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All conference sessions award 0.1 CEUs, pending approval. Pre-registration is not required.


Community Gardens: Growing From the

Ground Up Topic Track: Location: Time:


PARKS/NAT RESOURCES DuSable, West Tower, Silver Level 10:30 am - 11:45 am Keven Graham,

Principal/Landscape Architect, Planning Resources, Inc.; Robert Vierow, Owner, Bob's Fresh and Local CSA

This session will focus on design and development trends within community gardens and urban agriculture.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will: (1)

explore design fundamentals for aesthetics and functional growing conditions; (2) gain an understanding of what the gardener/grower needs to be successful and

options/requirements for organic gardening. 205

Noise Exposure: Who is Really HR/RISK MGMT

at Risk? Topic Track: Location: Time:

Field, West Tower, Silver Level 10:30 am - 11:45 am

Speaker(s): Sue Zurales, Audiologist, Mobilear, Inc.

How can I determine if the level of noise my employees are exposed to is loud enough to cause hearing loss? What steps can I take to protect the hearing of my noise exposed employees? How can I reduce my agency's risk of hearing loss claims from excessive noise exposure?

Learning Outcomes: Participants will: (1)

understand how noise affects hearing as well as what levels of noise and length of exposure can cause damage to hearing; (2) learn the components of a Hearing Conservation Program as well as how to implement a program to reduce employee risk of hearing loss and reduce risk of claims associated with hearing loss.

303 GASB: Where the Fun Begins

and Never Ends! Topic Track: Location: Time:


FINANCE/IT Atlanta, West Tower, Gold Level 10:30 am - 11:45 am Fred Lantz, Partner in

Charge/Government Services, Sikich LLP

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) has been very active over the last year issuing a number of due process documents and new statements and interpretations. This session will provide an overview of recently issued GASB Statements and Interpretations as well as an overview of the projects that reside on GASB's project calendar. Participants will: (1)

Learning Outcomes:

identify new Statements and Interpretations issued by GASB and the effective dates for their governments; (2) become familiar with the projects on GASB's project calendar and the status of the due process documents that have been issued for them.


Learn Tips in Budgeting from Young Professionals and

Business Office Staff Topic Track: Location: Time:


FINANCE/IT Columbian, West Tower, Bronze Level 10:30 am - 11:45 am Lynsey Heathcote, Recreation

Manager and Susan Leninger, Superintendent of Business Services, Bartlett Park District

Budgeting for your programs can be very different from the budgeting you learned in school. If you are struggling with your budgets or just need to learn more about budgeting, this session is for you!

Learning Outcomes: Participants will: (1) learn

an overall concept of budgeting and how it relates to the whole budget of the agency; (2) learn how to accurately assess all expenses to be budgeted for programs.


Overseeing Volunteer Coaches Topic Track: Location: Gold Level

Effectively Managing and RECREATION

Grand Suite 2, East Tower, Time: 10:30 am - 11:45 am

Speaker(s): John Engh, Chief Operating Officer, National Alliance for Youth Sports

For years youth sports professionals have focused on the training and background screening of volunteer coaches. While these are important, they are only half the equation. Once a volunteer is screened and trained, what systems and policies do you have in place to oversee and evaluate that individual? Are coaches reflecting your department's philosophies? Are they being held accountable for their behaviors?

Learning Outcomes: Participants will: (1)

discuss obstacles that relate to youth sports coach management and learn a proactive approach to managing youth sports coaches; (2) gain insight on developing policies for evaluation and accountability of volunteer youth sports coaches.


Nails, Hammers and Wood, Oh My! Innovative Day Camp

Programs Topic Track: Location:

Bronze Level Time:


RECREATION Buckingham, West Tower,

10:30 am - 11:45 am Lee Ann Fisk, Irwin Community

Center Manager, Homewood-Flossmoor Park District

The Hobo Jungle has been a specialty camp for over 30 years. The camp gives children ages 7- 13 the opportunity to imagine, create and build full-size structures using hammer, nails and saws. Come see how you can implement this camp at your own agency! Participants will: (1) learn

Learning Outcomes:

the value of and how to implement this specialty camp; (2) learn the support provided by PDRMA regarding this camp.




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