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CIC Annual review 2010/2011


At CIC, we are committed to delivering services that evolve with the changing needs of the individual. Our business is founded on relationships. Trust is at the heart of any good relationship. Our service users and their families trust our staff to provide the care and support they need to help them, not only lead fuller lives, but to achieve greater independence.

Of course, these relationships do not operate in isolation, they are sustained and strengthened by the strong community we work within. Colleagues, service users and their families, social and health care professionals, GP’s and commissioners all work together to make services more effective and meaningful for more individuals.

This has been a year of significant change for the social and health care sector and for CIC. A new coalition government with a different perspective on public services requires care providers to be even more innovative and outcome focused in delivering care and support to individuals. With a global recession bedding in, CIC began reshaping in advance of the Comprehensive Spending Review to ensure that our charity was optimally organised to address spending cuts and maintain services where possible.

Of course, the significant change for CIC was the announcement in January that our CEO, Phil Edgington was retiring. Phil kindly stayed in post until August to welcome in our new CEO, Neil Matthewman. We are all grateful for the hard work and commitment Phil showed CIC and wish him well for the future. You will see from Neil’s brief biography on page 4, that Neil has excellent experience and qualifications to take the charity forward. I look forward to introducing him to you in 2012 annual review, where he can share with you the results of his restructuring and the market and situational analysis he is undertaking, which will form the basis of our next 5 year strategy. However, this publication is all about the events of the past financial year and we also have a great deal to share with you, now.

In 2010/2011 Our executive board devised and delivered a series of engagement roadshows to communicate the three operational objectives they had set as part of their corporate reshape;

Decisive and Efficient Management of services and costs (“Manage Well”)

Maintain our Performance Gains (“Continuous Improvement”)

Devise New solutions for Today’s Problems (“New Innovations”)

Over the course of a month, the board travelled the country and met staff from every level of CIC. This provided valuable insight into the priorities for our services

and an opportunity to engage our staff on the direction of our organisation. The impact reports in this annual review reflect the progress we have made in these areas.

We know that to continue to deliver improvements, integration and inclusion need to be at the heart of our service provision. This year we have seen our service user groups gain momentum. CIC services in Scotland led the way by signing the See Me Pledge. The ‘See Me’ campaign is a Scottish campaign which sees organisations of all kinds make a public commitment to raising awareness about mental health issues in the workplace and beyond.

In the New Year, CIC started the development of what will be one of the most innovative dementia services in the UK. The service, which we are provisionally calling, Everystep, will provide the whole pathway of care from diagnosis to end of life, supporting each individual with the condition through the challenges they face, by offering a range of specialist services from one state-of-the-art building. The new Everystep service is being developed in Manchester (on the site of Thornlea, the former Inspirit Care senior care home) and will open in 2012.

At the same time, we made the decision to withdraw from providing Addictions services. It was a very small service area for CIC and with increasing funding pressures it made sense for us to hand these services to an addictions service specialist.

“Experience”, our organisation wide volunteering programme, was launched this year. It is an exciting new project which we are developing and rolling out across CIC to encourage both corporate and individual volunteering.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in CIC and hope you will support our vision of an inclusive society where diversity is celebrated … and every person supported is treated with dignity, respect and has real choices and opportunities in life.

Best wishes, Simon Attwell - CIC Chairman

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