This page contains a Flash digital edition of a book.

Although the end user of an E-book generally just wants to read the material content, there may be other more technical aspects that contribute to the choice made. Below are some of the technical aspects of the different formats available:

• • • Amazon Kindle – basically created with the proprietary format, AZW, it is designed to follow

different serial number notations and has its own DRM formatting, which is conveniently delivered through the wireless systems.

Archos Diffusion – this format is very versatile and supports a variety of input formats in text,

audio and video. Using PDF, WMA, MP3, WMV it consist of interactive functions like bookmarking, advanced plain-text searching, dynamic text highlighting and many more.

Broadband E-book – is done in a proprietary format and those who use reader software for

general purpose computers can easily read the material. •

• Comic Book Archive file – is as the name depicts, is used for sequential image files for fluent

viewing. Stored as a single archive file it is very useful for comic book type designs as it is not a distinct file format. There are also applications that support additional tag information.

Compiled HM – This is a proprietary format style based on HTML. Here there is the advantage

of multiple pages and embedded graphics compressed in a single file. •

Desktop Author – having the electronic publishing suite that allows the virtual turning of pages,

this style is useful for publications such as brochures, e-books, digital photo albums, e-cards, digital diaries, quizzes and many more. These can be viewed inside web browsers or as standalone features.

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