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IN THIS column we hope to bring you up 10 date on Barracks affairs of the past, present and future.

Tile am~

look. The outside has just had its first coat of green paint for about four

The Barracks as taking on a new

years, and this, together with the new name boards outside the main gale,

side. Aceomodados

At a recent conference concerning the modernisation of Barracks it was

sent officers' divisional course build-

decided to go ahead with plans for a new chief petty officers' block on the bandstand green and a new petty officers' block on the site of the pre-

all petty officers excepting artisans and artificers.

and small alterations will be made to is soon to get a spring clean,

maybe, but it is the same old trouble- lack of money. Frobisher blocks will come up in due course for

improve the dormitories and public rooms in this block. Not before time


blocks. But all this will take time. DtvMoual orgaahatlo.

on the lines of Anson and Howe

It might interest Pompey sea~ who have not been in R.N.B. for some

time to know that our divisions are now organised on the group system. For example, all the seamen are in Anson Group, which is made up of five separate divisions, each with a divisional officer. The boss of the out-

fit is the group officer, who administers

the group as a whole, though each division retains its individuality. The

idea is that with small divisions there

is more personal contact between the divisional officer and the men of his

teething troubles when the scheme started in November last year. It now

division. The engine room and supply and secretariat branches are organ- ised in a similar way. There were

nj. These plans will have to be submitted to the Admiralty for ap- proval. Measltime. the petty officers' block (ll4 Mess), which now houses

gives the place an air of smartness which will reflect on us characters in-

works very well. It looks as though we have come round to pee -war ideas once more. Then we had four divisions

of seamen (but no groups), and the P.0.S.Ms. lived in 114 Mess as they now do.

Th. Guard

"Stoke7 Boys" in the Barracks Guard, and a jolly smart bunch they are, too. There is no truth in the rumour that

these engine-room guardsmen may now style themselves as S.Ms. brackets

"G." They are, however, living proof that previous experience is not a neces-

sary qualification for the guard. Volun- teers are always welcome. On~~

the Glasgow and Saintes, both under the new General Service Scheme. We

Just recently we have commissioned

wish the chaps a happy commission and eagerly await their comments on

the new drafting arrangements. Albion, our new carrier, has just been com- missioned, too. Those who joined from R.N.B. should feel quite at home there, what with bunks, cafeteria mess-

ground of R.N.B. since our Flying Commodore's arrival. Good luck to

ing and aircraft. We have had a few helicopter landings on the parade

them. Ad~

forthcoming Barrack sports to be held on June 16. Unfortunately one crack runner, Tebbuls, who ran so well

whilst in Anson, has now gone to Ceres to become a writer. We are

hoping that A.B. Rutter will produce some records. Many more names are needed, though. Get cracking on that

training! R.N.B. did quite well at the Ports-

Meeting held last month-three firsts and three seconds in the team events,

and out of 12 individual events we got four firsts and four seconds. Notable individual events were:

Junior Rifle (Deliberate).-1. A.B. Murchison.

mouth Command Rifle and Revolver Keen interest is being shown in the For some time now we have had COMMAND NEWS

stone. row.

Junior Rifle (Rapid).-1, 0.3. Plate- Junior Rifle (Snap).-2, LB. Spar-

Tapp (B Class). Rifle (U.S. Condition),-2, C.P.0.

Revolver (Whitehead).-2, S.A(V.)

Crook (X Class). Rifle (U.S. Condition). - 2, Mr.

Smithers (B Class). The new trophy, the Portsmouth

nery wallahs bagged it. We'll get it back next year. Coo~eveute Je

Schools Musical Festival, to be held in the Gymnasium.

June 1, 2 and 3.- Portsmouth

Band go to Devizes for "Meet the Navy" Show.

June 5.-Guard and Bluejacket

June 8.-About 650 R.N.V.Rs. ar- rive to train for their Jubilee Parade.

June 10.-Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday Parade on South~ Com- mon.

R.N.B. Sports Day.

June 15.-Newcastle commissions. June 16. -- Chevron commissions.

visits R.N.B. and collects pints of blood!

June It. -F.O.C.R.F. inspects Divisions. June 23. -Blood transfusion unit


ship's company became film extras. There was perhaps one star, the

LAST SUMMER the ship was selected to play a part in the M.-G.-M. film, "Crest of the Wave." Many scenes were shot on board and, with the ships here at Portland. a number of the

ticularly temperamental, as film stars are apt to. Now it would seem Hedingham

Castle is to embark on yet another film career, this time something a little more serious. The subject will be the

emergency treatment of dental cases. The ship's company hope it will not

prove too painful for those taking part. Spithead, Friday, May 14, 54

What are you reading?

i drawn against the boys in the

at Spithead for 'Loyalty Portsmouth" on Wednesday. May 12, and much to the First Lieutenant's joy were able to "hole in two." On Thursday night we were Duty Command Ship and held an inter-port tug-of-war on the quarter-deck. The wardroom were

We took up our position in the lines

were beaten. The pained expression upon the faces of the officers needs no

and, yes. you guessed right, they

describing, but the boys did have one extra.

day to 65 boys from St. Vincent. and their presence made an appreciable increase in the volume of our cheers

On the Friday we were hosts for the

for Her Majesty. Now that the weather is improving,

some of us are taking advantage of cricket nets in anticipation of great things to come. However, that remains

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to be seen. For the less energetic there is always ukkers. A lot of speculation is going on

about how many of us will be here when the new drafting machine swings into action in June. That is a matter

for the clairvoyants; for my part I'm just keeping any fingers crossed.


IT IS with regret that the deaths of three chief petty officer telegraphists in an air accident are reported.

P,'JX 151388; C.P.O. Tel. 0. W. H. Irvine, D/JX 166444; and C.P.O. Tel. W. I. Abbotts, CIJX 145381.

accident were carrying out training in air signals at R.N.A.S. Culdrose.

Shortly after taking off in a Sea Prince class-room trainer, the pilot reported

engine trouble and the aircraft crashed while trying to make a forced landing. The funerals of C.P.O. Tels. Abbotts

They were C.P.O. Tel. E. D. Harding,

fying course for wireless instructor at H.M.S. Mercury. and at the time of the

All three were undergoing the quali- swain, C.P.O. Bodle, who became par- Cox-

Daisly (A Class). Rifle (U.S. Condition). - 1, LB.

Gun, was tied for by Excellent and Victory, but at a re-shoot those gun-

a~ ~do &ne'a fl 7

1- L,~. 4Am 'NE - WA4 r


was due to spend the following 10 days. After an uneventful crossing she arrived at her destination off Den

WITH THE courage born of her race, H.M.S. Boxer emerged from Ports- mouth Dockyard on Saturday, May I, bound for the Netherlands, where she

Helder, about 30 hours later. Through- out the Sunday and Monday she remained at anchor, lying off-shore, and after exercises with H.N.M.S. Soemba in the North Sea on the

Tuesday, moved into harbour where many units of the Royal Netherlands Navy were moored.

Den Helder did not appear favourable, but the port improved on acquain- tance. It proved an example of typical Dutch tidiness and cleanliness,

First impressions of the town of

although at the same time rather small. with limited opportunities for amuse- ment and entertainment of the con-

ventional type. The port was blessed with a reasonably large shopping centre, the shops displaying heart-

warming amounts of comestibles at not too high a price, and goods on more luxurious lines also within the reach

fortable. The drinking houses, called cafes in Holland, were open all day until midnight. Although public houses

did exist they were of somewhat doubtful reputation.

One or two incidents occurred in Den Helder; one of the motor-cutters

returning liberty men to the ship on the Monday night developed engine trouble, and after drifting towards the shore for several minutes, was taken in


tow by the ship's other cutter, and the men arrived on board with tempers a little frayed but none the worse for their experience. The town's bicycles were tested by members of the ship's

The crew was greatly indebted to the Amsterdam Municipality which helped to make the stay even more enjoyable

by granting certain concessions to them, in the form of free tram rides

and completely free entrance to the zoo. Artis and the great museums, no small gift in view of the fact that the

capital can fittingly be accepted as the

"father" of an galleries throughout the world. In addition to these offers there were

facturers, On the last afternoon many enjoyed a pleasure trip of the canals,

ing sunshine, a delightful climax to a delightful visit.

The majority of the crew returned to the ship with numerous souvenirs

purchased at a not too high price and with many varied stories to tell. For

of all pockets. Drink, of course, was popular and of average cost, but the after-effects were sometimes uncom-

instance, how many had experienced narrow escapes in their attempts to cross a busy thoroughfare with the traffic, speed limits being unobserved

and even unheard of. hurtling along on the right-hand side of the road.

Once more the generosity and geniality of the inhabitants was outstanding, especially here in the capital. And it

would appear that the extent of friend-

liness of this great cycle-riding nation is not to be equalled elsewhere on the Continent. Incidentally, in closing it is interesting to note that there is a

bicycle to every two members who go to make up the population of this

company, having been formally bor- rowed from the inhabitants, but it was

generally agreed that the standard of

safety is vastly lower than that of cycles in England. The style of velocipede may at first appear a little

strange to the eye of the newly arrived visitor from England, being built with a long frame, large wheels and back-

pedal brakes. Maybe the port was a little dull, but everyone seemed satis- fied with his achievements.

0900 Thursday morning when, after weighing anchor, she set off from Den Helder with course set for the mouth

The ship stayed in harbour until

of the North Sea canal off Ijmuiden. thence passing through the canal to Amsterdam.

by H.N.M.S. Soemba, both ships par- taking in exercises off the Dutch coast

Again the Boxer was accompanied

ing the ships to the mouth of the canal. The canal rapidly narrowed, and after a short wait in a lock which took the

passing two swing-bridges operated on a central pivot system, and numerous

decks were awash. After two hours on the canal the ships berthed in a corner of the vast Amsterdam dock area.

From the beginning the weather remained fine and warm, a fact which in itself forecast a happy time in the capital. This continued sunshine was

canal barges so heavily laden that their

throughout the day. Towards late afternoon a pilot boat appeared, direct-

ships below sea level (a common fea- ture ,of the Dutch panorama), on again

great capital. So the ship returned to the shores of

the homeland after an unusually long absence for her. The crew was of

divided feelings, maybe the thoughts of Portsmouth attracted some, but

Amsterdam lay to the fore in the minds of others.

Entered by Lieut.-Cdr. (SF') R. H. Linehan,, of H.M.S. Boxer, on her return from the Netherlands. May 1-12.


H.M.S. Tenacious shared the honour of escorting Her Majesty The Queen in the Royal Yacht Britannia from Falmouth to the isle of Wight. We are easily recognisable by the "Red Hand of Ulster" (we are part of the

ON FRIDAY, May 14, in company with other ships of the Home Fleet,

occasion our paintwork had a light- blue tinge, easily discernible from the

traditional "Pusser's grey." Our weeks of preparation and hard work were well rewarded by a signal from

also trips, again free of charge, to the vast picturesque tulip fields of west central Holland, and to the breweries of the Amstel and

Heineken's manu-

organised by the Municipality once more, a journey full of interesting features around the waterways of this Venice of the North, beneath the blaz-

Derry Squadron) prominently dis- played on our funnel, and on this

C-in-C., Home Fleet, congratulating us on our "exceptionally trim appear- ance."

Rothesay; and though, as usual, doing our share of exercises, we must confess that more enthusiasm

in the realm of sport. All and sundry are busily engaged in training for

is being shown

evidently a rather unusual feature of the Dutch spring time. The way into the heart of the capital

and Irvine took place privately and were attended by representatives of

H.M.S. Mercury. C.P.O. Tel Harding was buried with full naval honours at

R.N. Cemetery, Ctayhall, on Wednes- day, May 19, 1954. Continued on page 9

was soon discovered, being a little under half an hour by a combination of feet and tram. Amsterdam. the capital, and not The Hague as is so

of an Englishman, although here, of course, is added a great variety of amusement, with undoubtedly some-

frequently imagined, was again a pleasant sight for the eyes and heart

thing to appeal to the tastes of all average human beings.

Squadron sports and regattas due in the near future.

Lough Foyle buoy week after week, we are to enjoy (we hope) the attrac- tions of Hamburg and Filey early in

As a complete break from the

July. Our conclusions on these two havens will be forwarded at a later date. For the present, however, we must continue with our role of AA


Frigate, and so we ring down the cur- tain on this, but we hope by no means our last, contribution with the old cry of "Echo bearing . . ." ringing in our

LB.L Marlow

At present we are enjoying the sun- shine and beautiful surroundings of

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