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Command News (contd., AAA

A  "  law


Port Service

ON JUNE I H.M.S. Fleetwood, like Illany other ships in the Navy, comes

under the category of Home Port Service, where time spent on board is rated equivalent to that spent in any

,; f:pot ashore.

, Ivery interesting topics of thought and For instance on June I

rhis should and could produce some

" Fleetwood will be somewhere in the North Scottish waters, and the odds


"pitching slightly, or more probably What then happens to the elements

are that she will be either rolling or "

"unruffled appearance akin to the parade in Royal Navy Barracks and

direction? the change to be felt in the other

fr I * ,

in this memorable day? 1)0 the seas at once assume that calm, placid and

someunsuspecting shore establishment to be rudely shattered by a series of

lsthcoeace and Guiet of* "bestir

.20-foot waves thundering through the A new production of the main gates? Are we to be treated to seventh longest run in

H.M.S. Siskln team, 1953-54 United Services League (Division 1) cham- pIons, Home Air Command Cup wInner,, US, Challenge Cup winners and Navy Cup winner,

roundthe bollards and volunteered to take oarS in a

Scrgt, Reed. Front row: CAR. Ridley, Capt. I, A. Sarel, A.A.2 Cutbush (captain), Cdr. (5) Page and Lieut.-Cdr. Mcllvecn

H.M,.S. STARLING OUR SUMMER term started literall)

smoothly. On a glassy sea, we lefi Portsmouth shortly after Easter on a

flying visit to Zcebrugge. We were to assist in the annual ceremony which commemorates the famous action of

Central panied us. as well as an immaculate

Admiral Keyes during the first World War. A distinguished guest, Major' General C. R. W. Lamplough. accom-


guard made up of boys from H.M.S. St. Vincent. The Belgians proved to be most hospitable and made our visit both memorableand pleasant.

that life on the Starling is boring to the extreme, displacing the same water

One would be inclined to imagine

more or less every day.On the contrary. In the past few weeks we have been

invaded on two occasions by hordes of Wolf Cubs, whose antics. I am

stern to stern, and departed tired. happy anddetermined to join the Royal

trouble, and spent a very full day on board. 1 hey were shown the ship from

when we were called up to escort L.C.T. 4039 (having lost her rudder) into Portsmouth.

A.B.a Milsom and Baker, took part in the Squadron rifle shooting activities. A.B. Milsom excelled himself, win-

Two membersof the ship's company,

giving ceremony he was rewarded with twoteam medals, and for his individual

Licut. Stark and A.B. Smellie were selected to play cricket for the United Services. AR. Smellie has since been chosen as twelfth man for the Royal

fling individual firsts for distances of 300, 500 and 600 yards. At the prize-

efforts he received a silver medal and

three bronze ones. Quite an achieve- ment.


at Gibraltar. On Tuesday, March 23, ships large and small, going to wood Studios as a mermaid in their normal routine was rudely inter. promise not to get into difficulties and the Technicolor comedy "Mad I rupted when they were invaded by a trouble? Thus we can wash out all

NINE SMALL ships of the Reserve Fleet lay alongside the Detached Mole

scrubbers, brushes, pots and paint. please all "sea-going" natives Operation "Glamour" had commenced.

of "Mrs. Mops," armed with

" the Reserve Fleet personnel were far state of affairs is to continue, we can mermaid on the screen " she Mediterranean work" in the near future.

the visit of H.M. the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to Gibraltar. A

a period of 62 days H.M.S. Fleetwood has steamed 9.155 miles and, if this

tails had to have Glynis's appro- val. "The last time I played a

too few to carry out this task, the foresee lots of defects in our "brick- save, "I looked like a sardine." Commander-in.Chief

(Admiral the Earl Mounthatten) had allocated the task as an evolution t

sure, would have provided that eminent cartoonist, (iilcs, with plenty of material. They were, however. no

the Home and Mediterranean Fleets be the greatest indignity of all. during the Combined fleet meeting.

join in with us on the Emergency Destroyer Duty List. or are all other

overall so that they would present a be introduced into the Service. That of log, the third for swimming and good appearance on the occasion of Bricklayer 1st. 2nd and 3rd class? In the last as a stand-by. All the

These nine ships were to be painted assume that a new rating will shortly for sitting in, another for loung-

E.M.D. duties. This. I am sure, will about Men"-'hut a super mci- In view of this change are we to all being worn at once. One is

maid this time. She hasn't only one tail, but four. These are not

- -'- '-' -

Jane Russell in two scent's from "Th. French Line"

but to be branded the man who was fessional fishermen to bring in live R.K.O. Radio release, which she will sea-sick in a shore establishment would sharks at £70 a head for scenes in their make this summer. The popular and

R.K.O. Radio hired a couple of pro- color production in SuperSeope for

parties from ships of both Fleets con- refreshing to come up against those Gilbert Roland, There was one pro' ranch holdings, including a herd of verged on these nine small ships and who appreciate help, however small. visiofl -the fish had to be over eight

Navy. A group of Sea Scouts spent a few days on board, and were with us

ships, was finished on the first day. The ciscs tiff Land's End on the morning lana." the Benedict Bogeaus Techni- 'shortly. assault as renewed on the nest day, of May 4 when a distress signal was and the second stage, "Paint Ship," was received stating that a yacht was drift-

set about the job of giving them a new The case I refer to is that of the yacht look. '[he first stage of Operation Alvena and H.M.S. Fleetwood. "Glamour," the washing down of the

completed by that evening,

Fleet ships, magnificent in their roll as she turned towards the yacht's fitting part of the scenic background the previous day and night had not

with complete success. The Reserve

before which was staged H.M. the Queen's visit,

Athletic meetlag

The athletic sports meeting of the Reserve FI,'t t P,srt.n".,,.ik

- - - . ,,..

Reserve Fleet Division, Portsmouth, was held at H.M.S. Excellent on the

are training rigorously to compete in the Squadron regatta, which takes place later in the year. The enthusiasm is

about the handsome silver cups that are to he presented as prizes this year.

Navy Xl versus Hampshire match. The majority of the ship's company

very apparent, perhaps they have heard

By and large, the term so far has consisted of many interesting diver- sions, lending a much happier atmo- sphere to the daily round.


An able sailor, though resettled. Found himself completely nettled. For his proud, determined spouse So employed him in the house That never had he been so tired

Since his naval time expired. 1hen strong words he harshly muttered;

He knew where his bread was buttered.

And though his missus stormed and raged.

He hurried off and re-engaged

knowing that the domestic tension

Would ease before he took his pension.

H. (i. NI.

Photographs may be obtained from The Editor

Size S

In. s 6 in.-price is. 6d Post Fret Is, 9d.

prising tt;e' Flagship Group anj;he fishing boat and as the weather was '-',y,'-. i.," , .,,i,5 Ii"U Uy I.., "h, ii.,.., ,... A i,. UIViiSii afternoon of Thursday. May 10. Commanding Officer, Lieut.-Cdr. C. M.

rapidly clearing up there was nothing Fleetwood could do and so. after the

newly acquired splendour, formed a position. The slate of the sea during _

The evolution had been carried out weather at the time was not good and the warship developed rather a heavy

ing in an area south of Ireland. The tires

ship reached the yacht, some six hours after receiving the signal. Alvena was,

mariner writers, to pick up this wort' manlike account. The book falls easily

Arrangements for the meeting were Stocken. D.S.C., had assured himself The diagrams here are admirable. The the between three teams. The final placing meeting, lead see - sawing

race, the formidable Whale Island obstacle race.

Mrs. Eaton, wile of Rear-Admiral J. W. M, Eaton. CR., 1)5.0., 1) SC'.,

are devoted to introducing the sub' marine, her crew and her depot ship,,

ishness. T[1 fl1'\s 7'

been too gentle- the wind reaching gale force on several occasions, so that 11W BRITISH SUBMARINE: ('em. hooks so painful to read, and is the crew of Fleetwood, in the majority, were not feeling so bright when the

mmdcc F, W. 1,l1scomb, R,N. ultimately liberated in a somewhat (A. & C. Black. 25s.)

How very pleasant it is, after the histrionic modesty of some of Our sub' a vigour heightened by their amateur-

remarkable manner. His drawings, of which a number are reproduced, have

into two main sections. Four chapters THE COI.I)EN ADMIRAL: F. yam W;ck Mason. (JarTOIdS. ha. ed.)

made by the R.F. Division, H.M.S. that everyone in the yacht was safe, the remaining chapters lead the reader ceded in escaping from the conven- Relkrophon.Two teams from the Flag' warship returned to her original posi- from the early days of the Holland tion. established by such best sellers as

Few American writers have sue-

ship Group and six from the Division. tion and carried on with her exercises. type, which is described with cryptic Gone With The Wind or Forever Interest was maintained throughout the

depended upon the result of the last and its crew for leaving in such himself a little conservative prophecy with just enough bias to provoke again

board had something uncomplimen- tary to say about the yacht, its owners

weather and causing so much trouble. Two

presented the shield to the winning team, the Group Seamen.


were withdrawn when a card was received by the Commanding Officer

days later, however, these remarks

Seamen; 2. Supply and Secretariat; 3, put it). and thanking him for the offer of help. Four days after that a letter

The final placing was: I, Group and men for the trouble they had been Events and winners: (Flag "B"). (H.Q.E.R.). E.R.).

from one of the owners on board Alvena. thanking him and his officers

100 Yards, Junior: S. N. Turner Portsmouth. This letter, from Cowes, I Boat Race: Group E.R.

reached the Captain, which was for- warded from the Commander-in-Chiet I

100 Yards, Senior: SM. Ki n g Sack Relay Race: Group Seamen,

tance, adding: "It must have been a heartening sight for those on hoard

Quite naturally most people on humour as "originally designed without Amber, that a novel based on a historical theme must be long. Mr.

a periscope," to the latest develop- ments, the writer finally permitting

the argument that has gone on for 54 drags; and it drags in a peculiar

the Spanish Armada to the approved four hooks. All too often the story

impression is of a thoroughly compe- tent and readable piece of work.

Mason moves with the throng, and draws out his tale of Drake and

years. Although now and again we can- not see the Fleet for the boats.the final dialect strewn with Elizabethan bad

language and New Elizabethan bad grammar. Where the author is really

THE. ADVENTURES OF JOHN engagements, murder, plunder and rape-he displays imaginative power

interested -in battles, sieges, bloody

WIi'IIERELL: ed C. S. Forester. (Slicharl Joseph, Its.)

came from the other owner and also " conjure with among lovers of a good to see the Navy standing by." The nautical has been well employed in

to join Mr. Forester in his workshop. His encyclopedic knowledge of things

Fhe name of (', S. Forester is one to valeseent,

and a gift of convincing characterisa- tion, This is a novel for the con-

thanked everyone for the offer of assis- yarn. With this book we are privileged WINGS OFF THE SEA: J. E, Mc- (Constable, us, öd')

Bicycle Race, One Mile: A.B. taken Fleetwood's arrival as a matter Napoleon. Wetherell himself appears epic. There are three major characters Gammon (Group Seamen).

440 Yards: ERA. Brown (Group tary. The yacht owners need not have Wetherell, a merchant seaman pressed realises that that arm of the Royal sent their thanks-they could have into the service of His Majesty to fight Navy has so far failed to produce its

100 Yards, Officers: Sub-Lieut. (S) Coates (Flag "B").

One Mile Medley: Supply and unselfish outlook on life. Good luck, his complaints regarding the whole- none of the saving charm of the earlier Secretariat.

Veterans' Relay: Elgas.

Commanders' Slow Bicycle R&": Cdr, (L) Brown (H.Q. Group),

and Secretariat. WhaleIsland Obstacle Race: Supply

Pubiished by Navy Mew.Coinmitlee, Royal Naval Auvmsmasasr Maissoms;

'' C.P.O, Sa,'Ile

hart.oiir the other day. and a. the two ships WCfC saluitni caub othee, shouted "Why don't you eel cally and without the bitterness which whether it wasworth while.

"am ca time In pant, to not" this. I makes many modern prisoner of war

wscks. Poflau.oulh. and Priuad by Gale APolden, Ltd., at their weliinjton Press, AidonhoS, Han*s. OakAPoI,1e, LtdIdeni House, Argyll

Street.Lo~. Tel. Claimed 4i11

-.The y.un Lad Oft the Sainie, who poked a French camp, an Il'year'long expcr- cabin, leaving the central figure to hi, head out of a Port a. Fieeiwod pawd in ence which he describes philoeophi- wonder vaguely, like the reader,

" - R.I. C. Obstacle Medley: Flag "B."

of form, because after all, the Royal as a cheerful grumbler, a gossip who in the story, unless one includes the Navy is afloat for just such purposes. knows when to keep a still tongue, a young woman who repeats the device

The fact that they showed their apprec- thoroughly likeable fellow. His numer- used in The Cruel Sea of appearing as iation shows also that there are still ous adventures are worthy of the corn- a brief interlude to war, a task she

some people around who have an panions of the great Hornblower, and performs with all the eroticism and Alvena.

someness of the victuals lend a con- character. Of the men, the most like- vincing authenticity to his accounts, able and the most detestable die, the Wctherell becomes a prisoner of warin former in the air and the latter in his

remarks by nowwere quite complimen- editing this fascinating diary of John Air Arm in the Korean War, one Having read this novel of the Fleet

At 0805 on Tuesday. March 23, granted these days that it is quite Jane Russell, Richard Egan and death of her father, takes over his 10.000 cattle. The original screen-

So many people take things for drama "The Rig Rainbow," co-starring self-reliant woman who, upon the Technicolor and SuperSeope adventure versatile actress will portray a fiery, feet long, Fleetwood was carrying out exer- Stanwyck in "('attic Queen of Non- and a choice of director will be made It is an unusual role for Barbara in the late 1800's. Other top castings play, by Thomas Blackburn, is set laid on the forecastle. Op'sI1o "GIamom"Dothe shore establishments now coast of Scotland

Back row: A.A.2 Goodwin, E.A. Napier, N.! A. Atkins, P.10. Tedder, A.1C. Horton, N/A, Lavery and N./A. TiIIey.Centre row: P.10, Sly, A.A.3 Scott, S.A.C. Warren, A./P./O. Goodwin, A.A.4 Manser, P./0. Ck. Mann and

- screams and shrieks round and roundHugh Hastings, visits the kings

the stately buildings, scatterinsalt Theatre. Southsea, in June, with spume in an offensive manner at all Wallas Eaton in the leading role.


On the other hand maybe the ship's member of radio's "Take it from company of some ship will awake oneHere" team, will be seen as ex-

the spectacle of seeing gate staffs cling- history of the London theatre, ing to their

the life-lines whilst the wind "Seagulls over Sorrento." by Wallas Eaton, from 1948 a

morning and find the Bluejacket barrow boy AU.Badger, one of guard and band marching and counter-a group of nine sailors whohave marching

T Tailor and Outfitter



stanchions on the quarter-deck or find dangerous experiment at a small that a newflower bedhas been skilfully naval research station off the

Film Glynia Johns is back at Pine- Ii. I ' w)14 '

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