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by Lisa Giannini, CVPM, of South- point Animal Hospital

Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM)

Te Best of Both Worlds - Leadership and Management, Surrounded by the Spirit of Pets

What is a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM)? A CVPM is a professional veterinary practice manager who has earned the credential and demonstrated the professional competency standards identified and adopted by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA). A CVPM demonstrates to members of the profession, the public and governmental authorities a commitment and interest in providing only the highest quality professional management services available. The VHMA's certification program provides more than ordinary assurance of professional quality services. The certification designation, CVPM, is recognized as a sign of achievement of excellence. The professional veterinary practice manager who participates in the VHMA's certification program publicly endorses the VHMA Code of Ethics and standards of excellence and offers professional services knowing that the veterinary profession, the public and governmental authorities realize that established CVPM standards serve as the certified professional's own starting point for delivering professional quality services.

Responsibilities of a CVPM include tasks surrounding human resources, finances, laws and ethics, marketing, client services and practice organization. Below are examples of what each task includes.

HUMAN RESOURCES includes: recruiting, interviewing and hiring, managing, training and development (including safety training). It also includes tasks such as scheduling, managing daily work assignments, conducting staff meetings and employee performance reviews, mediating internal disputes, discipline/discharge employees, managing employee benefit programs, maintaining confidential employee records and creating and updating job descriptions and manuals.

FINANCIAL ASPECTS of CVPM include the following: analyzing practice and financial reports; managing payroll; performing accounts payable and accounts receivables; budgeting

and long-range planning; establishing and

enforcing client credit policies; analyzing fees and strategic financial planning; overseeing daily and monthly banking procedures; maintaining chart of accounts; and maintaining imprest petty cash account.

LAW & ETHICS includes employee contracts and employment and labor law.

MARKETING includes internal and external marketing and public relations

CLIENT SERVICES includes monitoring client retention, setting up and maintaining new client program, handling client complaints, obtaining and reporting

client feedback on

service, responding to client questions, and providing client education.

ORGANIZATION OF PRACTICE includes inventory management; equipment and maintenance; medical record standards and compliance; technology systems and policies; and liaison to professional services.

Those interested in earning a CVPM designation must be actively employed as a practice manager for a minimum of three years within the last seven; have 18 college credit hours in management-related courses; have 48 hours of continuing education courses, seminars, etc., specifically devoted to management; and have four letters of recommendation.

If all these criteria are met the applicant can then sit for a written exam. Finally, in order to maintain certification, each certified professional must provide evidence of the individual's continued compliance with the certification program.

All of us have stressors in our life, especially in the workplace. How wonderful to align business management with the purpose of putting the clients’ and pets’ interests first!

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