Capt. G. M. F. Vallings, Captain Second Frigate Squadron)

F54 Hardy F43 Torquay F48 Dundas

Fifth Frigate Squadron

F58 Hermione (Capt. J. A. B. Thomas, Captain Fifth

Frigate Squadron)

086 Birmingham, destroyer. F131 Nubian

Sixth Frigate Squadron

F57 Andromeda (Captain K. A. Low, . Captain Sixth Frigate Squadron).

F39 Naiad

F106 Brighton F75 Charybdis

H.M. Ships Andromeda (F57), Charybdis and Brighton pictured in the Clyde.

C20 Tiger, helicopter cruiser. (Flagship of Rear-Admiral M. La T.

Wemyss, Flag Officer Second Flotilla).

019 Glamorgan, destroyer. D20 Fife, destroyer. 012 Kent, destroyer.

Third Frigate Squadron

F16 Diomede (Capt. A. F. C. Wemyss, Captain Third Frigate Squadron).

D80 Sheffield, destroyer. F173 Arrow F38 Arethusa

Fourth Frigate Squadron

F28 Cleopatra (Capt. J. M. Webster, Captain Fourth Frigate Squadron)

F124 Zulu F169 Amazon

Seventh Frigate Squadron

F60 Jupiter (Captain D. G.

Armytage, Captain Seventh Frigate Squad- ron).

F72 Anadne

P170 Antelope F47 Danae F15 Euryalus

F115 Berwick

F126 Plymouth F107 Rothesay SURVEY SHIPS

A138 Herald (Flagship of Rear-Admiral D. W. Has- lam, Hydrographer of the Navy).

A133 Hecla A137 Hecate

A335 Fawn A70 Echo

All Enterprise A317 Bulldog A320 Fox

A72 Egeria M2780 Woodlark


Naval Hovercraft Trials Unit (BH7 and SRN6).

F27 Lynx, frigate. M2010 Isis, MCMV.

F73 Eastbourne, frigate. A231 Reclaim, diving trials ship.

M2628 Flintham, MCMV. M1158 Laleston, MCMV. M2621 Dittisham, MCMV.

'  -' - - Squadron).

-,I ., *%.

-1 iii!Ifl- :.


H.M.S. Reclaim, diving trials ship, with steadying sail. She is theonly ship also present at the 1953 Review.

EASY-TO-FOLLOW GUIDE. TO Eighth Frigate Squadron

F71 Scylla (Capt. P. Cobb, Captain Eighth Frigate


S109 Superb (Flagship of Rear-Admiral J. D. E.

Fieldhouse, Flag Officer Submarines).

S102 Valiant (Capt. R. G.

SlOl Dreadnought S16 Oracle (Capt. C. E. T. Baker, Captain First Sub- marine Squadron).

S06 Cachalot SOS Walrus S07 Sealion S13 Osiris

Sli Orpheus S19 Opossum S17 Ocelot S20 Opportune

S18 Otus

S104 Churchill (Capt. P. F. Grenier, Captain Third Submarine Squadron).

Heaslip, Captain Second Submarine Squadron).

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