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All conference workshops award 0.1 CEUs, pending approval. Pre-registration is not required.

136 Synthetic Drugs: A New Risk

to the Community Topic Track: Location: Time:

Michael Hood, Deputy Attorney General, Criminal Justice and Cara Smith, Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Illinois Attorney General


Synthetic cannibinoids and cathinones have quickly become a health risk to the community. Knowledge of these products and education in the detection and response to their use are critical to any facility that serves the public. Participants will: (1) learn

Learning Outcomes:

how to identify these synthetic drugs; (2) learn how to identify the signs of use and how to interact with medical personnel and law enforcement on this issue.


Accept Donated Property = $0; Purchase = $$$; Hire Consultant = $$; Do

These Wrong = Priceless! Topic Track: Location: Time:


Field, West Tower, Silver Level 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

Speaker(s): Stephen Grossmark, Partner, Tressler LLP

This session will identify and discuss management of environmental and hazardous material property risks. The situations covered will include acquiring property by purchase or gift, long-term leases and owned property. Federal and state legal liabilities and defenses will be explained including the importance and use of preacquisition studies as well as state approval of remediations including the use of consultants, site-specific clean up standards and anticipated future regulation. Participants will: (1) learn

Learning Outcomes:

how to identify and manage these risks including the nature and extent of the risks and potential costs that may be incurred; (2) learn how to work with grantors, lessors, consultants and other park district team members in managing these risks.


Hong Kong, West Tower, Gold Level 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm


Successful Playground Community Build:

How to Plan It Topic Track: Location: Time:


Wrigley, West Tower, Bronze Level 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

Speaker(s): Rick Bieterman and Kevin Driscoll,

Sales, NuToys Leisure Products; Bryan Sykora, Business Development, Landscape Structures

This session will cover effective strategies for a community build and new trends in playground design and equipment. Participants will: (1) have

Learning Outcomes:

an understanding on how to plan and execute a community build; (2) examine new trends in playground equipment.

304 The Tax Levy: Where Do I

Begin? Topic Track: Location: Gold Level Time:

Speaker(s): FINANCE/IT Grand Suite 3, East Tower,

3:00 pm - 4:15 pm Susan Leninger, Superintendent of

Business Services, Bartlett Park District; Nancy McCaul, Executive Director, Fox Valley Park District

This session is a primer on how to develop a tax levy for the non-professional. It will offer a step by step approach from reviewing your agency's historical data on the EAV estimating the limiting rate and calculating the taxes to be levied by fund.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will: (1) learn

how to prepare a tax levy; (2) learn the legal requirements for presenting and publicizing the annual tax levy.

309 Independent Contractors

Versus Employees Topic Track: Location: Time:


HR/RISK MGMT Skyway 260, East Tower, Blue Level 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm Robert Bush and Margaret

Kostopulos, Attorneys, Ancel, Glink, Diamond, Bush, DiCianni & Krafthefer, P.C.

40 C

Independent contractors can do valuable work for a park district without the complications of hiring them as employees. Park districts need to be sure, however, that independent contractors don't turn out to be their employees after all. In this session we will discuss the factor that courts consider when deciding whether someone is an independent contractor or employee as well as the pros and cons of utilizing independent contractors in your district.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will: (1) learn

the tips and tricks in using contractors legally; (2) learn how to avoid expensive legal costs in hiring contractors.

419 Teen Programming: We've Built It, Why Won't They

Come? Topic Track: Location:

Green Level Time:

Speaker(s): RECREATION Plaza Ballroom B, East Tower,

3:00 pm - 4:15 pm Jessica Alexenko, Marketing

Manager, Oak Brook Park District; Jason Posluszny, Recreation Assistant, Bloomingdale Park District; Sean Warren, Teen Recreation Supervisor, St. Charles Park District

Teens are a difficult group to program for in the recreation world. Once you think you have a concrete idea, a teen thinks its outdated and lame. After using conventional marketing strategies, the word still is not getting out. In this session, we will look into what factors are influencing low teen participation rates, how you can get around these factors and new solutions to problems we are all facing when programming for teens. Participants will: (1)

Learning Outcomes:

discover new ways to program for teens in order to increase participation in their programs; (2) learn proper ways to promote their teen programs in order to increase program success.


Structured for Success Topic Track: Location: Time:


THERAPEUTIC REC Atlanta, West Tower, Gold Level 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm Sandy Blondin, Manager of School

Services/Day Camp, Fox Valley Special Recreation Association

This session will teach attendees the importance of not only the structure of programs, but also the use of the program space. Attendees will leave the session with resources and hands-on tools to help structure their programs and spaces for successful participation.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will: (1) learn

the importance of structure in both the program aspect and the space aspect; (2) learn how to structure their programs and space for successful participation for people of all abilities.


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