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All conference sessions award 0.1 CEUs, pending approval. re-registration is not required.


to Avoid Immigration Pitfalls Topic Track: Location: Time:

Speaker(s): Varinia Guzman, Associate, Tressler LLP

This session will provide an overview of the Obama Administration Immigration Agenda and immigration topics covering the H-2B Program for Non-Agricultural Workers, I-9 Employment Authorization Verification and Employer Sanctions and other immigration programs. Participants will: (1) learn

Learning Outcomes:

to administer and manage I-9 employment eligibility verification; (2) receive an understanding of immigration-related issues and programs for successful hiring and retention of employees.

139 Sexual Predators: Is Your

Agency Safe? Topic Track: Location: Time:


Truffles, West Tower, Blue Level 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm

Speaker(s): John Good, Juvenile Officer, Glenview Police Department

This session will educate attendees about current laws in Illinois regarding sex offenders. A wide variety of topics will be presented: effective deterrents; updated legislation; strategies for working with local law enforcement departments in dealing with this growing challenge.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will: (1) be

presented with current information on techniques sexual predators use; (2) receive current information on law enforcement strategies for dealing with this issue.

This presentation will highlight the series of boardwalks and platforms that were installed at Starved Rock to provide an erosion control solution, address pedestrian traffic and address safety problems on the park's trails. Participants will: (1) learn

Learning Outcomes:

the latest solutions to prevent soil erosion; (2) discover opportunities for safety improvements and reductions in maintenance.

207 Starved Rock Boardwalks and

Platforms Topic Track: Location: Time:


Field, West Tower, Silver Level 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm John Frauenhoffer, Director of

Structural Engineering, Engineering Resource Associates, Inc.

Successful Hiring: Strategies HR/RISK MGMT

Toronto, West Tower, Gold Level 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm Eduardo Bolt, Partner and Agnna

142 The Troubled Contractor

Means Trouble for You Topic Track: Location: Level Time:


GOVERNANCE/LEGAL Grand Suite 5, East Tower, Gold

12:15 pm - 1:30 pm Ralph Kooy, Partner, Tressler LLP

Contractor defaults are on the rise. This session will provide an overview of the ways park districts can protect themselves in the contract documents, during construction in the identification and investigation of contractor performance issues, when the contractor walks off the job or is terminated prior to completion and when faced with claims and litigation. Participants will: (1) learn

Learning Outcomes:

how to guard against potential performance problems and to identify and protect themselves from performance problems as they arise; (2) learn how to document and enhance their claims when issues of contract performance arise; (3) learn how to properly make a claim to better ensure favorable recovery or settlement.

407 The Value of Play: Bringing People Back

to the Park Topic Track: Location: Time:


Hong Kong, West Tower, Gold Level 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm

Speaker(s): Joel Agate, Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University

Evidence of the value of play is rapidly emerging. This session will highlight the current research on the value of play and the alarming details of the disappearance of play from American life. Attendees will receive information about available resources to help facilitate a return to play in Illinois parks. A play toolkit for parks and recreation professionals will also be discussed. Participants will: (1) be

Learning Outcomes:

able to discuss the value of play and existing evidence of play deprivation in order to effectively advocate for play-friendly policies and programming; (2) receive resources to guide them in planning play-based activities to be implemented in public park and recreation agencies.


A to Z Topic Track: Location: Time:


Senior Programming from RECREATION

Acapulco, West Tower, Bronze Level 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm Teresa Grodsky, Senior Center

Supervisor, Park Ridge Recreation and Park District; Mary Stallings, Senior Center Supervisor, Dundee Township Park District

This session will focus on all programming for seniors. The basics of a successful program, how to make it grow, how to encourage participation and how to keep it fresh and interesting for you and for your participants will be covered.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will: (1) learn

important basics required to run a successful senior program; (2) receive new and innovative program ideas that will help encourage greater participation by their seniors.

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