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Issue 19, January 2012

DCD LONDON CONVERGED Just some of the news from the world’s largest peer-led cata center conference

Schneider Electric launched two new modular solutions, one for power and another for cooling. The units, which will be available for the EMEA market, mean power and cooling can be added in 500kW lots, with cooling that could notionally be added in 100kW increments and power at 25kW and even MW. Working facility modules were put on display at a container park at the event.

Equinix’s EMEA President Eric Schwartz

More than 2,000 people converged at London’s ExCel conference center on 30 November and 1 December to hear keynotes from some of the industry’s leaders. Here is a sample of what was said over the two days.


Google senior director of data center construction Joe Kava said Google expects to reach a fl eet-wide data center PUE of 1.12. But anything lower than this will end up costing Google money, despite its policy of offsetting all of the company’s carbon.

He called this the asymptotic range, the “point where it (PUE) is fl attening out”, meaning gains are becoming smaller and smaller. “I think there are still a few ticks of effi ciency that can be gained. We are currently at 1.14 and we will probably get to fl eet-wide average of 1.12,” Kava said. “In order to make big gains at this point (beyond 1.12) you would have to invest far more than you would get back in return.”


eBay launched one of its most innovative data centers in Phoenix, US, following nearly 1.5 years of build codenamed Project Mercury. Director of mission critical engineering Michael Lewis said Project Mercury, a two- story retrofi tted warehouse with IT containers on the roof, uses medium-voltage power distribution and free cooling.

Containers deploy compute capacity for the fi rst time for eBay, despite “never really” working out before “because we had never deployed severs at that scale,” Lewis said.

14 Google’s Joe Kava discusses PUE at DCD London

At full capacity, containers on the roof will provide 6MW of IT power. The plan is for the containers and the main fl oor to provide 14,000 sq ft of data center space – 7,000 sq ft on each level.


Equinix is keeping a close eye on the merger and acquisition activities being seen in the fi nancial services markets, where stock exchanges are investigating takeovers to drive effi ciency and lower latency through IT consolidation. EMEA President Eric Schwarz said such activities could change the way a colocation player dealing heavily with the fi nancial services industry operates or offers services.

Equinix has been growing in recent times in Europe, despite the economic crisis. Its dealings with stock exchanges and fi nancial trading has also grown with colo and peering arrangements aimed at algo traders becoming common place.


UK government customer service delivery director

for the Department of Work and

Pensions (DWP) Mike Truran said its data center plans focus around the way IT services are delivered to government agencies, the way the agencies buy these and the way service providers compete for the government’s business. Goals of the plan include reduction of waste and project failure, creating a common shared IT infrastructure and using IT to enable change. A major part of the transition is maximizing the use of cloud-based services and Software- and Platform-as-a-Service. n

Romonet released version 2.0 of its predictive data center modelling software suite Prognose with three new products: energy, economics and enterprise. The company said using these in concert will give data center designers and operators, as well as equipment vendors, insight into the eff ect changes in data center design, build or management have on the organization fi scally or operationally.

UK data center healthcare company 8 Solutions launched a free health check service for data centers which covers 20 areas, from data center contamination inspection to environmental integrity. The company’s CEO Mark Plant said: “Unchecked contamination still remains a major issue in the data center sector and has the potential to cause thousands of pounds of equipment damage and many times that in unplanned downtime.”

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software provider Concurrent Thinking signed a channel deal with fellow DCIM player 2bm, which will start selling Concurrent’s concurrentCOMMAND and concurrentCONTROL products. Concurrent said its software provides a scalable solution for optimizing performance of physical infrastructure and IT systems, from the IT to the operating system layer. It launched both products at the show

ABB launched a new management suite for the data center that covers software, hardware and service which can access capabilities of ABB’s System 800xA platform. This allows its product Decathlon to harmonize a number of IT disciplines to make data centers more reliable, and provide a single view of IT, facilities and energy management across the data center. It covers building, power, asset, load and maintenance management as well as server optimization, change and energy management as well as provide information on the history of the enterprise and providing functions for remote monitoring.

More news from DatacenterDynamics Converged and information for next year’s event, to be held in November, can be found online at www.datacenterdynamics. com. News was also Tweeted from the event at #DCDLondon.

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