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How Brain Type Determines

Weight Loss Success

An Exclusive Interview with Daniel Amen, MD


r. Amen is fond of picking on fellow psychiatrists. “We belong to the only med- ical specialty that doesn’t look at the organ it treats,” he told me in a recent in-

terview. “We never look at what we do. It is crazy. We are practicing 18th century medicine in twentieth century times. It is wrong. The emperor has no clothes! We diagnose people with ADD, depression, and personality disorders all the time and to refuse to look at their brain is unconscionable.”

As the author of 28 books, including four New York Time’s Best Sellers, and producer of six national public tele- vision specials that have aired 40,000 times across the United States, Dr. Amen is challeng- ing conventional psychiatry by dar- ing to examine the brain and base his

treatment protocols on actual findings. His tool is Brain SPECT Imaging, which is available at select hospitals and clinics around the coun- try.

Perhaps more exciting for practical purposes, Dr. Amen has developed a series of question- naires that tell people what their brain would look like if they got a scan. Dr. Amen acknowl- edges that the questionnaires are not as good as getting an actual scan, but benefit people on a broader spectrum.

Dr. Amen’s premise is that problems like obe-

sity, depression, addiction, attention deficit disorder, and violence are not single or simple disorders in the brain. Each disorder has mul- tiple brain types associated with it and each brain type requires a different treatment proto- col. This means that no single program works for everyone, even though people’s manifest- ing symptoms may be similar. In fact, giving everyone the same program invites disaster.

I took the opportunity to ask Dr. Amen a few more questions about his program as applied to weight loss.

HT: Aren’t there weight loss fundamentals that apply to everyone? What real difference does brain type make?

Dr. Amen: Let me put it this way, doing the right thing consistently will help you no mat- ter what. Eating the right thing, exercising, taking supplements like multiple vitamins, fish oil, and making sure you optimize your Vita- min D level – all this will help everyone. So, that is the baseline program.

But there are five types of people. There are compulsive people, impulsive people, impul- sive-compulsive people, sad people and anx-

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