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Hudson - Litchfield News | January 20, 2012 - 3

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

Penguin Plunge Needs Sponsors

My name is Valerie Harnadek, I am the Sr. Vice Commander at the American Legion here in Hudson. It is that time of year again where I ask that everyone think of the upcoming event “Te Penguin Plunge.” I am looking for sponsors to help raise monies for the Special Olympics of New Hampshire. Tis is the fifth year that my team and I have participated, and each year we with everyone’s support are able to meet our goal.

I know that with the economy the way it has been things could be very difficult for our supporters this year, but if you are able to even contribute a little, every bit is closer to the goal. If it is not possible for you to donate this year, I would like to thank you for your past donations. If you are able to contribute to the cause please make

your checks payable to Special Olympics of NH, and have them here at Te American Legion by January 29. Again thank you for all your support.

Valerie Harnadek, American Legion Post 48 - Hudson

Two Forms of ID Needed to use the Dump. No form of ID Needed to Vote

Tank you for enclosing the annual schedule and

rules for the Hudson Waste Disposal. With interest and amazement I read the fact that Hudson residents only have three days per year to dispose of trash that cannot be put into our trash bins. Ten I further read that one needs a valid photo ID to obtain the three permits allowed per year. It also reads that one will need to show the valid photo ID again at each visit to the drop- off site. I do understand that the concern is that only Hudson residents are allowed to use this service. However, our state is not equally concerned in handing ballots to persons without a valid photo ID. As reported by the media last week, in our great State of New Hampshire, anyone is able to go to the voting polls, ask for a ballot posing as anyone who has not yet been crossed off as having voted that day, dead or alive. Tere is no valid photo ID required to prove whether the potential voter is the person who he/she states to be. I am more than appalled that this is possible! A number of reporters have done this on January 10 during our Presidential Primary Elections to show on camera to the world that they were able to obtain ballots by giving names of people who were recently deceased according to obituaries in the newspapers. Again, I am shaking my head. Several checklist clerks agreed that all you need in New Hampshire is state a name, and you will get the ballot as long as the name has not yet been checked off on that day. Seriously? How can it be that it is more difficult to legitimately dispose of one’s trash in our town, than it is to cast a ballot in NH? Something is very wrong with this picture! Will our legislators please do something about the ability of anyone walking off the street - resident or not, U.S. citizen or not - and cast a vote in someone else’s name? Our election results are hugely compromised by the complacency of any State Legislature to allow “just anyone” to vote in whoever’s name they please, maybe even more than once a day in different locations throughout the State, using the same method of checking obituaries or any other ways to “steal” a ballot. Tis is a serious gap that needs to be closed, and quickly!

Margit Monk – Hudson

tax dollars for consultations, or planning fees. Since now we have a town administrator and a board that is willing to bring business to Litchfield, and they feel they can find 100 acres of land to support a business, here are my suggestions: A Wegmans, an Ikea, a manufacturing plant, a small kiosk mall that had a gas station, bank/ATM, Panera Bread or Dunkin Donuts, a chain restaurant, or a health facility. Since you’re all gun ho on getting some business, I am sure the residents will be happy to help you find some.

Brenda Douglas - Litchfield Cruise Ship Safety As a former naval officer; officer-of-the deck

underway, independent and formation steaming; and qualified marine navigator and instructor, I have questions concerning the grounding of the cruise ship Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy. Was the captain on the bridge exercising control of the ship? If so, why was the ship so close to the rocks? If not, who was on the bridge conning the ship? What were their qualifications? Was there a maritime pilot on the bridge? Te most dangerous period in peacetime for a ship underway is when it is leaving and entering port or traversing in close proximity to land. Tis is when you have to be on full alert. Why did the Costa Concordia only hold emergency

evacuation drills once every 15 days? During a 15 day period the ship would normally visit a number of ports and embark new passengers. A drill should be held prior to leaving every port. Te maritime industry should evaluate the viability of lifeboat systems which fail when a ship takes on a significant list that makes it very difficult or impossible to launch lifeboats. More attention must be paid to the safety of passengers and crew.

Donald A. Moskowitz - Londonderry

Help the B Naturals Represent Alvirne in Washington, DC

“Te B Naturals” is Hudson’s premiere vocal group. Comprised of Alvirne High School’s most accomplished singers, their mission is to provide community service through music, theater and dance, to the greater Hudson community and the State of New Hampshire. Tey have been doing so for over 15 years. Now, the B Naturals have been asked to expand their audience and their service in a very special way. Nominated by Governor John Lynch, the B Naturals are the only student group selected to represent the State of NH at the 100th Anniversary of the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC, to perform this April 2012 alongside the “best of the best” from the 50 states of our union. Total costs for transportation, sound equipment, hotel accommodations, two meals per day, insurance coverage, etc. for the Washington trip is over $15,000. Te Hudson School District is not prepared, in the wake of budget constraints and the state of our economy, to absorb this immense cost. Tey need your help.

A Prison in Litchfield is not an Option

I am writing to express my concern regarding the

board of selectman and the town administrator agreeing to meet with representatives regarding a prison being built in Litchfield.

A prison is the best idea you people can think of,

really? It would bring our property values down, and since this board and past boards have not tried to bring in any other businesses, this is the first thing you can come up with? Unbelievable. I was under the impression having lived here for 12 years that the town has been against any business trying to open here. If you are trying to broaden the tax base, and create jobs, there are many other types of businesses that would have a more positive effect on our house values and the town. I and I am sure many other town residents will be asking that this plan be discontinued before you use any


• Walk-In or by Appointment • Complete in one visit

Ackley Associates Inc. 883-3912

215A Main St., Nashua (Above Aubuchon Hardware)

Mon.-Thurs., 8:30am-7pm, Fri. 8:30-5pm.Sat. 8:30am-12:30pm

Te B Naturals, Alvirne High School, and the Hudson School District are asking for your generous support in the endeavor of representing the great State of New Hampshire at the Cherry Blossom Festival Centennial this spring. Any business wishing to sponsor or co- sponsor this event is asked to contact Elizabeth Beaton, Choral Director

at Alvirne High School, 886-1265. Te choir would be committed to advertising your business to a national audience in whatever manner is acceptable to the Festival, and/or your business’ logo could appear in any advertisement we promote here in New Hampshire. At this point, we are still thousands of dollars away

from our goal, and we have a deadline to meet in a little over one month. If you are able to make a tax- deductible donation to this worthy cause, please address your check to: B Naturals to Washington, DC, c/o Alvirne High School, 200 Derry Road, Hudson, NH 03051. All checks should be made out to the “Alvirne Singers Fund.” We thank you in advance for your support of the

young musicians representing you, the State of New Hampshire, at the 2012 Cherry Blossom Festival Centennial.

Elizabeth Beaton, Choral Director, Alvirne High School – Hudson

Te Circus Came to Town January 10

On Primary Voting Day, January 10, the Big Red

Circus came to town. Actually they had been here for some time, but really made their presence known on the 10th. Tere was also a lesser-sized Blue Circus in town, but we didn’t see as of them as we did the Red Circus. Either way you could look at it, whether it be the Republican Campaign or the Democrat Blue

Campaign, they’re both like watching a circus because they all perform like they’re in a circus; as they jump through hoops and the ring of fire, and perform magic tricks for anyone who may be so easily tricked. Each time this occurs, it’s more depressing than the last election campaign cycle, because they all preach their false records and promise to conduct a campaign free from attacking their opponents; but they go back to the only way they know and that’s the sleazy campaign tactics. It’s even more foolish to watch the Manchester TV news coverage, with the news reporters all decked out in their finest; like they were invited to go to the Royal Wedding and ride in the Royal Carriage. It’s all a circus, with the corrupt two party system having their own ringmasters, magicians, trainers, and pooper- scoopers; plus all of the slight-of-hand sideshows. Year by year, the Red and Blue Circus is becoming

more irrelevant, as more and more voters drop out of the process, knowing that it’s only going to be the same old-same old, regardless of who is elected. And my good friends, that’s part of the reason for the various Occupy Movements/Protests around the country, because nothing will change, where it is most important to change; down here where we little folks are. And two closing thoughts, that the Hudson GOP seemed to be almost asleep on duty, with very few campaign signs, for any candidates, along Hudson’s roadways and I hope I haven’t irritated anybody.

Jerry Gutekunst – Hudson

Come Meet Us, Then Become Part of Us! Academy of Notre Dame

Elementary and Middle School Open House

In our supportive, multi-faith and culturally diverse environment, you’ll find: an academically focused Pre-K Program, music and art classes, a proficiency based Math REACH Program beginning in Grade 4, an introduction to computer learning starting in Grade K1, as well as

small class sizes and Before School and Extended Day options for Grades Pre-K - 8.

Come Take a Tour, Meet Our Faculty and Learn Why Our Students Scored in the Top 20% of All Schools Nationwide in English Language and Mathematics on the Stanford 10 (SAT 10)!



Pre-register online at, by contacting the Admissions Office at 978.649.7611, Ext. 327, or at, or by scanning this code. Walk-ins also welcome.


A Catholic, private school comprised of a co-educational Pre-K - 8 elementary and middle school and a college-preparatory high school for young women. Sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, the Academy welcomes students of all faiths from cities and towns throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

- NOON - 3 PM




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