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Financial Wellness Month


Financial Wellness Month is celebrated during the month of January. Financial Wellness Months provides a great time to start thinking about your financial future as well as that of your employees. January is a particularly good time for Financial Wellness Month since many American’s over spend during the holidays Financial wellness is an intricate balance of the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of money. This unique combination is an ideal to strive towards in our dealings with money. Financial wellness is having an understanding of your financial situation and taking care of it in such a way that you are prepared for financial changes. Take the quiz: Score yourself - Yes/Kind of/No/

You must be kidding 1. Do you have cash in your pocket? 2. Do you balance your checkbook regularly? 3. Do you know the total amount of debt you have?

4. Do you feel there is plenty of time in the day? 5. Do you have a retirement account? 6. Do you know how much is in your retirement account?

7. Do you know where your retirement is invested?

8. Are you happy with your job? 9. Do you know what your net worth is? 10. Do you know what net worth means? Scoring: For every answer score the following points: Yes: 1 Kind of: 2

Campbell’s Arnone Scores 1,000th Career Point

by Marc Ayotte The Cougar Den was the setting for Tuesday night’s historic performance by Lady Cougar Becca Arnone. As it turned out, her achievement was certainly more glorious than the Cougar’s lopsided 72- 52 victory over the visiting Hopkinton Hawks, though one would argue that one in fact led to the other. The senior center entered the contest needing only 19 points to reach the scoring milestone, aiming to become only the third female basketball player in Campbell school history to reach the coveted thousand point club.

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Arnone shares the center court spotlight with her parents Barb and Phil With 4:37 remaining in the third quarter, Arnone with an iconic

No: 3 You must be kidding: 4

Total Score:__________ Check-in Results 10-15: Looking Good - You have a handle on your financial picture. You are on the scales with a fairly steady balance. And congratulate yourself! 16-22: In Need of Education - Okay, you have an overview of what is going on in your life. Your financial wellness picture is a bit hazy. But with some education and a bit of persistence you can change the picture and steady the balance. 23-28: Mismanaged - Your time and effort are misguided when it comes to finances, that is if you are putting anytime and effort in at all. You are heading for a disaster of the most explosive kind. 29-34: Messed Up - Get help immediately! You cannot do it on your own. Just think of all that fear and dread that provokes stress around money, that someday could be gone, if you act now! 35-40: Denial is Bliss - Have a nice day.


you ever are ready to look at your finances - go slowly, it may be overwhelming to deal with reality.)

Financial Wellness Check-in Action Steps What do you do with the score? Read below and find the action steps that match

your score. 10-16: Looking Good - Yes, you are in good shape. Still, there is always more to learn. It is time to get some objective advice. So investigate the financial professionals in your area. Look for an advisor who is a Certified Financial Planner. This means they are licensed and educated to review your whole financial picture and help you meet your goals. An annual check-in will help you reach peak performance and keep you operating that way. 16-23: In Need of Education - How to get a financial education without going back to school? Look to financial magazines to begin your education. Pick up a book or two to guide you in your understanding of financial matters. Then, attend a financial workshop or two. Local business groups or continuing education centers offer them at convenient times and at little or no expense. 23-29: Mismanaged - How do you start now putting in the extra time and effort in to your finances? First, set aside time to review what income you have, and how you spend it. This may involve pulling together financial records or starting from scratch tracking the information. Next, pull out your bank statements, credit card statements and retirement and investment accounts. On one sheet of paper, summarize how much you have and where it is. 29-34: Messed Up - Where to get the help you need? First, you may ask friends how they do it – if you are comfortable talking to them about money. Second, consider talking to a therapist or other professional about why it is you have resistance to facing up to money and its place in your life. 35-40: Denial is Bliss - If you are willing to put in some work, there is hope. Just in an objective sense, no beating yourself up or creating a crisis of past wrongs. write it down and acknowledge it. Next, spend twenty minutes a day with your finances. Start with simple tasks – cleaning your wallet and counting the money there. Collecting the loose change scattered in your house, car, and pockets and putting it in one place. When you are comfortable with these tasks, move slowly up the scale.

Lady Cougar Becca Arnone, #23 white, gets hacked by Hopkinton’s #21 Jessi Quinn, but it does not stop her historic shot from finding the bottom of the twine

low post move entered the record books, scoring the hoop while getting fouled on the play. After converting on the entry pass from point guard Hannah Neild, Arnone received immediate congratulations from teammates Liz Pettis and Shannon Levigne who came rushing onto the court, bearing a commemorative bouquet of flowers. Arnone, accompanied by her mother, Barbara and her father, Phil was then presented the 1,000th point ball by Coach Flynn as the game was momentarily delayed for a brief photo op at midcourt. With Arnone’s individual accomplishment came the Cougar’s 26th consecutive team victory-dating back to the fourth game of the 2011 regular season. Achieving the exclusive club in style, Arnone had a monster game; pouring in 31 points to go with 17 boards and 11 assists. After the game, Arnone admitted that the first quarter was a little rough; “I was a little nervous, but gradually the pressure wore off.” After being asked about her role in Arnone’s showcase performance, freshman Hannah Neild said “it was a pleasure to be a part of it.” Shawn Flynn, who has seen all three Lady Cougars that have achieved the thousand point feat, do so during his tenure as Cougar head coach, shared his thoughts; “I thought it was special night. She (Arnone) deserves every minute of tonight. Her hard work and dedication to the game really showed tonight. I am very happy for her.”

Open Mic Night

by Tom Tollefson Last Thursday evening, January 12, the microphones at Alvirne High School were alive with sounds of Hudson’s youth. Alvirne’s open mic night included 20 student musical, vocal, and comedic acts. This event was sponsored by Alvirne’s theatre group Class Act. “Alvirne High School is unlike any other high school because we

don’t call it a talent show, instead we call it open mic night. It’s by the people and for the people,” said Alvirne senior stage crew member Iris Allen. The school faculty, who helped with open mic night, enjoyed the night as well as the students. “It was so incredible to watch the talent at Alvirne shine on stage,

“said Alvirne English teacher Lauren Denis. Among the notable highlights of the evening was the rock band

Figure Eight, made up of Alvirne seniors Chase Clark (lead guitarist and vocalist), Eric Dupont (drummer), and Vince Dupont (bass guitarist). During their three year history, Figure Eight has played at Milly’s Tavern in Manchester and took first place both at K Rock’s Battle of the Bands and Rockn’ Rib Fest’s teen band competition. “It’s nice to connect with people from our school instead of just strangers,” Clark said about playing in front of his classmates.

Katie Wagner signing and playing guitar at Alvirne’s Open Mic Night continued to page 7- Open Mic

Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce Announces Officers and Directors for 2012

submitted by Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce The Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce (GHCC) held its Annual Directors Election and as a result of the Greater Hudson Chamber is pleased to announce the following business members were re-elected to the 2012 Board of Directors: Jerry Mayotte of Red Brick Clothing, Mike Falzone of Area News Group, Alvin Oasan of Enterprise Bank, and Deborah Clement of RE/MAX Properties. Continuing to serve on the 2012 GHCC Board are: Tim Malley of TJ Malley Electric, Steve Forkey of Web Action Group, Dr. Scott Szela of Chiropractic Works, Steve Flaherty of Sam’s Club, William Warnke of William Warnke CPA, Ryan Fragala of Financial Insurance Service, Chief Jason Lavoie of the Hudson Police Department, Fred Ramos of Showtime Computers, Ibo Yilmaz of Matibo’s Salon, and Marco Laferriere of St. Mary’s Bank. During the January GHCC Board of Directors meeting, the directors met to elect its officers for 2012. The officers are as follows:

Mike Falzone of Area News Group was selected as President; Timothy Malley of TJ Malley was selected to Executive Vice President; Fred Ramos of Showtime Computers will serve as First Vice President; William Warnke of William Warnke CPA was elected to Treasurer; and Deborah Clement of RE/MAX Properties was elected to serve as Secretary.

Information about the Greater Hudson Chamber of Commerce can be found on their Website at www.

Mike Falzone 2012 President of Hudson Chamber of Commerce We Have a Winner!

After the freak snow storm in late October that left hundreds of thousands of people without power across New England, who would have thought that it would be January before we saw any real snow again? David Dominci of Litchfield, that’s who! David not only guessed the exact Snow Contest winning date, he was the only entrant to guess a date in January. Each year, the Area News Group holds its annual Snow Contest, in which our readers are asked to guess when the first inch of snow will fall after Thanksgiving. The winner (or winners in some cases) receives various prizes, which

are donated by our advertisers. This year, more than 150 entries were submitted and most of them reflected the notion that New Englanders were gearing up for a fierce winter. Most of the guesses were dates in early December, and all of the entries, save one, fell somewhere between November 25 and December 27. Well, on Thursday, January 12, 2012 we managed to muster up an inch of snow before it turned to rain, and our optimistic David Dominici of Litchfield was deemed the winner. Congratulations, David!


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