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20 CIC Annual review 2010/2011


The difficult decision was made to hand over our Addictions services to a provider who specialises only in Addictions. As part of CIC’s focus on high quality, professional services the Board recognised that this service offering required more specialised skills and attention than was justified within the Group. The best way forward for development of these services was therefore outside CIC. The Homeless services will continue under the Independent Living service area.


Embed new data management system for effective outcome reporting

Identify grants and alternative funding

Reconfigure services promptly to address funding restrictions

Increase marginal income through development of Biophysical

Continuous Improvement Obtain full Foyer accreditation

Continuous improvement in self-assessment scores and audit tools Implement next stage of EFQM

New Innovations Develop partnerships for growth

Further develop volunteering coordinator programme and share experience and best practice with other business areas

Develop the Biophysical brand, training and treatment


Withdraw from providing Addictions services. With increasing funding pressure it made sense for us to hand these small services to an Addictions service specialist.

The Homeless services have remained with CIC and continue to be developed and will be managed under Independent Living in 2011/12.


Homeless services continued to improve and engage their communities very successfully.


The organisational Experience programme was also rolled out to Homeless.

Biophysical was handed over to an Addictions provider on our exit from these services.


As part of Halton’s ‘Respect Week’, CIC’s homelessness project in Runcorn, Halton Goals spent a day collecting litter that had been dropped in their local estate. They also met Mayor Marie Wright and Mayoress Sheila Walsh and were treated to a guided tour of the historic Town Hall. Mayor Marie Wright told You First, “By taking part in initiatives like Halton’s Respect Week, Halton Goals’ residents are sending a really positive message to their local community.”

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