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Hi! My name is Maisy and I am eight years old. I’m an amazing dog who needs a special family to love me and take great care of me. I have hypothyroidism and Addison’s disease, which require two inexpensive daily pills and an injection once every 25 days. The injection is expensive, but thanks to a generous donor the cost is just $10 per shot for the rest of my life! I have been in foster care for over a year now and would love to begin life with a forever family. I am very loving, laid back and well behaved and I promise you will fall in love with me!

I am a sweet 10-year-old boy named Murdock and I love living life with three other senior beagles. I enjoy spending my days curled up on a dog bed in the corner of the living room. When not napping, I love to wander around in the fenced-in back yard. On sunny afternoons, you may find me taking a snooze on the deck. I am completely housetrained and my foster parents leave me free to wander in and out of the house during the day while they are at work. I am a little hard of hearing and do not have the best eye sight, but this has not really affected my lifestyle. I am a loving, enjoyable dog and was recently named “Murdog” by my foster mom’s nephew!

Daisy Mae here! I am an incredibly sweet and loving dog who loves to cuddle. I am great with adults, dogs, cats and children. Wow, do I love kids! When my foster parents take me for walks I pull towards kids and you can see my tail wag like crazy. I do, however, walk well on a leash and enjoy exploring the neighborhood. I am housebroken and very well behaved. I love to hang out and be loved. Despite being a “senior” dog, I am able to jump shorter fences so I need to be leash walked or have a fence at least six feet tall. I would do best in a home with at least one other dog, as I don’t enjoy being left alone. I am a sweet girl and will add so much joy and love to your life!

Hi, I am Sophie, and I am a five-year-old sweet, smart and loving dog. I have been through a lot, so it takes me a while for to fully trust someone new in my life, but once you let me know that you are going to come back for me and love me, I will respect and love you back ten-fold. At first, I was nervous and anxious about being left alone in my foster home. After just a few weeks of training and love, I am completely comfortable being left in a closed room and only require a treat and a belly rub before you leave me. I am an extremely smart and enthusiastic dog!

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The Triangle Dog T Volume 2 • Issue 1 13




Daisy Mae

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