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All conference sessions award 0.1 CEUs, pending approval. Pre-registration is not required.


Senior Trippin' Topic Track: Location: Level Time:

Speaker(s): RECREATION Grand Suite 2, East Tower, Gold

9:30 am - 10:45 am Sue Gager, Active Adult Supervisor,

Bensenville Park District; Darlene Schnidt, Active Adult Coordinator, Addison Park District

Do you ever feel like you're running out of ideas for trips? This session will overwhelm you with new and old ideas for tripping with your seniors plus provide you with basic hints for creating a warm, welcoming and fun environment for your participants. Be sure to bring your own ideas to share!

Learning Outcomes: Participants will: (1) walk

away with a list of traditional and non- traditional trip ideas; (2) be encourage to add a personal touch to the nuts and bolts of tripping.


Chicago Children's Theatre's Red Kite Project: Serving

Children with Autism Topic Track: Location: Level Time:

Speaker(s): Chicago Children's Theatre

This hands-on multi-sensory session is designed to introduce participants to the use of theatre in promoting the social/emotional recognition and expression of children with autism. The speaker will offer an overview of all Red Kite programs and facilitate interactive demonstrations of various work done in classrooms across Chicago, at camps and in Red Kite theatrical productions. Participants will: (1) gain

Learning Outcomes:

knowledge of various CCT programming provided for children with autism; (2) learn basic drama games used in instructing children with autism.

THERAPEUTIC REC Grand Suite 5, East Tower, Gold

9:30 am - 10:45 am John Francisco, Teaching Artist,


Nature Centers: Bringing Nature Inside to Create

Environmental Stewardship Topic Track: Location: Time:


Field, West Tower, Silver Level 9:30 am - 10:45 am Elizabeth Kessler, Executive

Director, McHenry County Conservation District; Tom LaLonde, Vice President/Principal, Williams Architects

A newly designed protected area in your community may be the perfect location for a nature center, but where do you begin? This session will focus on the items to be considered when determining whether to build a nature center including assembling the right team, selecting exhibits and operational concerns. Changes may seem cost-prohibitive but the budgetary savings they can offer will usually outweigh the risks.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will: (1) be

able to identify conditions in which building a nature center makes sense and what characteristics contribute to creating an effective learning environment; (2) understand the guidelines for assembling a team that can address building configuration, exhibits and operations.


Alternate Management Structures Available to

Municipal Golf Courses Topic Track: Location: Time:

FACILITIES Speaker(s):

Wrigley, West Tower, Bronze Level 9:30 am - 10:45 am Richard Singer, Director of

Consulting Services, National Golf Foundation; Rob Waldron, Business Development Manager, Billy Casper Golf

Operating municipal golf courses has become extremely competitive with an elevated level of management sophistication. A variety of management structures will be presented along with the pros and cons of each structure. The development of a good RFP (request for proposal) including the advance research and the necessary components required to be successful will be discussed. Participants will: (1) learn

Learning Outcomes:

about the wide variety of management structures available to them and which structures will be best suited to their situation; (2) learn how to maximize the benefits of the RFP (request for proposal) and bid processes.

36 C

907 Taking Control of Your Public

Participation Process Topic Track: Location: Level Time:


MARKETING/COMM Plaza Ballroom A, East Tower, Green

9:30 am - 10:45 am Sameera Luthman, Director of

Marketing and Communications and Eric Shutes, Director of Planning, Naperville Park District

Learning Outcomes:

Want more satisfied residents? Communicate with them! Tax-supported agencies need to be accountable to their neighbors, especially in this age of increased scrutiny due to economic concerns. It is much easier to get out in front of residents with information in a timely and proactive way instead of waiting for questions and criticisms to surface. This session will illustrate the importance of developing and fostering a cooperative relationship between park district departments and community stakeholders. Participants will also learn how to develop a thorough and proactive plan for educating, asking for opinions and following through with residents. Participants will: (1) gain

valuable insight from learning the benefits of a coordinated communications campaign developed through a partnership between planning and marketing; (2) learn how to develop a public participation process and comprehensive plan that will empower agencies with the ability to more effectively control their messaging.


Lights, Camera, ACTION! What to Know Before You Get

Up and Make a Presentation Topic Track: Location: Time:


Truffles, West Tower, Blue Level 9:30 am - 10:45 am Gail Johnson, President and Pam

Parr, Senior Consultant, Face to Face Communications and Training, Inc.

Have you ever admired a speaker who looks like they just stand up and speak effortlessly? The secret is that no one just stands up and delivers a great presentation. Stage fright isn't cured by trying the same thing over and over again. Great presenters know how to prepare, what to say to get the audience engaged and what is essential for a great presentation. This session will make you "that speaker." Two professional speakers will share their tricks of the trade with you in this fun and interactive presentation.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will: (1)

understand how to raise the visibility of their organization (and themselves) during a presentation; (2) develop techniques to engage the audience while providing relevant information during a presentation.


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