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PET FRIENDLY BUSINESS by Matthew Frazier NOFO @ Te Pig

In a town touted as being on the leading edge of so many technologies, it’s often easy to forget about the places scattered around that hold onto a tried and true formula for retail success: great products, great personal atmosphere and a clear appreciation for customers and community. NOFO @ The Pig located in Raleigh’s Five community is one such place. Even before stepping in the door, you already know you aren’t about to enter another chain store with the same old wares. Whether you are walking in the Fairview Road entrance past the dog water dish on the deck for retail goodies, or the Glenwood Road entrance into the café level, you can count on finding something unexpected and delightful. The interior features an open atrium between floors with an exposed stair and two-story glass wall that brings the outdoors in.


NOFO @ The Pig is named for the previous life of the building it occupies. Owner Jean Martin, a native of the Five Points community, remembers when her mother used to send her down to the Piggly Wiggly grocery store for milk. Nicknamed “The Pig” by most in the community, Martin elected to retain elements of the grocery store in the design of the café and retail store that now occupies the old space. NOFO @ The Pig is run by Martin and

general manager West Riddick as an establishment that features an amazing assortment of local products featuring more than 60 local artisans.

Because of the rules from our friends downtown, pets aren’t allowed inside, but NOFO @ The Pig welcomes your dog on the upper deck and outdoor areas, and keeps water on-hand to make sure your pet stays hydrated while you enjoy your selection from the café -- a piece of gourmet chocolate or candy, or while you browse their section.

retail offerings, including the small pet

On the third Saturday of each month, NOFO @ The Pig holds an outdoor fair to showcase an even wider selection of their featured products and artisans, and the outdoor venue allows pets the opportunity to accompany their owners while shopping. In addition to the unique fare from the café, the retail store offers jewelry, books, music, chocolate, bread, cookies and other bakery items, candy, coffee, clothing, produce, greeting cards, dairy, frozen food items, mill goods (flour, cornmeal, etc.) and more. The owners demonstrate an amazing commitment to local vendors, artisans and products.

NOFO @ The Pig is a short drive (or walk) from much of greater Raleigh, and has something for everyone. A friendly staff and dedication to customers and community make it a great destination for your afternoon walk or

trip into town. With a

wide selection of merchandise and cuisine, you can’t help but find something you’ll like, and their pet- friendly attitude means you won’t have to pass by just because you’re out walking your dog.

Photos by Matthew Frazier 34 Volume 2 • Issue 1 T The Triangle Dog

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